What To Do On Your First Wedding Anniversary

If you’re unsure what to do on your first wedding anniversary, there are four memorable and sentimental things to try. Even though it’s your first and considered a relatively new marriage, any wedding anniversary should always be celebrated and commemorated. 

We will also talk about the first anniversary traditions based on its symbol. And for your next year, here’s what to buy for 2nd wedding anniversary

what to do on your first wedding anniversary


Best Ideas On What To Do On Your First Wedding Anniversary


Reminisce your wedding day

Your first year of marriage is the perfect time to reflect and reminisce on your wedding day. Many things likely happen, even if it’s your first wedding anniversary, so it’s always healthy for couples to discuss and retrospect. 

  • Watch your wedding video
  • Look at memorabilia from your wedding together
  • Browse your social media posts on your wedding day
  • View your wedding photo album
  • Have a staycation at home while reminiscing your wedding day
  • Have a surprise date while wearing your wedding attire 
  • Eat the meals you had on your wedding day 
  • Visit your wedding venue


Go on a meaningful trip

Another idea if you don’t know what to do on your wedding anniversary is to schedule an out-of-town trip. It might be a special place for you and your partner, or you want to indulge in your partner’s request on where to have a couple’s vacation. 

  • Visit your partner’s hometown or yours
  • Visit your friends or family
  • Visit your spouse’s university
  • Go to where you had your first date
  • Go to a sentimental location
  • Visit the place where you first meet
  • Check out your favorite restaurant


Celebrate with family and friends

The first year anniversary is a great time to celebrate and catch up with your closest people. It has been a whole year since your wedding, so friends and family will surely appreciate an intimate party. 

  • Host your first wedding anniversary
  • Have a themed party
  • Play games with friends and family
  • Orchestrate fun activities 
  • Follow the first wedding anniversary theme 
  • Exchange creative gift ideas based on the symbol of the first wedding anniversary 


Do something you don’t usually do

First wedding anniversary ideas are not limited to doing things inspired by its symbol. It might even be a romantic chance to try activities you and your partner haven’t tried before to maintain the excitement of the reasonably new marriage. 

  • Surprise your partner with something sexy and romantic that they’ve mentioned wanting to try before
  • Try a new sport or hobby
  • Consider crafts you can do at home and cheaply
  • Try new recreational centers in your area
  • Learn a new skill
  • Ask your partner if they want to try a new restaurant or cuisine
  • Go to a place you haven’t tried before 
  • Get interested in your partner’s hobbies 


What Is The Tradition For The 1st Wedding Anniversary?

Do you know that tradition why you save the top tier of a wedding cake? It’s usually because the cake is eaten in your first year of marriage. 

Back in the day, you’ll eat the cake from your wedding to commemorate your first child. It can also be a way to celebrate your marriage anniversary milestone. 

But you don’t need to follow all the typical wedding traditions. For example, if you forgot to save the cake from your wedding, you could always order a smaller piece from the bakeshop where you bought it to have a memorable date night for the first wedding anniversary.


What Is The 1st Anniversary Symbol?

The first wedding anniversary symbol is paper and can be interpreted in many ways. First, paper is a blank material, so it symbolizes the clean and new beginnings for the newly married couple. 

Paper is also considered fragile, similar to any new relationship. But at the same time, the paper can also be seen as strong and never tearing despite being folded in many ways. 

That being said, it’s common for the first wedding anniversary gifts to be made of paper to commemorate the wedding milestone. You can also celebrate your first wedding anniversary by exchanging paper gifts. 


How Do You Celebrate Your First Anniversary At Home?

You don’t need to spend too much and go outside the house to celebrate your first wedding anniversary. On the other hand, perhaps you’re restricted with your budget, or it’s hard to set a schedule. 

Therefore, try these date ideas you can do at home to surprise and make your spouse feel appreciated on your first anniversary of marriage:

  • Cook your spouse’s favorite dish
  • Set a movie night with a personalized video montage from your favorite moments together, from dating to marriage
  • Rewatch your wedding memories
  • Surprise your spouse with a date themed similarly to your wedding
  • Create a personalized gift such as a photobook, handwritten letters, or customized items
  • Have a paper-themed wedding anniversary party with friends and family
  • Have a dinner date and spend time talking and showing your appreciation to your partner


What Should I Do For My Husband On Our First Anniversary?

You can buy paper gifts to commemorate your first year of being married. You can also cook him his favorite childhood meal, surprise him with his childhood friends or long-distance relatives, or create a personalized gift based on his favorite item. 



And that’s it! To recap what to do on your first wedding anniversary, it can be something to reminisce your wedding day, go on a meaningful trip, celebrate with friends and family, or do something new. 

You can also give paper gifts as the paper is the first wedding anniversary symbol. 

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