What To Buy For 2nd Wedding Anniversary

If you don’t know what to buy for 2nd wedding anniversary, consider the traditional and modern gifts. We’ll give you specific ideas for him and her to celebrate the second anniversary. 

And if you prefer dates and activities, we’ll also share the second anniversary activities you can do with your spouse. What about the gifts and things to do in the following year?

what to buy for 2nd wedding anniversary

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What To Buy For 2nd Wedding Anniversary: Second Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas 


Traditional second wedding anniversary gift and ideas

The traditional second wedding anniversary gift is cotton, so you can use it as an inspiration when deciding what present to give to your spouse to celebrate two years of marriage. You can shop for cotton-inspired anniversary gifts and consider the symbolism behind cotton. 

Cotton is the ideal symbol for the 2nd wedding anniversary because it represents strength and malleability, key traits for a lasting marriage. And best of all, there are many items you can consider as second anniversary gifts made from cotton. 

  • Cotton robe
  • Cotton pillow
  • Cotton throw blanket
  • Cotton sheet
  • Cotton towel
  • Cotton hoodies
  • Cotton bag
  • Cotton candy maker

Of course, you don’t have to stick with cotton anniversary gifts only. Ultimately, you know your spouse best, and you can select any item that would be sentimental for them. 


Modern 2nd wedding anniversary gift and ideas

Alternatively, you can consider the modern second wedding anniversary gift china or porcelain. It symbolizes beauty and resiliency. The delicate nature of porcelain is also a fantastic representation of a relatively new marriage. 

That being said, you can also give your spouse a present made of porcelain. But at the end of the day, your gift to your partner should be practical and romantic instead of only following traditional and modern gift ideas inspired by two years of marriage. 

  • Porcelain dish and other dinnerware
  • Porcelain decors or ornaments
  • Personalized porcelain jewelry
  • Customized porcelain card
  • Porcelain figurine of you and your spouse


What To Get Husband For 2nd Wedding Anniversary?

Here are some 2nd wedding anniversary gift ideas to celebrate your two-year milestone with your husband. But more than considering what gifts to buy for the 2nd wedding anniversary, you can also take this opportunity to spend time with each other and reflect on your two years of marriage. 

There’s also nothing wrong with buying or doing something for your second anniversary without it being related to cotton or porcelain. If your husband has been mentioning a specific item or activity lately, consider trying it to celebrate your second anniversary for a more sentimental way to bond.

  • Cotton shirt
  • Cotton throw blanket
  • Cotton sheet
  • Cotton pillow
  • Cotton hammock
  • Porcelain lighter
  • Porcelain houseware
  • Porcelain ashtray

You can also customize his 2nd wedding anniversary gift to make it more special. And, of course, why not include a card to talk about how much you love him, and you’re excited to spend the upcoming marriage milestones with him?

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What To Get Wife For 2nd Wedding Anniversary?

For your second wedding anniversary with your wife, consider these gift ideas to celebrate two years of being married together. However, if you prefer to go on a date or travel on your 2nd wedding anniversary, there’s nothing wrong with it as moments are always more memorable than items. 

  • Cotton robe
  • Cotton dress
  • Cotton pads and skincare set
  • Porcelain tumbler
  • Porcelain jewelry
  • Porcelain box


What Is The 2nd Wedding Anniversary?

The second wedding anniversary is also called the cotton anniversary. This is why the anniversary gifts to celebrate two years of marriage are inspired by cotton. 

Cotton symbolizes malleability, softness, and also strength. These qualities are essential to sustain a marriage for a long time because you need to endure hardships and know when to be soft and adaptable. 

Consider knowing the other symbols for the 2nd wedding anniversary below as inspirations for your gift or party theme to celebrate this marriage milestone. 


What Is The Stone For The 2nd Anniversary?

The 2nd wedding anniversary gemstone is the garnet. Alternatively, the modern anniversary stone for two years of marriage is rose quartz. 

Garnet symbolizes purity, compassion, and love, which makes it a romantic present idea for your spouse as well. On the other hand, Rose quartz is believed to help maintain calm in the relationship by easing stress and tension. 


What Is The Color For The 2nd Anniversary?

Red or linen white are the colors associated with the second wedding anniversary. You can use them for the theme of your second wedding anniversary party if you’re celebrating the occasion with friends and family. 


What Is The Flower For The 2nd Anniversary?

Cosmos are associated with the 2nd wedding anniversary and symbolize young love. So you can give your partner a bouquet of these flowers on your 2nd anniversary date. 



And that’s it! You just learned what to buy for 2nd wedding anniversary, which can be cotton and porcelain gift ideas. 

You can also use the gemstone, color, and flower for this anniversary milestone as inspiration for your present. Finally, we recommend planning a date or activity with your spouse, so you can reassure each other of the best years to come.  

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