What To Wear To A Boho Wedding: Best Outfit Ideas

If you want to know what to wear to a boho wedding, consider outfit ideas for female and male guests. We will also define the Boho fashion style while ensuring that you’re still appropriate for the wedding. 

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what to wear to a boho wedding


Guide On What To Wear To A Boho Wedding As A Guest


Female guests

Before anything else, please check the wedding invitation regarding the dress code. You can also take inspiration from the wedding location when deciding on what to wear. 

If the theme is boho and the wedding is held on the beach, women can consider a flowy maxi or midi dress. There are also various Bohemian patterns on jumpsuits if you prefer them over dresses. 

Of course, the dress code and formality of the event will dictate the specific style you can select. For example, long dresses are ideal if it is more formal, while shorter dresses and mini skirts with boho prints can be more acceptable if the event is semi-casual. 


Male guests

Like female guests, men should also check the invitation for the wedding dress code. From there, they can wear anything from a suit to even shirt sleeves, depending on the event’s formality. 

For a formal Boho wedding, male guests can consider a blue suit or linen material. If it’s semi-formal, you can lose the tie and wear a shirt inside.

There is an array of vests that you can also combine with your outfit that has a boho pattern. Then, without overdressing too much, you can accessorize with a scarf or belt to make the overall attire more Bohemian style. 


How Should I Dress For A Boho Wedding?

The dress code requested by the bride and groom on the wedding invitation will dictate how you dress for their boho wedding. Boho weddings are often held in the outdoors, and it’s more common for them to have a semi-formal to even casual dress code. 

However, it’s also possible to attend a boho wedding requiring guests to wear formal attire. With this in mind, you must dress appropriately to avoid accidentally disrespecting the event. 

Casual boho weddings can have female guests in rompers with interesting boho details, while male guests can consider a buttoned shirt with floral patterns, for example. On the contrary, a formal boho wedding would have the guests more modest such as long dresses for women and suits for men. 


What Is A Bohemian Themed Wedding?

A Bohemian or boho-themed wedding can be described as a more colorful version of a rustic wedding. This theme is ideal for free-spirited couples and is commonly held on the beach. 

The guests and the decors in the wedding are inspired by different color palettes and patterns, compared to the traditional monochromatic wedding. In addition, textiles like macrame, feathers, and various flowers are evident in a Bohemian-themed wedding. 

It’s not a requirement, but the Bohemian theme will be best utilized if you choose an outdoor location for the wedding. For example, a garden or beach setting will provide the best backdrop for the different colors, textures, and floral decorations that are prominent in a Boho wedding. 

One of the best seasons for a Bohemian wedding is spring because of the colors. Consider reading what to wear to a spring wedding for inspiration as a guest. 


What Does Boho Wedding Dress Mean?

A boho style for the wedding dress can be described as relaxed yet exciting because of the patterns, details, or even colors. The Boho wedding dress can be made from lightweight and flowy fabrics with details like floral laces and beaded patterns.

Your designer can also create a dress that would suit the wedding location. For example, an outdoor ceremony will be ideal for an A-line wedding dress reminiscent of a forest fairy aesthetic. 

If it is held at the beach, then a flowy dress with an extended train will look fantastic with the natural breeze in the location. A boho wedding dress can even feature a plunging V-neck, off-shoulder, or even a V-back as details. 


How Do I Dress More Bohemian?

The Bohemian style or Boho fashion gained popularity in the 60s. The elements of this style are consist of flowy silhouettes, interesting colors, prints, and large jewelry.  

Bohemian fashion has also become associated with music festivals like Coachella. But how does one dress more Bohemian?

  • Consider flowy and relaxed outfits such as loose shirts for men and maxi dresses for women
  • Do not be afraid to layer your clothes to create more colors and patterns 
  • Details like lace, fringe, beads, and even embroidery can make a simple attire look more boho
  • Opt for natural materials like silk, linen, hemp, cotton, and wool over synthetics like spandex and nylon
  • Browse the flea market for interesting jewelry or create them yourself 



Was this article helpful? We’ve just discussed what to wear to a boho wedding and gave you some outfit ideas. 

In general, the essence of the boho style is being free-spirited and natural. Of course, you still need to follow the wedding dress code, but Bohemian is more open to colors, patterns, and details than other wedding themes. 

Women can take advantage of flowy materials, while men can wear exciting colors and fabrics. 

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