How To Personalize Your Wedding: 6 Clever Ways

Do not worry if you’re unsure how to personalize your wedding because there are six elements you can do to customize and show your personality during your wedding ceremony. A personalized wedding is always better because you can offer your guests a memorable time celebrating your and your partner’s love for each other. 

And speaking of having a personalized wedding, you might also haven’t picked a color scheme or style for your wedding yet. So here’s how to choose a wedding theme to get you started. 

how to personalize your wedding


How To Personalize Your Wedding In 6 Ways


Show your personality through your wedding clothes

A fantastic way to personalize your wedding is through your outfits. Remember that your wedding wardrobe is not limited to what’s traditional. 

The groom can wear a different color tuxedo while the bride is not limited to wearing a white wedding gown. Your wedding outfits should be a reflection of your personality and also the wedding theme. 

Nowadays, chic brides opt for a bridal jumpsuit while grooms are experimenting with materials and patterns on their suits. You’re free to show your style through your wedding outfits. 


Customize the ceremony and its elements

Personalizing your wedding does not stop with decorating or picking a color scheme. But instead, a way to personalize your union is by customizing and picking the elements for the ceremony. 

However, this depends on the type of ceremony you’re having because traditional and religious weddings may require a set of elements and flow to follow. It would be best if you also talked to your officiant, so they can help you plan the ceremony. 

You can add a unity ceremony, include family members in the readings, personalize your vows, choose the ceremony music, and have a unique wedding exit. And as for the type of wedding you can personalize, you can read what is a secular wedding


Show your personality through the wedding stationery

Your wedding stationery is another element where you and your partner can showcase your personalities. Of course, you must still maintain formality and functionality with the invitations and programs, but you can always decorate them with the theme and color of your choice. 

You still want the information to be easy to read and understand. And other types of wedding stationery used around the venue, like place cards, should also fit with the venue theme. 

But if you want to be quirky, some types of wedding stationery are not as formal. You could get creative in where you’d print them or how you’d address guests to make them feel more personal. 


Decorate using your favorite colors and elements

The ultimate way to get a personalized wedding is being involved with the decorations. Some smaller weddings are even decorated and personalized by the couple themselves. 

Start by handpicking the colors for your wedding color palette that’ll be appearing in the venue. You should also choose the flowers and fabrics to have a unique wedding. 

However, you can always take inspiration from other wedding themes and styles if you struggle with the wedding look. And, of course, ensure that you and your partner are satisfied. 


Handpick the reception menu and cocktails

What better way to have a more immersive wedding than a personalized wedding menu? Most caterers and bakers give couples options on what they’ll serve at their wedding. 

However, you can take this a step further by using recipes that are special to you and your partner. You can even showcase your culture through the food. 

And for the drinks, you can learn how to create a signature cocktail for the wedding. It’s a great way to bond with your partner since you’re crafting a unique blend.  


Use wedding favors to add your personal touch to the wedding

The final way to personalize your wedding is through your favors. This is also a sentimental way to thank the guests for coming to the wedding than buying typical favors without much meaning to them. 

For example, you can handpick tea sets, coffee, or even sweets if you know your guests love them. If you and your partner are known to enjoy a hobby, you can also use it as an inspiration for your wedding favors. 

Small weddings with few guests might even allow you to make the wedding favors yourself. But of course, be realistic with your time and capacity. 


How Do You Make Your Wedding Special And Unique?

If you want a memorable wedding that will always be the talk during catch-ups, try these:

  • Have an untraditional wedding procession (e.g., having junior groomsmen/bridesmaids, opting for a flower man instead of a flower girl)
  • Include a unique unity ceremony in your wedding (e.g., consider a sand ceremony or handfasting)
  • Include your pet in the wedding
  • Showcase your culture and roots in the wedding ceremony
  • Handpick the wedding playlist
  • Write your own vows and personalize the wedding script with the officiant
  • Have the chairs in a circular setup than the formal straight orientation
  • Decorate the aisle 
  • Have a unique wedding arch at the altar
  • Change traditional elements like the flowers of the flower girl as balloons or the bridal bouquet as a lamp



Was this guide helpful? To recap how to personalize your wedding, consider your attire, ceremony elements, stationery, decors, menu, drinks, and favors. 

We have also listed some fun ways to make your wedding more unique and memorable. Let us know below if you have other ideas to share. 

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