What To Give Your Daughter On Her Wedding Day

If you want to know what to give your daughter on her wedding day, consider gifts before, during, and after the wedding. These ideas are applicable to moms and dads who want to make their daughter’s wedding even more sentimental.

But besides knowing the gift ideas to give your daughter, you also want to familiarize yourself with what to say to a daughter on her wedding day. The wedding can be overwhelming for any bride, and having her mom and dad support her is always appreciated. 

What To Give Your Daughter On Her Wedding Day


Here Are The Best Gift Ideas On What To Give Your Daughter On Her Wedding Day


Before the wedding day

Consider giving your daughter her bridal gift before the wedding day. It can be on the day or night before the wedding when she’ll probably be feeling nervous and excited for the big day. 

This time is perfect for giving a beloved jewelry or family heirloom. This way, the bride can add it to the things she’ll wear on the aisle, and she can always look at it for added emotional reassurance. 

But besides jewelry, it can also be anything that she can wear or use on her wedding day. Some alternatives that you can consider are lipstick, a pocket mirror, or even perfume. 


Wedding gift on the wedding day

When the bride is preparing for the ceremony, you can have her aside and give your gift on her wedding day. Just make sure that it’s something small that she can easily tuck in her bag as she might misplace it with the many duties on the wedding day. 

Moms or dads can give their daughter a special gift on her wedding day in the morning while preparing or during the wedding photos before the ceremony. You can get her gifts, including personalized items like a handkerchief, a locket with your favorite picture, or something sentimental like her favorite sweets. 

If you are with your daughter on the ride to the wedding, you can give her a sweet letter or card that she can quickly read to get rid of wedding day jitters. Any daughter will feel much better if they know that her parent is thinking about her during this potentially overwhelming day. 


Gift for the daughter after the wedding ceremony

Understandably, the day before and during the wedding day might be too busy that you won’t have a chance to give your daughter her gift. Therefore, you can do it after the reception or even the day after the wedding. 

The gift ideas you can give her include items that she can use for their honeymoon, such as luggage tags, a luggage set, or you can even gift the newlyweds tickets or gift certificates for spas and dinners. If you want a more personalized gift, you can also give custom mugs, portraits, or decors that the newlyweds can use in their home. 

Regardless, choose any gift you genuinely want to give your daughter on her wedding day. It’s not the cost of the item itself but its meaning, especially now that she’s starting a new chapter of her life.


What Does A Mom Buy Her Daughter For Her Wedding?

There are no rules that moms have to follow when deciding on a gift for their daughters who are about to get married. However, you can always choose something that is both practical and sentimental. 

For example, you can offer to buy her a wedding dress or wedding flowers. And while the bride’s parents are traditionally the hosts of the wedding, some couples opt to pay for the wedding themselves.

If this is the case, you can gift the honeymoon trip to your daughter. But if you can’t, it’s also common for moms to give their daughters jewelry they can wear down the aisle. 


Is The Mother Of The Bride Supposed To Give The Bride A Gift?

Gifts should come from the heart, so no one should feel obligated to give a bridal gift. However, it’s common for the bride’s mother to give her something before or after the wedding. 

It can be a family heirloom, jewelry, something customized, or even a monetary gift that the bride can use at her wedding. Regardless, it’s still acceptable for moms to skip giving a separate gift if they’ve contributed significantly to the wedding expenses. 


What Does The Mother Of The Bride Do For The Bridal Shower?

The bride’s mother can attend the bridal shower, but it’s usually planned and hosted by the maid of honor and the bridesmaids. The bride’s mother can also bring a bridal shower gift as opening the gifts is usually one of the events during the bridal shower. 

However, note that some brides might prefer a separate family-only bridal shower. If that’s the case, attend that one and don’t take it personally if she’ll have a bridal shower with just her friends. 



And that’s it! We just learned what to give your daughter on her wedding day, including heirlooms, jewelry, makeup, something personalized, sentimental, or even an amount or certificate she can use after the wedding. 

There are no right or wrong gifts to give your daughter as long as it comes from the heart. And for the parents of the groom, you can also check what to give your son on his wedding day

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