What To Wear To A Winter Baby Shower

The guest should consider two factors when deciding what to wear to a winter baby shower. We’ve included outfit examples to remain comfortable and appropriate for the occasion. 

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what to wear to a winter baby shower


Guest Outfit Guide: What To Wear To A Winter Baby Shower


Dress for the cold

A baby shower during the cold season means your outfit should keep you warm. You can also check the venue and time of the occasion for specific ideas and know the best layers to combine. 

For example, an option for a winter baby shower indoors would be a sweater and a skirt. On the other hand, you might need to add leggings to your dress if it’s an outdoor baby shower, where it can get colder. 

Guest should also wear clothes from winter-friendly fabrics like cotton, wool, or even leather. But a tip to quickly cool down if the venue is not very cold is to wear something light inside and then layer the outfit with a warm sweater or jacket that you can easily remove.  

You can also wear undergarments for winter or add accessories like a scarf to add warmth to your winter baby shower outfit. And, of course, don’t forget that the best shoes for a winter baby shower are close-toed pairs like dress boots or Chelsea. 


Style the outfit accordingly

The dress code of the baby shower should help you decide on the specific blouse, skirt, dress, or pants to get. More than dressing for the season, the guest should still exert effort on their look and outfit. 

You don’t have to arrive overdressed, but wearing something too casual to a baby shower might also give off the wrong impression. The color and other elements of your attire, like the shoes and accessories, should easily elevate even a simple winter-appropriate dress or two-piece outfit. 

Check the invitation dress code, and it’s easy to gather ideas of the best one to wear. For example, a cropped long-sleeved blouse with a skirt can look more formal if you pair them with heels or pick dark colors. 

A leather jacket paired with a turtle neck shirt and dress pants is another outfit option for a formal winter baby shower. But if it’s a casual event, a combination of a neutral dressy blouse, pastel-colored cardigan, plain blue jeans, and essential boots would be fantastic for a winter baby shower. 


What Kind Of Shoes Should I Wear With My Winter Baby Shower Outfit?

The shoes for winter baby shower outfits should not only follow the dress code of the occasion but should also be comfortable for the cold season. That being said, you can never go wrong in choosing between boots, pumps, or even flats. 

Avoid open-toed sandals or anything too casual. And with heels, you want those with manageable heights, especially if you’re pregnant. 

Dressy boots that go up to the ankle would complement any dress or two-piece outfit with a top, pants, or a skirt. You can also consider higher boots, but remember not to attend overdressed that you’ll take the attention away from the mom-to-be


What Kind Of Coat Or Jacket Should I Wear To A Winter Baby Shower?

The venue and formality of the baby shower should help you decide the best option of coat or jacket to wear. You should also consider where you’ll pair it, especially how the colors and fabrics contrast. 

Furthermore, be aware of what would look flattering with your body type. The length and cut of the coat or jacket can make your silhouette look better. 

Cropped jackets with dresses and long coats with a blouse tucked in pants are some examples of what outfits to wear to a winter baby shower. The material and color would depend on the look you’re going for, so try different options in the mirror to compare. 

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What Type Of Jewelry Is Appropriate For A Winter Baby Shower?

It’s up to the guest’s style to pick what jewelry they’ll pair with their baby shower outfit. You don’t want something uncomfortable for the cold season, and the accessories should not be too eye-catching. 

Considering winter baby showers have themes with white, blue, and other light colors, silver jewelry might be a good combination with most guest outfits. You can also opt for dainty pearl pieces to add interest to your plain outfit. 

Drop earrings can add personality to your winter baby shower attire if you find wearing a necklace uncomfortable, especially with the scarf. Small hoops or studs would also be flattering without overshadowing your outfit. 


How Should I Style My Hair For A Winter Baby Shower?

Compared to a summer baby shower, the coldness of the season at a winter baby shower can mean you can comfortably let your hair down without fearing humidity throughout the event. However, a sleek bun can also look chic, perfect for guests who don’t like getting their hair on the face. 



Was this a helpful styling guide? We just discussed what to wear to a winter baby shower, which should be comfortable for the cold season but is also suitable for the dress code. 

Some specific outfit ideas include a dress with leggings and a cardigan or a two-piece outfit with a blouse, pants, and a jacket or coat. Boots are also preferred for cold weather and match most winter clothing. 

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