What To Give Your Son On His Wedding Day: 4 Ideas

Those who don’t know what to give your son on his wedding day can consider four types of items. Of course, you don’t need to give all of these wedding presents, but you can hand them at different times before, after, and during the wedding. 

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what to give your son on his wedding day


The 4 Best Things On What To Give Your Son On His Wedding Day


  • Something to help your son beat the nerves before the wedding

On the night before the wedding, it’s only natural for your son to feel nervous as much as he is excited. So dads can consider gifts like a decanter or flask with their favorite whiskey for their sons the night before the wedding. 

It can also be a mini bonding moment between you and your son before his big day. Perhaps you can offer some advice or talk about what he can expect at the wedding. 

Use this opportunity to remind him that he will be okay and that he’ll make a fantastic groom and husband. And best of all, these items are also something he can keep in their home and remind himself of his dad. 


  • Give a wearable accessory for the wedding ceremony

Another perfect wedding gift that fathers can give their sons is anything the groom can wear during the wedding ceremony. Think of cufflinks, a tie, bowtie, necklace, bracelet, or even a watch. 

Some dads might also give an heirloom from their dads. Consider these items when the groom gets to the wedding ceremony venue to wear before the program starts. 

Wearable gifts can remind him that you are always with him. And of course, it would also give you great joy to see him wearing something special to you as he stands at the front. 


  • Something for your son to keep personally

Wearable accessories make fantastic wedding gift ideas, but you can also give your son something that only he knows when he’s wearing them. Some examples are a pocket watch or perfume. 

It can serve as a secret between you and him and that you will always love him. Moms can also consider these types of gifts, especially if you know your son well with what he’ll like. 

As a child, it’s always a great feeling to be given something thoughtful because it shows that your parent truly knows you personally. Parents can also read what does a groom need on his wedding day for more ideas. 


  • Personalized memento gift ideas 

When it comes to wedding day presents, you will surely touch your son’s heart with a personalized memento. Think of engraved or embroidered items that he may use after the wedding. 

Some examples are personalized luggage tags for his honeymoon, embroidered robes or towels, or even a handkerchief with a message. You can also consider personalized home items like mugs, cutlery, or displays. 

You can give these gifts at the party after the wedding. If there’s no time to meet, you can even surprise your son with these gifts once he arrives home. 


Do I Give My Son A Wedding Gift?

There are no rules stating that parents must give their son a wedding gift. After all, it’s more likely that you’ve given your son and his future wife a monetary gift or financial assistance for their wedding or honeymoon. 

However, parents often use the wedding as the ideal time to pass down heirlooms to their children. For example, dads might give the groom a watch given to them before by their fathers, or moms might have something customized like a tie made from a material that also has sentimental value. 

Regardless, the choice is yours if you want to give your son a wedding gift. What matters is you are wholeheartedly giving him something to show your love and support. 


What wedding gift for son and wife can I give?

  • Some parts of the wedding (e.g., catering, band, groom and bride’s outfits, wedding photos or videos)
  • Honeymoon trip or travel package
  • Home appliances or items


How Much Money Should The Groom’s Parents Give As A Wedding Gift?

When it comes to the money given by the groom’s parents as a wedding gift, there is no set amount as with other monetary gifts. Depending on your capacity, you can also consider your wedding expenses contribution as a gift or give separate cash or check. 

If you’re only capable of shouldering some wedding expenses as the groom’s parents traditionally do, expect to pay for the officiant, marriage license, rehearsal dinner, flowers, transportation and accommodation for the groomsmen, alcohol, and honeymoon.  

Here’s how to write a check for a wedding if needed. 



And that’s it! You just learned what to give your son on his wedding day, including decanters, flasks, cufflinks, ties, jewelry, or even heirlooms and personalized mementos. 

The main takeaway here is that you give something to your son to remind him that you’re always there for him and that you’ll always love him. The cost of the gift does not matter as it’s only a special item to help your son feel loved and remembered.

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