What Does The Wedding Ring Symbolize In Christianity

You will know what does the wedding ring symbolize in Christianity by understanding the meaning of the ring exchange and the symbolism of the wedding rings themselves. 

Rings are the traditional symbol for marriage, and most weddings do the ring exchange as part of the ceremony. So if you have curious questions about wedding bands, feel free to browse our blog. 

what does the wedding ring symbolize in christianity

For example, what are wedding rings made of


Christian Wedding Rings: What Does The Wedding Ring Symbolize In Christianity


Why wear wedding rings for marriage according to Christianity

The symbolism of exchanging and wearing the wedding ring represents the infinite bond of the couple. The circle means eternal love, and the wedding rings symbolize a seal of authority. 

Christians view this as a way to show that they give God the authority in their marriage. Similar to the covenant between God and his church, He is also involved in every part of the married couple’s covenant relationship. 


Christian wedding rings symbolism

Another significance of the ring in the marriage is that it symbolizes the resources exchanged between the couple. Therefore, the wedding ring exchange represents the couple’s giving of resources to each other in marriage. 

Overall, what the wedding ring symbolizes in Christianity can be simplified by understanding that the exchange represents the couple’s commitment to Honor him in their marriage. The rings can also be interpreted as the love of God to the couple and the love of the couple for each other, together with the vow exchange.  


Alternatives to the traditional wedding ring exchange

The wedding rings make the spiritual vows somewhat more earnest because of the added symbolism when the couple exchange rings. But if you prefer another way to symbolize your union, some weddings do the following:



Some weddings, especially those not following a specific religion, typically have a handfasting ceremony. This tradition originated from the Celtic culture, where the bride and groom will have their hands tied during the ceremony. 

Being bound together represents the bond they have now that they are married. And in some weddings, the couple may also do a ring exchange and a handfasting ceremony. 


Red thread ceremony

Another alternative to the ring exchange seen in Christian weddings is the red thread ceremony. This is popular in East Asia where the bride and groom have their fingers tied with a red thread. 

This comes from the belief that the Gods tie the two people meant to be together with a red ribbon on their ankles. And similar to other unifying ceremonies, you can also choose to do the ring exchange still and then have the red thread ceremony.


Do you have to do a ring exchange?

You have the choice to exchange rings at your wedding to feel like you’re sealing the vows you just exchanged. However, you can always opt for another unifying ceremony if you want a unique wedding. 

Just make sure that you follow the traditions and expectations, especially if you’re getting married at a specific place or by a particular officiant. Regardless, wedding rings are not legally necessary for a marriage to be valid. 

Read when do you say I do in a wedding to know the timing of the vow exchange. 


What Does A Ring Symbolize In The Bible?

The ring symbolizes many things in the bible. That being said, these meanings are still applicable to the wedding or marriage where two people are bound for life. 

  • The ring can symbolize eternity because of its shape
  • The ring is a way to authorize something, as seen when King Darius used his signet ring to seal Daniel
  • The ring’s meaning can be a favor, as in Luke 15:22 when the father demanded to put a ring on his hand
  • Removing the ring can also symbolize displeasure, as seen when the Lord compared King Jeconiah to a signet ring that He would remove 


What Is The Spiritual Meaning Of A Wedding Ring?

Wedding bands are essentially a way to commit the bride and couple more valid. The ring can be viewed as the authorization of what is said in the vows and the shape itself represents eternity. 


Which Hand Does A Christian Wear Wedding Ring?

Christians traditionally wear their wedding ring on their right ring finger and then use the left ring finger for the engagement ring. But nowadays, most people wear their wedding rings on their left hand. 

This is because it’s believed that the vein running through this finger goes directly to the heart. Read which order you wear the engagement, wedding, and eternity rings to know more about wearing rings. 


Should A Christian Wear A Wedding Ring?

It’s not required for Christians to wear a wedding ring as there is nothing written in the bible that instructs the people to wear rings to signify commitment or faith. However, some couples find the symbolism of ring exchange important as they can also be a reminder of the vows they took. 



And that’s it! You just learned what does the wedding ring symbolize in Christianity, which can mean many things. 

The wedding rings can serve as a way to authorize the couple’s bond, the circular shape signifies eternal love, and exchanging rings can be viewed as the Christian couple’s commitment to God. 

Let us know below how you view rings for marriage and weddings.

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