What To Wear To A Rustic Wedding: Guest Attire Ideas

If you don’t know what to wear to a rustic wedding, consider these wedding guest outfit ideas. We have also included the dos and don’ts of dressing for a rustic wedding theme.

And while the barn wedding theme is not always considered rustic and vice versa, these attires are also applicable for such venues. Feel free to read what to wear to a boho wedding since the boho theme can sometimes influence a rustic wedding. 

what to wear to a rustic wedding


How To Dress For A Rustic Wedding?

Before anything else, the wedding outfit of any guest should follow the dress code of the wedding. You can also use the rustic wedding’s location, time, and season to know what clothing pieces will be comfortable and appropriate. 


Rustic wedding guest attire for women

Most rustic weddings are semi-formal, which means you must avoid casual outfits despite the theme. For example, women must not wear denim shorts, t-shirts, or flip-flops even if they find the entire attire “rustic” looking. 

You can also consider the season where rustic weddings look more fitting during the fall. Women can opt for midi or maxi dresses in natural fall colors like greens, reds, and browns. 

The time and venue for the rustic wedding should also help you identify what would be suitable. For example, female guests can wear a kimono with a long skirt if it’s an outdoor venue during the evening to prepare for the potentially chilly conditions. 

As for the footwear, what comes to mind when you think of rustic? Instead of glittery and sequined pumps, consider ankle leather boots or strappy sandals that are more “natural” and rustic.


Rustic wedding guest attire for men

Men’s clothing for a rustic wedding should also be influenced by nature. The rustic theme uses deep and natural colors, which means you can use them as the primary color of your outfit. 

Check the wedding dress code, location, and time, to know if you must dress up or down. Even it’s a rustic wedding; the couple might still require formal attire for their guests.

Therefore, men can wear dark green three-piece suits for a formal, rustic wedding, a simple brown collared long-sleeved shirt for something semi-formal, or pair a dark gray jacket with brown dress pants for something more casual. 

You can also incorporate natural elements into your outfits, such as a wool necktie or a plaid bow tie. Leather footwear is also formal enough for the affair, but make sure that your shoes will be comfortable relative to the rustic wedding venue. 

And, of course, check with a groomsman to ensure that you’re not wearing an outfit similar to them. The same applies to female wedding guests who shouldn’t coordinate with the bridesmaids’ outfits.


What To Wear To A Rustic Outdoor Wedding?

When deciding your rustic outfits for an outdoor wedding, it should not only complement the rustic wedding theme. The attire should also be comfortable and safe for an outdoor setting. 

For example, opt for natural fabrics like cotton as it’s not only appropriate for a rustic being made from natural fibers. Cotton is also breathable for comfort, especially in an afternoon outdoor wedding. 

Then, layer your outfit accordingly to provide the heat you may need if it’s a cooler setting. Combine various colors of browns or patterns like plaid to fit the rustic wedding. 

And, of course, your footwear shouldn’t sink or slip on the outdoor rustic wedding venue. Instead, try this guide on what to wear to a campground wedding, as camps are often selected for rustic and boho wedding themes. 


What Does The Mother Of The Bride Wear To A Rustic Wedding?

As the bride’s mother, you should wear something that looks respectable and classy. But because you’re attending a rustic wedding, consider colors found in nature as your inspiration for your outfit. 

Think of various shades of brown or green, and you can even accessorize with woven pieces of jewelry and patterned fabrics. A maxi dress paired with a shawl and clutch for a balance between sophisticated and formal is a favorite among bridal mothers.

You can also opt for a lantern-sleeved blouse with an ankle-length skirt or straight-cut pants. And when in doubt, ask your daughter because she might’ve also scheduled an appointment for you with her tailor. 


What Color Can You Wear To A Rustic Wedding?

Natural colors and fall colors come to mind when imagining a rustic wedding. The wedding guests can consider a palette of reds, browns, and greens for their outfits. 

The key is selecting the darker shades as bright tones do not fit the rustic theme. Then, of course, you must follow the etiquette applied to the colors you can wear to a wedding.

Avoid white as it’s a color reserved for the bride. You shouldn’t also wear the same color as the wedding party, and make sure whichever color you choose to wear is not interpreted negatively by the couple’s culture.  



Was this attire guide helpful? We just learned what to wear to a rustic wedding, consisting of natural fabrics, colors found in nature, and any clothing piece that suits the dress code, theme, and location of the rustic wedding. 

Ultimately, check your wedding invitations for the details regarding what guests should wear. Of course, you can also ask anyone from the wedding party to know what you can wear. 

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