What To Wear To A Campground Wedding: Best Outfits

Consider three factors on what to wear to a campground wedding to ensure that you’ll be comfortable but appropriate for the event. More and more couples are going outside the box with their wedding venues, including exploring the outdoors, literally. 

And since campground weddings are often held in the summer, feel free to read what to wear to a summer wedding as well. After all, seasons vary in the temperature and elements you may encounter outdoors, so you must dress appropriately even for a wedding.


What Do You Wear To A Campground Wedding?



When building an outfit for a campground wedding, the first factor to consider is comfort. Like in other outdoor weddings, you’ll be more exposed to the weather, so you must dress accordingly. 

However, remember that you’re attending a wedding, and you must remain formal to semi-formal unless the invitation mentions that casual attire is accepted. For starters, female guests can opt for breathable dresses made from cotton or silk, and male guests can wear the same materials for their buttoned collared shirts, avoiding polyester and nylon. 

Another option for men is linen in light colors rather than dark ones for coats and vests to prevent heat retention. And depending on the dress code, the guests can also opt for semi-formal attire such as shorter dresses and losing the tie for additional comfort, especially if it’s summer in the campground. 



The length of the dresses and skirts of female guests in the campground wedding does not only help during hot weather. It will also make it easier to move around the campground without the risk of the hem getting caught on various elements. 

Campground weddings will mean you’ll be exposed to plants, especially when moving around, so you want to avoid lengthy outfits. As for the shoes, you also want something that will keep you comfortable on the campground’s natural flooring. 

Male guests can opt for espadrilles or a comfortable pair of loafers if the event is more formal. On the other hand, female guests can skip the heels and opt for dressy flats, or if they want the elevation, wedge types are better than stiletto types. 

Read how to wear flat shoes to a wedding for more tips. 



Now that you have an outfit in mind for the campground wedding, the next step is adding accessories or elements to your clothing for added outdoor protection. For starters, male guests can bring a jacket and female guests a cardigan, wrap, or shawl for additional sun or breeze protection. 

You can also bring a more comfortable pair of shoes to change in after the ceremony. Hats and shades should also be acceptable in most campground weddings for UV protection. 

Then, please bring a bag that’s comfortable to carry around but has a pocket where you can insert your allergy medications just in case. And finally, bring your sunscreen and insect repellant in the bag with you so you can reapply them as needed throughout the day. 


What Is The Dress Code To A Campground Wedding?

Check the campground wedding invitation to know the dress code the couple wants. But because of the location, campground weddings often follow a semi-formal to even casual dress code. 

Couples having campground weddings usually want a more laidback celebration, which means it’s unlikely that it will be a black-tie event. This is why comfort, mobility, and protection are the three elements you must consider when building an outfit as a guest to a campground wedding. 

However, this doesn’t mean that you must go full casual and wear workout clothes, graphic shirts, ripped jeans or revealing clothing. You can still maintain formality as a wedding guest while remaining campground-appropriate. 


Is It Okay To Wear Jeans To An Outdoor Wedding?

Ask the couple or the best man or maid of honor if jeans are allowed in the outdoor wedding. Usually, denim is not ideal for weddings, but outdoor weddings are usually casual or rustic. 

In some outdoor weddings, jeans are okay as long as they are plain. However, distressed, ripped jeans with eye-catching details can be considered tacky as they gather attention. 

Once you get the signal that jeans are okay, opt for a classic pair of black or blue jeans as they tend to look like dress pants. You’ll get outdoor protection while still looking appropriate as a wedding guest.

Can female guests wear pants to an outdoor wedding? You can check out how to wear pants to a wedding since pants can be more comfortable for an outdoor wedding than skirts and dresses. 


What Do You Wear To A Casual Outdoor Wedding?

Since campground weddings are likely to be casual, try these outfits:

  • Sundresses
  • Flowy midi dresses
  • Khaki pants
  • Collared shirt
  • Sports jacket
  • Jumpsuit
  • Chinos
  • Vest
  • Plain jeans
  • Loafers
  • Espadrilles
  • Dressy sandals



And that’s it! This article talked about what to wear to a campground wedding, which is often semi-formal to a casual event. 

That being said, comfort, mobility, and protection are the three elements you must incorporate into your outfit. So opt for breathable dresses, light-colored shirts, comfortable shoes, and bring an accessory for coverage like attending other outdoor weddings. 

However, remember to maintain some formality and modesty, so all eyes are on the couple. And when in doubt, ask them yourself regarding the appropriate attire. 


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