What Color Do You Wear To A Wedding: Guest Etiquette

If you’re unsure with what color do you wear to a wedding, you can wear anything from these three groups of colors: pastels, earth tones, and neutrals. But before you find clothing pieces in these colors, you should also know the dos and don’ts when selecting what to wear to a wedding as a guest.

We will give you examples of the best colors to wear and avoid as a wedding guest. You can also read our similar article on what colors you should not wear to a wedding so you can compare the list of appropriate and inappropriate wedding outfit colors for guests.

what color do you wear to a wedding


What Color Do You Wear To A Wedding: Appropriate Wedding Guest Attire Colors



The best way to know what to wear to a wedding is to check the invitation. And one of the most popular wedding colors nowadays is pastels. 

Think of soft pinks, blues, and purples. Pastels make excellent colors to wear as a wedding guest because they are subtle yet classy, so you’ll be appropriate but still dress nicely for a wedding. 

Both men and women look good in pastel colors. Just make sure to take inspiration from the wedding theme, venue, and season to know what specific shades and undertones to use on your wedding outfit. 


Earth tones

If you don’t like soft and powder colors, another group of colors to consider is earth tones. Think of greens, browns, and reds the next time you’re unsure about what color I should wear to a wedding. 

What makes these tones ideal for a wedding is they are somewhat neutral to suit any wedding theme and formality. You also don’t risk looking flat and monochromatic as they are easy to pair with other colors. 

And of course, you can dress up or down earth tones according to the type of wedding you’re attending. Just make sure that you won’t wear the same colors as at the wedding party. 



You should wear neutrals when attending a wedding to avoid attracting attention. Neutrals like black, navy blue, and gray also tend to look classy, and they suit most people without fail.

Male guests who are unsure what color suit to wear to a wedding can safely choose any dark and neutral color as long as it’s not the same as the color of the groomsmen or fathers of the couple. However, you might also see etiquette guides that any color except black or white is acceptable to wear to a wedding. 

Of course, the white is reserved for the bride, and it’s tacky to wear it as a wedding guest unless you check with the bride herself. However, black is often ideal for formal and evening weddings as long as you won’t wear it as a single color for your entire wedding guest outfit. 


What Is The Most Popular Color To Wear To A Wedding?

The most popular color to wear to a wedding guest is navy blue. It suits most people, skin tones, and various wedding themes and formalities. 

A well-tailored navy blue suit or a navy blue midi dress is an ideal outfit option for men and women who don’t know what to wear to a wedding. However, navy blue is also famous at weddings for bridal parties

Ensure that the groomsmen or bridesmaids are not wearing blue to avoid looking like a member. Consult the couple or the maid of honor to know if you can wear a specific color. 


What To Wear In A Wedding If You Are A Guest?

  • Outfits that suit the dress code or formality of the wedding (i.e., formal, semi-formal, casual)
  • Clothing pieces according to the wedding theme (e.g., rustic, modern, romantic)
  • Attire that would be comfortable for the venue, time of the wedding, and current season (e.g., breathable clothes, layers, lengthy hems, coverups)
  • Lowkey colors and those not worn by the wedding party, bride, or groom
  • Outfit tailored to you to help you look classy and smart
  • Extra shoes or jacket for changing from the ceremony to the reception


Is It Proper To Wear Black To A Wedding?

It’s acceptable to wear black to most weddings as it’s formal and suitable, especially for evening celebrations. However, some cultures associate black with mourning or bad luck. 

Check with someone close to the couple or ask the couple themselves if black would be appropriate to wear. You must also incorporate black with other colors to avoid having a monochromatic look. 

For example, if you’re wearing a black suit, use a gray or dark green inner shirt. On the other hand, women wearing a black dress or pantsuit can use a belt or a different color shawl or cardigan, for example. 



And that’s it! To recap what color do you wear to a wedding, consider pastel colors, earth tones, and neutrals as long as they’re not what the bridal party is wearing. 

The key is using the wedding dress code, theme, venue, time, and season to know what colors to wear. And for couples who have no theme yet, learn how to pick wedding colors

Please browse our blog for more wedding guest outfit guides and etiquette on specific weddings. 

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