How To Make A Wedding Arch Out Of Branches Easily

Consider three easy steps and understand how to make a wedding arch out of branches. This DIY tutorial uses willow branches and won’t require you to be an expert with tools and crafts. 

We’ll also share tips to help you build a wedding arch using greenery and plants. But if you only have fabrics, try this effortless guide on how to decorate a wedding arch with fabric

how to make a wedding arch out of branches


How To Make A Wedding Arch Out Of Branches In 3 Steps


Step 1. Preparation of willow branches and other materials for the arch

  • Start the wedding arch by preparing willow branches as they are perfect for making the signature arch shape and ethereal look for a wedding
  • Ideally, you want more than ten pieces of 7-foot curly willow stems and more than five medium pieces of willow stems
  • For the other elements of the wedding arch, prepare sand, wire, wire cutter, sheet moss, and two planters to put at the base for decoration and stability
  • Seal the planters and fill them with sand; leave the sand be and don’t firm them up
  • Divide the longest willow and cut it in half; check if the stems are equal for the two planters
  • Press the willow branch into the sand as far as you can; repeat for the other planter


Step 2. Position the stems into an archway

  • To create the wedding arch and see its form, you will arrange the willow stems of different sizes
  • Put the smaller branches with the taller stems to thicken the base part of each planter
  • For further stabilization, pat the sand tightly around the willow stems
  • Repeat on the other planter, so the arch will look equal on both ends when combined
  • Cover the planter’s opening with sheet moss to make the wedding arch look more natural, rustic, and lush
  • Check if the two arch ends are symmetrical, then position them side by side, depending on how big you want the wedding arch to be


Step 3. Decorate the branch wedding arch to finish

  • Now that the willow wedding arch has a shape, you will construct it together and decorate
  • Cut a piece of wire and use it to connect the tips of the willow branch
  • Have someone hold your stand for you to reach the willow branch tips
  • Use your finger to gently intertwine them to form the bridal arch and secure with the wire by twisting it 
  • Connect as many tips as needed to secure the arch
  • Once the wedding arch is formed, decorate according to the wedding theme
  • Consider inserting flowers into the branch arrangement, hang clusters of berries, moss, or paint the branches; here is how to attach flowers to a wedding arch
  • You can also add battery-powered lights to enhance the wedding arch made of willow branches, especially if the wedding happens in the evening


How Do You Make A Wedding Greenery Arch?

The best wedding arches are made of flowers and greenery. Of course, you can order or have them made, but it’s possible to buy a bare free-standing arch frame, then decorate the wedding arch yourself with foliage and plants. 

  1. Prepare two buckets with sand or stone to weigh the wedding arch done
  2. Pre-soak floral foam garlands and blocks for the flesh flower and greenery
  3. Buy greenery and foliage such as trailing ivy, asparagus fern, laurel, foxtail fern, catkins, and spirea, to name a few
  4. Buy flowers in the colors that complement your wedding theme; some popular blooms include daffodils, peonies, lilies, roses, lilacs, lavenders, and delphiniums 
  5. Stabilize the wedding arch with the buckets on both ends 
  6. Position floral foam blocks on both sides of the base and put in the largest greenery on them with cable ties
  7. Make sure the arch sides are symmetrically decorated with foliage and greenery
  8. Decorate the top of the wedding arch with the lightest flowers and greenery inserted on the floral foam garlands
  9. Angle the stems of the flowers to make the arch look more natural
  10. Ensure that the stems are not coming out of the floral foam
  11. Use fillers for the empty spaces in the wedding arch


How Do You Make A Wedding Arch For Decorating?

If you are skilled with woodwork and tools, you can make the bare wedding arch for decorating at home. Just make sure to work slowly and carefully for your safety. 

  1. Cut four 80-inch wooden posts with a handsaw and cut 48-inch, 12-inch, and 24-inch lengths from each piece on two of them
  2. The 48-inch and 12-inch pieces should have opposing 45-degree angles on either side, while the 24-inch pieces should be at a straight angle on both sides
  3. Clean, sand, and stain the wooden pieces
  4. Mark 2 inches from either end of the 48-inch pieces and cut at a straight angle
  5. Align the 24-inch pieces on the marked 48-inch pieces and secure them in place 
  6. Create the wedding arch legs with the remaining 80-inch pieces side by side to the top frame you just made 
  7. Use the 12-inch pieces under each side of the top frame 

Here is where to buy a wedding arch if you want one ready for decorating. 



You just learned a DIY wedding arch! To recap how to make a wedding arch out of branches, use tall curly willow branches.

Then, intertwine their tips to make the arch. You are stabilizing them in planters filled with sand and finish by decorating. 

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