How Much Is A Beach Wedding In Florida: Budget Sample

The answer to how much is a beach wedding in Florida can have a price of around $2,500, depending on the package. We will also discuss the costs of a Florida beach wedding if it’s a relatively small occasion to help you decide if it would be the best value for you. 

And since there are many factors to consider, you need to know how to plan a beach wedding. Read our specific guide to help you create a realistic budget. 

how much is a beach wedding in florida


How Much Is A Beach Wedding In Florida: Tips To Save On Costs

On average, a Florida beach wedding costs around $2,500. The price will depend on the location and package since many resorts and hotels offer Florida beach weddings. 

More than the costs, choose a Florida beach wedding package that would give you the best value for money. Of course, it’s better if the package covers the officiant, decorations, music, and other inclusions to help you save on expenses. 


Do you need a beach wedding permit for a beach wedding in Florida?

The advantage of finding a planner for your Florida beach wedding, or if you opted for a beach wedding package, is you don’t need to worry about beach wedding permits. They’ll usually obtain and manage all the necessary paperwork, like the permit, and include the costs on your package fees. 

As for any parking fee the location may require, they’re likely to be your own expense and not included in the package. Always ask the coordinator for these types of questions to notify your guests. 


How Much Does A Small Wedding Cost In Florida?

An affordable way to have a beach wedding in Florida is by having a small, micro, or intimate marriage ceremony. In addition, destination weddings and those held in scenic places will be less expensive if you have fewer guests since you can select a small package. 

For example, some services like Florida Beach Weddings offer their Simply Florida Package, which includes the legal officiant, traditional ceremony and vows, your choice of decor setup, Florida beach wedding location, Unity sand ceremony, photographer, complimentary toasts with optional keepsake glasses, legal filing of your marriage license, and important documents through the client portal. You can even have add-ons like chairs for the guests and first dance under the bamboo canopy. 

This ceremony will have six people, including you and your partner, and your location will dictate the package price. In Fort Myers, this intimate Florida beach wedding package costs $2349 with an additional fee of $200 for a Friday or weekend wedding and a deposit of $400. 


Can You Get Married On The Beach In Florida For Free?

The pricing for a beach wedding in Florida varies per location and package type based on the kind of wedding. But as with any destination wedding, having a free wedding is impossible since you’re likely to need permits and pay for other wedding legalities to ensure a valid union in Florida. 

You will need a marriage license; to obtain it, you’ll submit the required paperwork and pay the fee. Then, public beaches in Florida would require a permit with fees associated with it, and you must follow the rules set by the local government in that specific location. 

However, destination weddings are still possible to be affordable. Consider a simple and small ceremony and have the wedding at a public beach, for example. 

You can read how to plan a destination wedding in Florida to know what to expect. 


How Can I Get A Cheap Beach Wedding In Florida?

The pricing for getting married in Florida is affected by many factors that can increase or decrease the wedding package offered. Here are tips to have an affordable Florida beach wedding:

  • Have the wedding during the off-season as you’re likely to get discounts and freebies since resorts and wedding organizers don’t have many clients during this period
  • Consider a weekday wedding on Monday to Thursday as Friday, Saturday, and Sunday weddings usually cost more
  • Opt for a simple wedding package
  • Have a micro or small wedding with between 5 to 10 guests
  • Consider going the DIY route for your beach wedding and have a wedding at a public beach than on exclusive resorts


What is the most affordable Florida beach to get married on?

Some affordable beaches to get married on in Florida are either Daytona or New Smyrna. The hotels and restaurants in these areas are affordable, and some packages are cheaper in Daytona Beach


Can I Get Married On Any Beach In Florida?

You can get married on any beach in Florida, but know that you need a Florida marriage license. Remember that any wedding will only be valid if the couple obtained all the necessary paperwork. 

Florida beach weddings may also require some permits for beach use. Some beaches don’t need it, but most beaches will have you pay between $60 to $300 and up for the permit. 

Can you get married at the beachfront resort where you are staying in Florida? You can always ask the resort if they offer a package, or they might charge you a fee for marrying on their property. 



And that’s it! To recap how much is a beach wedding in Florida, it can be around $2,500.

Intimate wedding packages are lower than bigger celebrations, and the location in Florida can also affect your beach wedding cost. Consider going during the off-season and having the wedding on a weekday to further save on the price.

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