Why Do You Save The Top Tier Of Wedding Cake

If you’re curious about why do you save the top tier of wedding cake, you can trace it back to the belief that the couple will have a first child a year after the wedding. We will talk more about this tradition in more detail below. 

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why do you save the top tier of wedding cake

Like saving the cake’s top layer, cutting the cake at the wedding also has a significant meaning. 


Why Do You Save The Top Tier Of Wedding Cake: Is It Still A Thing?


For the couple’s first child

Tiered cakes can be traced back to the 19th century, and the modern ritual of allocating the tiers for different purposes began with Royal cakes. This cake has a top, middle, and bottom tier where the top is saved for a future occasion, the middle tier is sliced and sent away for the guests, and the bottom tier is served at the wedding reception. 

Then as years passed, the top tier of the wedding cake was saved to celebrate the couple’s first child. It is believed that they will have their child within a year after the wedding, and rather than buying a new cake, it’s more practical to store the top tier of the wedding cake to be used during the child’s christening. 


To celebrate the first wedding anniversary

Another reason why the top tier of the wedding cake is not eaten but instead preserved is for the couple’s first anniversary. It can even symbolize the milestone of being married for a year, which is more sentimental, especially when you’ll have the cake on your wedding day a year ago. 

But in modern times, you don’t need to wait for a year to consume the top tier. You can have it as soon as you want, especially since the couple usually only gets one bite of the cake during the reception. 


Why Do You Eat A Piece Of Your Wedding Cake One Year Later?

It’s a popular wedding tradition to save the top tier of the wedding cake for consumption a year later. But why do you have to wait this long?

This waiting time is for the reasons that you save your wedding cake’s top tier in the first place. Back then, it is believed that the couple’s first child would come after a year from the wedding. 

A more modern approach also requires the couple to only eat their wedding cake’s top tier after a year to celebrate their first anniversary as husband and wife. However, note that you don’t need to wait this long, especially if the cake is made from ingredients that are meant to be consumed quickly. 

Some couples do an alternative to have their bakery make the exact cake they’d had on their wedding day. This way, you’ll get something fresh but still as memorable and sentimental. 


How Do You Store The Top Tier Of A Wedding Cake?

  1. Make sure to talk to the staff about your desire of saving the wedding cake’s top tier so it won’t accidentally get sliced 
  2. The staff should take the top tier of the cake and keep it into the freezer to preserve the icing; you can also talk with the baker beforehand regarding their recommendations on preserving the cake layer according to its components
  3. After a couple of hours, the outer icing should be frozen, and the staff will wrap the cake tier loosely but securely with plastic wrap to prevent freezer burn
  4. The cake tier should be placed in a box before putting it in the freezer
  5. Wrap the cake box with plastic wrap to prevent air or moisture exposure inside the freezer 


Can You Eat Wedding Cake After One Year?

It should be safe to eat the wedding cake after a year, especially when you follow tradition. However, be aware of the risks and lower your expectations by comparing how the cake will look and taste to its shape on the wedding itself. 

Talk with your baker about the expected shelf life of the particular wedding cake you have. They will also mention how long it can last, so make sure to consume it during that time. 

Some cakes are meant to only last several months, so adjust accordingly. For example, dense cakes like carrot and almond cakes will last longer in the freezer than delicate ones like cream cakes. 

After a year, you can also ask for a duplicate cake from the same bakeshop. This way, you can reminisce the moments and celebrate with a cake that wouldn’t put you at risk for food poisoning. 


What Do You Do With The Cake Topper After The Wedding?

You can choose to keep the wedding cake topper and reuse it as decor in your home. Some even treat it as a family heirloom and pass it down to different generations. 



And that’s it! We just learned why do you save the top tier of wedding cake, and it can be traced back to the belief that the couple will have a child after a year. 

The saved cake will then be eaten to celebrate the child’s christening. Another reason is to have the cake to mark the couple’s first year in marriage. 

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