What To Get Mom For Wedding Gift: Unique Ideas

Those who don’t know what to get mom for wedding gift can consider three ideas. We will also provide specific gifts you can give to your mother, whether you’re the bride or the groom. 

You can even give these to your partner’s mom to make the wedding day more special. And for moms who want bridal wedding gifts for their daughter, you can read what to give your daughter on her wedding day for remarkable wedding gift ideas.

what to get mom for wedding gift


3 Best Ideas On What To Get Mom For Wedding Gift


Sentimental wedding gift for mom

One of the best wedding gift ideas you can get your mother on your wedding day is anything sentimental and tailored to her likes. You know your mom best, and she may have specific hobbies or fondness for certain things. 

You can also give her something that reminds you of her or an item that can bring back the best memories between you two. You don’t need to spend too much on what you get your mother, but a letter is always appreciated to make it more endearing. 

  • Artwork or decor inspired by your favorite photo together
  • A locket with your picture
  • A restored item that’s dear to your mom
  • A gardening kit with your mother’s favorite flowers
  • A recreation of her favorite recipe 
  • Something related to her wedding day


Personalized gifts to give mother on wedding day

You can find a printing company to customize your mother’s wedding day gift. Remember that weddings usually need to contact vendors that print, so it’s easy to source the company that can customize the item. 

A sweeter approach is you personalize the wedding gift to your mother yourself. There are numerous tutorials on how to print on fabrics, etch on metals, or even embroider on clothes online. 

  • Customized flatware
  • Personalized glassware
  • Embroidered towel or shawl
  • Personalized jewelry box
  • Engraved jewelry 


Wedding gifts in the form of experience 

Your mom has likely helped with the wedding, and she deserves something for relaxing and pampering. But, of course, you can also treat her and your dad for a date or vacation. 

You shouldn’t limit yourself to getting your mom tangible items as gifts. You can also give her certificates and tickets that she can use whenever. 

  • A gift card from your mother’s favorite brand or store
  • Tickets to a movie
  • Restaurant gift certificate
  • Travel tickets
  • Accommodation gift certificate
  • Spa gift card


What Should I Get My Mom When I Get Married?

Getting gifts for the bride’s mom and groom’s mom at weddings does not necessarily mean you must provide an item wrapped in a box. Instead, you can make them feel more special and included in your special day with something related to the wedding itself. 

  • Dedication video or photo slideshow
  • Printed photo or portrait of the mother-daughter or mother-son dance
  • Her wedding outfit, shoes, or anything your mom can wear to the wedding like her shoes or jewelry
  • Plants to remember you by 
  • Coffee or wine subscription
  • Suprise performances such as singing or dancing dedicated to her 
  • Free vacation
  • Family photo calendar
  • Customized blanket 
  • A box of her favorite treats like chocolates or pastries

Note that you don’t need to get all of these things for your mom. You know her best, and it’s ideal to select something that you think she’ll like personally.


Are You Supposed To Get Your Parents A Gift For Your Wedding?

There are no rules that make it mandatory for the bride or groom to get their parents a wedding gift. However, it’s only fitting to give them a thank-you gift, especially with everything they’ve done for the wedding. 

They likely sponsored some expenses and hosted some events for you. Of course, you don’t need to overspend on their gifts, but you can also give them something much like your thank-you gift to the wedding party. 


What to get your parents when you get married?

Anything thoughtful and valuable will be perfect for your mom or dad on your wedding day. It can be a custom bag or kit of items they can use at home or for pampering. 

You can also give them certificates and other treats that they can use after the wedding. Or, if you want, get artworks inspired by their portraits and pictures on your big day. 

If you want to make them feel special, read how to include family in the wedding ceremony


How Do You Make The Mother Of The Bride Feel Special?

You can make your mom feel special on your wedding day by including her in events and programs. Also, don’t forget to set some time to talk and catch up with her, even if your schedule can get busy with all the wedding preparations.

  • Consider her as part of your wedding party
  • Include her in the ceremony and reception
  • Get her wedding attire
  • Ask for something borrowed or a family heirloom 
  • Have a day of pampering with your mom and future mother-in-law
  • Include your mom in your bridal shower
  • Ask for advice and opinion during wedding planning
  • Bring her to your wedding dress fittings
  • Schedule a bride-mother alone time
  • Give her a wedding thank-you gift



And that’s it! You just learned what to get mom for wedding gift, which can be anything sentimental, customized, or a gift she can experience. 

You can also make her feel special on your wedding day by including her in the ceremony or reception program. Let us know below which idea you like best.

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