How To Make A Wedding Ribbon Wand In 3 Easy Steps

You can learn how to make a wedding ribbon wand in three quick steps. First, we’ll construct everything from the dowel, streamers, then finally decorate the wedding ribbon wand. 

You will also learn more about the use of wedding wands and some fun alternatives for the wedding send-off. And speaking of which, here is how to light sparklers at a wedding

how to make a wedding ribbon wand

You might prefer sparklers for your send-off rather than wands, so it’s always helpful to know the safe way to use them. 


How Do You Make A Wedding Ribbon Wand?


Step 1. Make the ribbon wand handle

  • Mark a dowel with a pencil according to the length you want for the wedding ribbon wand; if you’re making multiple wands, make sure that they have the same measurements
  • Use a miter box to cut the handle to the appropriate length slowly for safety and ensure a precise cut 
  • Sand from the outside of the dowel end working towards the center; do the same on the other end of the wand to prevent splinters when holding the dowel
  • Paint the wand handle or leave it bare according to the design you want for the wedding ribbon wand
  • You can also stain the wand for a more subtle look while also ensuring all the handles are similar


Step 2. Make the ribbon wand streamers

  • Make the ribbon streamers for the wedding wand by cutting as many as you need; you can cut one ribbon at the end for easier attachment or combine several ribbon strips 
  • Attach the ribbon streamers with a hot glue gun or nail; expect that the ribbon length will be shorter when you attach it to the dowel, so make sure that you have an inch more for allowance


Step 3. Decorate the wedding ribbon wand

  • Make the wedding ribbon wands more festive for the wedding send-off by decorating them with bells, strings, lights, or even flowers
  • Secure the attachments so they won’t fall off when the guests shake their wands
  • Test the finished ribbon wands by shaking them off, so you can add more glue or tie the ribbons for added security 
  • You can also engrave the dowels with cute words or the name of the guest who’ll hold the wand


How Long Should A Wedding Ribbon Wand Be?

Depending on your preference, wedding ribbon wands can be as short as 8 inches or twice as long. You can also mix their lengths for a unique look at the wedding send-off, especially the photos. 

Have some guests holding 8-inch wands, 12-inch wands, and a few 16-inch wands for variety. It should be easy to produce them since the dowels available in the market range from 36 to over 40 inches. 


What dowel and ribbon for wedding wands?

You can choose the type of handle you want for the wedding wands, although wood is what’s commonly used. Dowels also come in different thicknesses, so be mindful of their size, especially when you’re making the ribbon wand where some will be harder to hammer if you’ll use nails or screws. 

As for the ribbon, prepare at least three different colors and types to make attractive streamers for the wedding ribbon wands. Again, opt for different textures, opacity, and thickness for variety during your wedding exit. 

And as for the length, the ribbons should be twice as long as the dowel because the excess length will be taken during attachment or tying. You may also want to leave some sizes for tying in bells and other embellishments on the wedding ribbon wands.  

Here’s a tutorial on how to make tulle bows for a wedding that would make perfect decorations to add on a ribbon wand. 


What Are Ribbon Wands Used For In A Wedding?

Ribbon wands make the ceremony exit more festive because the guests wave them. They are an alternative to wedding sparklers, especially if you feel uneasy with some guests using them. 

Perhaps you have a lot of kids that you also want to be included in the line greeting you in your exit, or the wedding venue prohibits sparklers. You can also add bells to the ribbon wands for a livelier exit. 


How Do You Announce A Wedding Send Off?

After the wedding MC or DJ announces the send-off of the couple, here are some fun and unique wedding exit ideas to try:

  • Have guests holding wedding ribbon wands or sparklers
  • Have the guests toss flower petals, blooms, or confetti
  • Have bubbles during the wedding send-off
  • Wave handkerchiefs at the exit
  • Line the aisle with lanterns or candles
  • Toss rice, sequins, or artificial snow during the couple’s exit
  • Release paper planes, balloons, or sky lanterns with the guests
  • Release butterflies or doves during the wedding send-off
  • Ring bells at the wedding exit
  • Toss colorful smoke bombs
  • Consider a champagne shower
  • Have a fireworks display with everyone
  • Ride a car or boat as an exit from your guests



And that’s it! We just learned how to make a wedding ribbon wand, which is as easy as cutting a wooden dowel then attaching ribbon streamers to it. 

Make sure to use various types of ribbons for added visual appeal. You can also paint or stain the dowel, then decorate the finished wedding wand with bells and other embellishments. 

We hope this helps with your wedding exit; leave us a question if you have any. 

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