What Should The Mother Of The Bride Wear To A Beach Wedding

If you’re unsure about what should the mother of the bride wear to a beach wedding, you can consider two factors when deciding on the attire to have. The bride’s mother’s outfit won’t be the same as what other female guests must wear, but she should still maintain the etiquette as a wedding guest. 

Furthermore, having a beach wedding means some clothes will be more appropriate and comfortable than others. We will also discuss what the groom’s mother can wear to a beach wedding. 

what should the mother of the bride wear to a beach wedding

Speaking of which, you might be interested to know what to give your son on his wedding day as well. And even if you’re the bride’s mom, you can always give something to your son-in-law to welcome him to the family.


Best Beach Wedding Attire Ideas For The Mother Of The Bride


Wear the proper colors for beach weddings

You can refer to the wedding invitation for the dress code and time of the beach wedding. Your daughter might also clarify any potential questions from you regarding the proper attire. 

Traditionally, the bride’s mother chooses her dress or outfit, but nowadays, the daughter encourages her mom to follow a particular style for the wedding. For example, if the color scheme for the beach wedding is pastel, she might suggest that you choose purple if her bridesmaids are already wearing pink. 

It will also be more appropriate to wear solid colors since most wedding guests to a beach wedding will go with florals and patterns, especially if it’s semi-formal. In addition, by wearing a solid color, you can be distinguishable from other guests, not only because of the corsage you’re wearing. 


Choose something comfortable for beach weddings

As the mother of the bride, the last thing you want is to end up being uncomfortable at the beach wedding because of what you’re wearing. Your daughter might come to you to ease her nerves, and it’s not a good look if you get cranky at your daughter’s wedding because you’re not wearing something appropriate to the venue. 

For example, consider the wedding time, where beach weddings held in the morning or afternoon can feel hot. Be sure to wear a breathable outfit, whether it’s a lightweight dress or cotton blouse. 

You also want wind and chill protection, so bring a coverup or shawl. Furthermore, since it’s a beach wedding, you don’t need to wear a dress if you’re uncomfortable in one.

A bride’s mom can look lovely in a jumpsuit that complements the wedding theme. And finally, be sure to wear footwear that won’t sink in the sand or read how to wear flat shoes to a wedding


What should you not wear to a beach wedding as the bride’s mom?

Understandably, there are different family dynamics, and more and more people are less traditional, especially when it comes to what you’ll wear. Therefore, read these common no-no outfits as the bride’s mother when attending a beach wedding, but keep an open mind:

  • Something more extravagant than what the bride is wearing
  • Dress the same style or color as the maid of honor or bridesmaids
  • Very revealing or casual outfits; some may be appropriate as beach wear but not for wedding ceremonies
  • Colors that are potentially offensive or misinterpreted badly in some cultures and traditions (e.g., black, red)
  • White dresses and outfits
  • Very dark colors that may feel uncomfortable if it’s hot
  • Eye-catching patterns
  • Oversized jewelry
  • Tall and pointed heels that may sink on the sand


What Should The Mother Of The Groom Wear To A Beach Wedding?

The groom’s mother should wear something respectable and appropriate to her son’s wedding, much like what the bride’s mother will wear. Think of long-sleeved maxi dresses, cardigan or jacket over a dress, dressy blouse and pants, semi-formal jumpsuit, or even a short-sleeved top or dress as long as it’s formal and suitable for the beach wedding’s dress code and theme.

If you find your dress too revealing at the chest area, here is what to wear over a sleeveless dress to a wedding


Can the mother of bride and mother of groom match?

The mothers of the bride and groom can coordinate with what they’ll wear to the wedding, but there is no rule that it should always be the case. However, it would prevent any potential misinterpretation if the couple’s mothers wear outfits at the same level of formality or elegance. 

Consider talking with your partner, and some even have their parents come with them to the tailor. Then, the parents of both the bride and groom can choose what they want to wear. 


Can The Mother Of The Bride Wear White?

It’s basic etiquette not to wear white to a wedding as it’s traditionally reserved for the bride. Nonetheless, some modern weddings have brides wearing other colors, so why not ask your daughter or the bride herself? 



And that’s it! We just learned what the mother of the bride should wear to a beach wedding, which should be anything following the color scheme and theme of the wedding, but still appropriate for the beach venue. 

Your daughter might also recommend you specific dresses and outfits to wear at her wedding. But, overall, remember to keep modesty in mind like any other guest attending a wedding. 

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