How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Porta Potty For A Wedding

If you’re curious about how much does it cost to rent a porta potty for a wedding, consider preparing at least $50, depending on the type of porta potty, location and its accessibility, and other potential inclusions to the portable restrooms. 

We will discuss everything you need besides the cost of renting a porta potty for a wedding in more detail below. Some couples will need to rent portable restrooms when doing the wedding at a remote location. 

how much does it cost to rent a porta potty for a wedding

For example, you might be transforming a barn for your wedding. Along with the portable restrooms, read how much does a barn wedding costs based on the other elements you’ll provide.


Portable Toilet Rental Costs For A Wedding: How Much Is A Porta Potty For A Wedding?

The average cost of renting a porta potty for a wedding starts at $50 to $80 per weekend. This is based on the suggested price by rental companies like At Your Service, located in Oklahoma. 

According to At Your Service Rentals, they have porta potties for special events called the Special Event Unit. However, the amount will still vary according to your location, rental duration, and potential services you may want to include. 


Special porta potties for wedding

You can contact them directly for their quote. You can expect inclusions like hooks, shelves, toilet paper holders, sanitizer dispensers, mirrors, and some even have handicap units, flushable units, sink and paper towel units, and baby changing tables. 

For weddings, AYS also offers pink and blue wedding units. We recommend this rental company because they adhere to the ANSI/OSHA standards and are even PSAI members, making them certified safe to the health. 


How Many Toilets Do You Need For A Wedding?

When renting portable toilets for a wedding to help you ensure that you have enough porta potties for your guests, the formula to know is to allocate one toilet for every 25 guests. That being said, a small wedding of 50 guests can have two toilets each for the men and women. 

Of course, you can always rent more if needed. Your wedding might be happening for a longer duration, especially if it has an open bar. 

To avoid a long line at the toilet, it’s best to allocate an extra porta potty. Expect that 50 guests will use one portable toilet for three hours. 


How many bathrooms do you need for 100 guests?

Most weddings have a hundred guests. And if the formula is one porta potty for every 25 guests, then you’ll need four to five portable bathrooms each for men and women. 

We also recommend learning what to put in bathroom baskets for a wedding to keep your guests comfortable.  


Which Porta Potty Is Right For Wedding?

Besides knowing the cost to rent a porta potty and how many portable toilets to rent for a wedding, familiarize yourself with the proper toilet for events like weddings. The type of portable toilet rental to get is crucial to make outdoor weddings comfortable for guests. 

For starters, decide on the size of the porta potty. It will be a wedding where guests typically wear voluminous clothing, so it’s better to find something that won’t feel too cramped. 

You can consider portable toilets for disabled people because they are wider and deeper. You are also considering guests who might have physical and mobility limitations if you get something bigger.


When to rent a porta potty for a wedding?

Find and consult rental companies about three months before the wedding so that you can book your type and number of toilets needed for the wedding. Even if it’s not wedding peak season, you still want to ensure that you’ll get the safest and healthiest porta potties for your wedding. 


How Do You Wear A Porta Potty For A Wedding?

You don’t want to have noticeable porta potties in your outdoor wedding. The good news is you can class them up and make them more presentable visually to everyone:

  • Decorate the portable toilet’s exteriors with curtains, flowers, and related elements to the wedding theme; here is what fabric is used for wedding draping, for example
  • Consider creating a separate area at the reception with the portable restrooms, so this space is reserved; use separators like dressers or fabrics, so everything still looks cohesive with the wedding style
  • Make sure the hand-washing stations outside are clean and readily accessible
  • Keep the wedding porta potties equipped with hygiene essentials like toilet papers and hand sanitizers.


How Do You Light A Porta Potty?

Portable toilet rentals should be well-lit, especially for evening weddings. What you can use to light the portable toilet include led strips, battery-powered lights, or strategically place the toilets near the outdoor spotlights to eliminate the need for wiring planning.



And that’s it! We just learned how much does it cost to rent a porta potty for a wedding, which starts at $50. 

Many factors will, of course, affect this price expectation. For example, the type of toilet, wedding venue, and other porta potties inclusions can increase rental costs. 

Let us know any questions if you still have any.

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  1. For my son’s outdoor wedding next month, I want to rent some restroom facilities. It was great when you mentioned to expect one portable toilet to be used for three hours by 50 guests. I’m hoping I can quickly find some reliable restroom rentals for my son’s event. Thanks!

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