What Color Nails For Wedding: The Best Color For Brides

The answer to what color nails for wedding is nude. We will also provide other color ideas for the bride to wear at her wedding. 

Weddings and the preparations for the bridal look can get overwhelming, even with the smallest detail, like the color of your nails. And if you also haven’t decided on your hair yet, you can read how should I wear my hair for my wedding

what color nails for wedding


Wedding Nail 101: What Color Nails For Wedding?


The best color to paint your nails for the wedding 

The best wedding nail color for the bride is nude, and it is also the most popular choice for nail color at weddings. This is because nude nails look classy but still well-kept for a romantic and formal occasion like a wedding. 

Nude nail color will also suit any wedding theme or bridal style, but you’ll still look like you exerted effort on your manicure. And depending on the darkness or lightness of the wedding nail color, nude complements any skin tone of the bride. 


Classiest wedding nail colors for brides

If you don’t like the nude nail color for your wedding nail, other wedding nail colors are to try. Select the one that suits your style for your big day, or use your wedding colors as inspiration. 

  • Coral
  • Light pink
  • Light green
  • Baby blue
  • Pastel purple
  • Ivory

Note that the best wedding nail colors for the bridal nail are light and somewhat lowkey. You don’t want a strong contrast to your wedding dress color and overall style. 


Should my nails be the same color as my dress?

You don’t need your wedding nail to be the same color as your wedding dress. But instead, find a color or hue that will complement your dress.

Wedding nails also act as an accessory to your overall bridal style. So if you want to use your wedding dress as inspiration, you can never go wrong with neutral nails. 

A classic bridal gown is usually white or related colors like champagne and ivory. Therefore, you can wear blush pink, light gray, off-white, or even taupe nails to complement these traditional wedding dress colors. 


How to choose wedding nail polish?

  • Consider your skin tone and wedding colors inspired by the theme, venue, and theme
  • Try checking how your nail colors will look with your rings and other hand accessories on your wedding day
  • Decide between sheer, matte, or creme finish for your nail polish as the finish influences the overall look of the nails
  • Prioritize a chip-resistant nail polish with a topcoat for your manicure, so your nails look healthy and perfect on your wedding day 


How soon before your wedding should you get your nails done?

The best time to get your wedding nails painted with your desired color is two or even a day before the wedding. This way, the polish has been set completely, and your nails look perfect on the wedding day. 

Please do not get your nails done the morning of the wedding because they might still be wet when you change into your wedding dress. You can also consider a pampering time with the bridal party, and all get a manicure to unwind before the big day.


Is It Okay To Have White Nails At A Wedding?

Brides can consider white for their nail color on their wedding day. Besides nude, a white polish is also famous for wedding nails because they look clean and classy. 

They don’t have to match the same white shade as the wedding dress. You can also ask for an off-white polish or have a manicure like French or ombre with white color. 


Can you wear black nail polish to a wedding?

While it’s uncommon, you can wear black nail polish to your wedding. Remember that themed weddings are typical nowadays and the bride and groom might have black as one of their wedding colors. 

Read what to wear to a gothic wedding, for example.


Can A Bride Have Red Nails?

Do you know that the red nail color is a popular bridal trend? Red is no longer seen as too intense it’s also among the favorite wedding colors in modern weddings. 

For your wedding nail, red can emanate glamor and sophistication. Consider getting a glossy finish and find the best shape for your hands. 


What Color Nails Is Classy For A Bride?

Besides nude, pink would be a classy choice for bridal nails. You can opt for light pink, pastel pink, or even a pink nail polish with a glossy or glittery finish. 

Pink looks very feminine and clean, ideal for the classic bridal style. It also complements the traditional white wedding dress that most brides still wear down the aisle. 


What Kind Of Wedding Nails Should I Get?

A gel manicure is the best nail to get for your wedding. It lasts longer than you can still have perfect nails for your honeymoon.

Finally, gel nails are unlikely to smudge or chip on the big day itself.



Was this guide helpful? You just learned what color nails for wedding, including nude as the top choice, followed by pastels and light colors.

Neutrals are classy, but bold colors like red and black can also be gorgeous and sophisticated for wedding nails. 

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