What To Wear To A Redneck Wedding: Attire Guide

It’s easy to know what to wear to a redneck wedding with these wedding attire samples for men and women. Similar to country weddings, your clothing should suit the venue and formality of the specific redneck wedding you’re attending.

We will also provide examples of what the bride and groom can wear to this type of country wedding. And for related attire that you can take inspiration from, you can read what to wear to a Western wedding


Here Is What To Wear To A Redneck Wedding


Male wedding guest

For men attending a redneck wedding, consider the outfit you’ll wear to a country wedding. First, check the wedding invitation beforehand to know the formality, time, and venue, so you’ll wear something appropriate. 

But in general, you can think of semi-formal or even dressy casual. So, for example, you don’t need to wear a tuxedo; instead, a well-fitting buttoned shirt and khakis should be appropriate. 

Of course, you shouldn’t wear something too casual like jeans, sleeveless shirts, shorts, or slippers. You can also consider a jacket or a sportcoat if it’s incredibly cool in the redneck wedding location. 


Female wedding guests

Redneck weddings for women can inspire clothes that would be comfortable for an outdoor wedding. Think of a country or farm wedding and what you can wear to these venues. 

Some specific examples of outfits for women attending a redneck wedding include knee-length dresses or even long sleeve and dressy pants. In addition, some jumpsuits are also the perfect dressy casual for a redneck wedding. 

As for the footwear, booties suit a redneck wedding, but if the venue allows, you can also wear sandals. And if it’s cold, don’t forget to bring a coat or a shawl to remain comfortable. 


Redneck wedding groom attire

A cowboy wedding can inspire the clothing for the groom at a redneck wedding. Think of a vest, white shirt, dark jeans, boots, and a cowboy hat. 

If you want a more formal wedding attire to complement your bride, you can wear a tie with your buttoned long-sleeved shirt or partner a dark suit with denim. However, denim can still look fancy for a wedding if you select something dark and it’s not something casual like distressed or ripped jeans. 

Some stylish colors for the groom at a redneck wedding include gray, brown, navy, or even maroon. Then, talk with the groomsmen regarding what color they’ll wear so the wedding party looks cohesive in the photos. 


Redneck wedding bride attire

The bridal attire for a redneck wedding should also complement the groom’s attire. Think of the wedding outfits of brides in country weddings as inspiration. 

You can still wear a traditional white wedding dress but add some rustic or country style to your overall bridal attire. For example, you can wear flowers in your hair, partner the dress with boots, or go for a dress that isn’t white like brown or other earth tones. 

Of course, you should also consider the weather of the redneck wedding. As with other country weddings, the attire to wear should be comfortable to move around throughout the day. 


How To Have A Redneck Wedding

You can think of how to plan country weddings if you want a redneck wedding. The outfits are similar, and the redneck theme can follow a country wedding dress code. 

But for tips to help you envision a redneck wedding, here are what to expect:  

  • Have an outdoor wedding venue
  • Decorate the venue with rustic and natural elements
  • Have an earth tone wedding color palette 
  • Play country music for your wedding
  • Consider a dressy casual redneck wedding attire similar to other outdoor and country weddings
  • Create a wedding reception menu with homemade or backyard cookout foods like roast beef and mashed potatoes
  • Use unconventional vehicles for your entrance or exits, like a horse or truck
  • Get creative with your wedding cake and favors 
  • Have a redneck-themed photoshoot 


What Do You Wear To An Outdoor Farm Wedding?

A redneck wedding can happen at an outdoor farm. For this type of venue, you must wear something comfortable for the weather and ground. 

For example, avoid long dresses that might catch on the ground. Dark colors and hot fabrics for suits and shirts would also be uncomfortable. 

Instead, consider a plaid shirt and navy pants for men and a knee-length dress with short sleeves for women. But of course, please check the wedding invitation as the couple may want a specific formality for their wedding guest attire. 

If the outdoor wedding has a casual clothing dress code, refer to what to wear to an outdoor casual wedding


What Do You Wear To A Small Informal Wedding?

The proper attire for a small informal wedding should suit the venue, time, and event season. However, even though it’s intimate and informal, you still shouldn’t attend underdressed. 

Consider dressy casual outfits without overdressing. The time and season can inspire your clothes’ colors, prints, and fabrics. 

The venue, such as a backyard or a garden should also help you decide what to wear. Consider a dressy romper for women and a polo shirt and jeans for men, for example. 



Was this attire guide helpful? You just learned what to wear to a redneck wedding, which can be a dressy casual dress code. 

You don’t need lengthy gowns and tuxedos as the redneck wedding is likely outdoors or follows a country theme. Let us know below some outfit ideas you now have in mind. 

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