How To Include Family In Wedding Ceremony: 3 Ways

Try three ways if you want to know how to include family in wedding ceremony. You can have them join the wedding party and processional or include them in other roles during the wedding ceremony. 

We will also provide specific ways to honor your family if they can’t be part of the actual wedding program. And for couples who can’t do a big wedding, try this separate discussion on how to have a small wedding with a big family.

how to include family in wedding ceremony


Fun And Touching Ways On How To Include Family In Wedding Ceremony


  • Include families in the wedding party

The first way to include families in weddings is by having them as part of the wedding party. For example, you might have a sibling that can be your maid of honor or best man.

Some couples even assign these roles to their mom or dad. But if you have a best friend who will already fill these roles, your siblings and parents can be part of the bridesmaids or groomsmen. 

It’s no longer unusual to see the groom’s dad among the groomsmen or the bride’s mom as a bridesmaid. But of course, families have different dynamics, and some couples might want to reserve all the roles in the wedding party for their closest friends. 


  • Wedding ceremony processional

Another way to include family members in wedding ceremonies is to incorporate them in the wedding processional. Besides the wedding party, other roles will walk down the aisle, depending on the type of wedding you’re having.  

Of course, the bride’s escort walking down the aisle will be her father, but there’s nothing wrong if her mom will fill this role. Some other people in the wedding processional that you can give to your siblings or close cousins include the flower girl and ring bearer.

If you have young family members, then these roles are for them. But even if your family members are in their teens or are considered adults, the processional can be more fun with an older brother as the flower boy or a cool older sister as the ring bearer. 


  • Other roles in the ceremony 

There are different types of wedding ceremonies, so a way to include family is not limited to having them walk down the aisle. They can still stand with you at the altar even though they’re not part of the wedding party. 

You can also have a family member officiate your wedding or act as the master of the ceremonies to run the wedding ceremony. Siblings, cousins, and other close extended family members can be the ushers that guide the guests.

They can hand out the ceremony program, greet guests, or may do the reading or prayer before the ceremony. To make them feel more included, provide them with special corsages and boutonnieres, or have them wear special outfits like the wedding party. 

For the bride who already has her bridal party complete, read what is a wedding house party. It refers to the people close to her but can’t be included in the main wedding party. 


How Do You Include Brothers In A Wedding?

There are many roles for men in the wedding, whether in the wedding ceremony or reception. If you want to honor your brothers, they can be your groomsmen.

Some can also be part of the wedding ceremony program or your wedding ushers, MC, or DJ at the reception. But of course, please discuss with your partner how to distribute the roles among your closest family members.

You don’t want to take over all the critical wedding roles with your relatives and have your partner feel left out with their relatives. Consider going 50:50, but be realistic with your budget. 

Do you have many brothers, and you’re thinking of having multiple best men? Read how many best men are at a wedding


How Do You Include Mothers In A Wedding?

The mothers of the bride and groom can be part of the wedding processional. But if you want to make them feel extra special, there are different wedding tasks and activities that they can join. 

The bride can have a bridal shower with the mothers, or you can even ask them to join you when picking out your wedding dress. You can also have portrait shoots with the mothers, especially in the morning while preparing for the wedding. 

Besides reading at the ceremony, mothers can also do toasts at the reception. And of course, the groom shouldn’t forget about the mother-son dance. 


How Do You Seat A Family Member At A Wedding?

Besides walking down the aisle or standing at the altar, there is also a seating etiquette for family members at the wedding. The first rows are typically reserved for them, so remember to ask the usher or find the place cards when arriving at the venue. 

For specific positions during the marriage ceremony, read which side to sit at a wedding. There are also blended families and modern relationships, so plan the seating accordingly. 



And that’s it! We just learned how to include family in wedding ceremony by having them join the processional, have a role in the wedding party, or do a specific task during the ceremony. 

You can also honor relatives another way by having them wear corsages, boutonnieres, or outfits to distinguish them from the other guests. Let us know below if there are different roles we missed. 

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