How To Address Wedding Save The Dates Correctly

There are three steps to know how to address wedding save the dates correctly. In this tutorial, we will go through the etiquette of addressing wedding save the dates from the correct name titles, clarify who’s invited, and write the address on the save the date envelopes. 

We also recommend reading about when to send wedding save the dates to ensure that your guests can clear their schedule if needed. It will also help you get started with finalizing the headcount for your wedding. 

how to address wedding save the dates


How To Address Wedding Save The Dates Envelopes: Etiquette Guide For Addressing Save The Dates With Examples


Step 1. Know the proper titles for guests before sending the save the date cards

One of the commonly confusing parts of addressing wedding save the dates is knowing the correct titles for the guests. This is especially crucial if you’ll send formal save the dates, and it’s always better to be consistent with the titles of your wedding guests. 


Addressing single guests with/without plus-ones

Know the proper wording when addressing save the dates. For example, a single female guest can be addressed as Ms. First name and last name if she’s over 18 and Miss First name and last name if she is under 18 years old.

The same rule applies when you need to address a single male guest, except you’ll replace the titles with Mr. or omit the title if he’s under 18. Then, for the plus-one of a single guest, address them as “and guest” (e.g., Mr./Ms. First name and last name and guest.)


Addressing married guests with the same last names

For married couples sharing the same last name, you can address them separately. Mention the husband’s full name first, then the wife’s full name with the corresponding titles (e.g., Mr. John Smith and Mrs. Ana Smith.)

Alternatively, you can use two titles and only the husband’s full name. For example, use Mr. and Mrs. John Smith.


Addressing married guests with different last names

Some couples have different last names, so you must mention both of their full names. Depending on who you’re closer with, you can decide whose name will be addressed first.

Nevertheless, since save the dates are less formal than invites, it’s also acceptable to not use titles and address the wedding guests in their full names. Instead, for couples with the same last names, use the male’s first name and the female’s first name, then their shared last name (e.g., John and Ana Smith.)

You must know the proper etiquette for guest name titles because you’ll also use such rules in place cards. Here’s how to write place cards for a wedding to learn more. 


Step 2. Clarify who’s invited when addressing save the dates

Before sending the save the dates, you already have a guest list of people you want to attend. You have also decided whether you’ll have a big or small wedding, so you must address the save the dates in a way that the receiver will clearly understand who is invited. 

For starters, in a household with children, mention the kids’ full names if they’re also invited. Otherwise, it would be best only to address the couple’s save dates, so they’ll understand that the children are not invited. 

If further clarifications are needed, check how to say no plus-ones on wedding invitations


Step 3. Write the complete address on the save the dates

Finally, don’t forget to write the complete address on the save the date envelopes. This means to include the street, town, city, state, and zip code to avoid issues when sending the save the dates. 

You should also write your return address in the envelopes if the save the dates got lost in the post. You can use the space on the left corner at the front of the envelope for your return address


How Do You Address A Plus-One Save The Date?

The etiquette for save the date address when it comes to your guest’s plus one mentions that it’s acceptable to write “and guest” added to your guest’s full name. Save the dates are not as formal as invites, so you don’t need to write the full name of the plus-one. 

However, it’s important to write “and guest” when addressing save the dates, so whoever you’re inviting understands that they can bring someone. Otherwise, only write their full name, indicating that they’re the only one invited and can’t have a plus-one. 


What Is The Proper Etiquette For Addressing Save The Dates?


How to address save the dates information card sample wording

  • Names of the bride and groom
  • Save the Date
  • Wedding Date
  • Location
  • Invitation to Follow


How to address save the dates envelope sample wording

  • Full guest names with or without titles; refer to the rules above
  • Add “and guest” for plus-ones or children’s full names if they’re also invited
  • Complete address
  • Return address

For those who haven’t decided yet, here are tips on picking a wedding date



Was this helpful? We just learned how to address wedding save the dates by knowing the acceptable rules for your guests’ titles, ensuring who’s invited, and addressing the save the date envelopes properly. 

Consider the sample titles and templates above to help you on your save the dates. 

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