How To Wear Flat Shoes To A Wedding: 3 Styles

If you want to learn how to wear flat shoes to a wedding, there are three wardrobe choices. Most wedding guests understandably try to avoid flat shoes assuming that they’re too casual for a wedding.

However, we will talk about three clothing styles that would dress up your flat shoes. After all, some outdoor weddings will be better experienced with flat shoes so that you can move around easier. 

how to wear flat shoes to a wedding

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How To Wear Flat Shoes To A Wedding Appropriately


Wear a long dress

The female guests might need to wear a long dress depending on the wedding’s dress code. They might also be chosen as part of the bridal party who often wear long dresses. 

If your dress glides to the floor, then it’s acceptable to wear flat shoes to a wedding. The pair wouldn’t be seen anyway, and you’ll find it easier to move around, especially when it’s time to join the dance floor. 

But what if your dress is flowy and long but still shows the shoes? You can always select a pair of dressier flats, such as pointed ones or those with embellishments, so they’ll look formal enough for the wedding. 


Consider a jumpsuit

A stylish and appropriate wedding outfit for a guest is the jumpsuit, and it would also be a great option if you’re considering flats for a wedding. But again, the key to making this combination work is to select a classier pair of flats to match the formality of the wedding. 

Silver and shimmery flats or embellishments would look well with a jumpsuit. You can also try open-toed flats or those with straps that extend up the ankle. 

If you’re attending a semi-formal wedding, you can combine a flowy jumpsuit with thong flats. On the other hand, the coverage of boot-style flats can be ideal for a more formal wedding. 


Don’t be afraid of short dresses

Shoes without heels are often overlooked, especially if the dress you’ll wear is shorter. However, you can still combine a short dress with flats. 

Remember that modesty is essential in most weddings, so you’ll still need to be mindful of your dress length. The short ones are typically slightly above or right under the knee, which will look fantastic with strappy flats or even flat ankle boots. 

Any flat shoes that can add coverage to the ankle area or slightly above it should help dress up a short dress. Some ballet flats might even look great with a short dress for a wedding, especially if it has an accent that complements your dress. 


Is It Okay To Wear Flats To A Wedding?

It’s okay to wear flats to a wedding as long as you still dress it up. You don’t want to look casual, especially when the invitation mentions a semi-formal or formal dress code.

Flats are no longer synonymous with casual since many types and styles are available. Nude colors, leather, pointed tips, straps, embellishments, or even flat boots are acceptable for weddings. 

Remember that what you’ll wear can affect how dressed up you’ll look for the wedding. You never want to attend underdressed or overdressed, regardless of whether you’re wearing heels or flats. 


Can I Wear Ballet Flats To A Wedding?

You can wear ballet flats to a wedding because they come in different styles and colors. For example, ballet flats with straps can match the formality of a midi or maxi dress, or combine pointed ballet flats with a pantsuit or jumpsuit if you prefer pants over skirts or dresses for a wedding. 

Furthermore, some weddings are held outdoors, and it will be uncomfortable walking with heels. You might find yourself sinking in the grass, sand, or even slip if the wedding is held on a boat

You can also consider bringing a pair of ballet flats with you for the reception. This way, you can alleviate the pain from a heeled pair and be more comfortable standing for long periods. 


Can Bridesmaids Wear Flats?

No rule prohibits bridesmaids from wearing flats. Flats are often the choice if they are wearing long dresses or if it’s a garden or beach wedding where heels would be impractical. 

However, if their dresses will show their shoes, consider asking them to wear the same color, type, or style of flats so they’ll look better together. This isn’t mandatory, but a uniform look will suit photos better. 

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Can You Wear Flats on Your Wedding Day?

The bride can choose to wear flats at her wedding. After all, you only look you’re best if you’re comfortable and happy with your outfit. 

Most wedding dresses are long anyway, or even if they are slightly off the ground, there are dressy flats that would not look out of place with a gorgeous wedding dress. They are often embellished or have straps and ribbons to match the dress. 



Was this style guide helpful? We’ve just discussed how to wear flat shoes to a wedding to remain appropriate for the occasion. 

Flat shoes will look great with long and short dresses or even jumpsuits. However, the secret is selecting a stylish pair to remain dressed up for the wedding. 

Opt for pointed flats, those with straps, details, or embellishments to avoid looking too casual. 


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