What To Write On Baby Shower Cake

If you’re unsure what to write on baby shower cake, consider these sayings for the gender-neutral baby shower cake or specific cakes for the baby girl and baby boy. We’ve also included ideas for twins and themed baby showers. 

Furthermore, you’ll know how to write on the baby shower cake and what style or flavor to choose if you want to give the dessert as a gift. And speaking of writing sayings on the cake, do you also want to know what to write on your book gift for the baby? 

what to write on baby shower cake

Baby books are always fantastic for baby showers, and you can convey your love and joy to the family and their little ones with what to write in a baby shower book


Creative Sayings On What To Write On Baby Shower Cake


Gender-neutral baby shower cake writing ideas

If the couple still hasn’t revealed the gender of their baby or you don’t want to insinuate anything with the baby shower cake, there are many gender-neutral sayings you can write on top: 

  • Hello Little Angel!
  • Congratulations, [name of the parents]
  • The bun is in the oven
  • Baby [family’s last name] is on the way!
  • 50% [mom’s name] and 50% [dad’s name] = 100% cutie
  • Coming Soon


Baby girl shower cake writing ideas

Some couples have a different gender reveal party, so it’s known at the shower if they’re having a baby boy or a baby girl. If the parents-to-be are having a little princess, try these writings on her baby shower cake:

  • Princess [couple’s last name] is almost here!
  • Future Daddy’s Little Girl
  • Mommy’s Mini Me
  • It’s A Girl!
  • Little Miss Bundle Of Joy
  • Mom And Dad’s Little Queen


Baby boy shower cake writing ideas

For a baby shower cake meant for a baby boy, you can always get creative or use these sayings as inspiration: 

  • Daddy’s Mini Me
  • Welcome Little Prince
  • The King Has Arrived
  • It’s A Boy
  • [Parents’ names]’s Handsome Little Man 


Ideas For Baby Shower Sayings To Match Your Theme

Another idea to know what to write on the baby shower cake is to use the shower’s theme or cake’s design as inspiration for the sayings. This way, you’re not limited to cake messages for baby boys and girls. 

For example, if it’s a sports-themed baby shower, you can play with sports terms like “Future MVP.” If the baby shower cake is floral themed, then the baby shower cake saying can be something like “The Cutest Little Bud.”

If the parents also have a specific profession, it can inspire the baby shower cake design. For instance, write “The Bun Is In The Oven” for parents who are bakers. 


What Are Some Baby Shower Cake Sayings For Twins

There are many puns and creative wordplay ideas you can do for a baby shower cake if the family is going to be joined by twins. You can also use their gender as a guide or opt for neutral terms. 

  • Double Trouble
  • Two Is Better Than One
  • Twice The Fun!
  • Twin Things 


Who Buys The Baby Shower Cake

The host of the event buys the baby shower cake. However, it can also be a gift from someone close to the couple. 

Regardless, whoever will buy the baby shower cake should ask the host if there is a specific theme. The cake makes a great focal point at the party, so it shouldn’t be different from the designs at the venue. 

And if the couple is planning a gender reveal, they might also want to design the cake in such a way. Talk with the baker about how you want to reveal gender through the sweet treat. 


How To Write Words On A Baby Shower Cake

If you’re bringing the baby shower cake as a gift to show your joy for the mom and her baby, here is an easy tutorial on writing the sayings on the cake, even without much experience: 

  1. Prepare the icing in the piping bag
  2. Write the baby shower cake message on a piece of parchment paper the same shape and size as the cake
  3. Put the paper over the cake and trace with a toothpick
  4. Practice piping on another surface to get used to the pressure needed for writing with icing 
  5. Trace the marks from the toothpick 
  6. Add decorations to the baby shower cake

Guests can also read what to bring to a baby shower for gift ideas instead of cake. 


What Are Some Cake Ideas For A Baby Shower?

Baby shower cakes are usually covered in buttercream icing or fondant. The flavor can be chosen by the parents-to-be or inspired by the event’s theme. 

Some unique and cute cake ideas for a baby shower include a white buttercream cake that reveals the baby’s gender inside. For a gender-neutral cake, you can also decorate a round fondant cake to look like any animal. 

As for cakes for baby boys and baby girls, opt for pastel colors like baby blue and pink for the cake. You can also use other desserts as decorations over the cake, like macarons and cookies. 



Was this a helpful read for the baby shower? You just learned what to write on baby shower cake, which can be inspired by the theme or the baby’s gender. 

You can also opt for gender-neutral sayings that wouldn’t mention the baby as a girl or boy. Overall, it shouldn’t be hard to pick what to write as it can just be a simple dedication. 

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