What To Wear To A 1920s Themed Wedding

If you’re unsure about what to wear to a 1920s themed wedding, here are tips for choosing an outfit for male and female guests. We will also define the fashion style during this era and how to apply the popular colors when creating an outfit for the 1920s-themed wedding. 

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what to wear to a 1920s themed wedding


What Should Guests Wear To A 1920s-Inspired Wedding?


Male guests

Male guests to a 1920s-inspired wedding can imagine what a gentleman during this period looks like. Think of walking sticks, vintage hats, and well-tailored suits or tuxedos. 

Silk shirts, suspenders, bow ties, and black leather shirts are also apparent for men in the 1920s. And even if you don’t look like you’re in the Great Gatsby, you can always accessorize to make your outfit more 1920s-inspired. 

For example, you can add a fedora hat, fur coat, or even a handkerchief to your attire. Just remember that you also adhere to the other potential indications of the couple regarding the dress code for their guests. 


Female guests

Like male guests deciding what to wear to a 1920s-themed wedding, women can imagine what someone would wear during this era. Think of sleeveless sequined cocktail dresses and accessories such as layered pearl necklaces. 

You can also wear a simple dress, then accessorize to meet the glamor of the 1920s. Perhaps a turban with a brooch, cloche hat, gloves, and stockings with the dress. 

Some apparent details in party clothes during the 1920s are beading, sequins, ruffles, and fringes. However, remember that you still want not to upstage the bride as standard wedding guest etiquette. 


What Was Considered Fashionable Attire In The 1920s?

Keep these trends from the 1920s in mind when deciding on an outfit for a 1920s-themed wedding.


Ornate details

Both daywear and evening wear in the 1920s were characterized by details such as sequins, beads, and embroidery. However, daytime outfits were more straightforward than the more glamorous evening dresses. 


The flapper dress

One of the most popular dresses in the 1920s is the flapper, which has a creeping hemline and a dropped waist. Coco Chanel, a prominent designer during this time, popularized this look on the dress hem and waist.



Did you know that sportswear was fashionable for women in the 1920s? Used to be acceptable for men, sportswear has also become acceptable as casual attire for women during this period



Much like in women’s fashion, simplicity is also valued for men’s wear in the 1920s. During these times, men’s fashion transitioned from three-piece suits to two-button jackets without a waistcoat, for example. 



Another prominent part of men’s fashion in the 1920s is plus-four and Oxford bags trousers. The style began when undergraduates from Oxford wear their trousers around the university, while plus-fours are often paired with sweaters for golf attire.  


Loose clothes

During the 1920s, the famous outfits were influenced by comfort for the children. The children must move comfortably, which is why loose dresses and sportswear are apparent in the fashion for young kids in this period.  

Speaking of young kids, you may want to know what a teenager should wear to a wedding if they’re invited. 


What Shoes Were Popular In The 1920s?

Consider these popular shoes in the 1920s to finish your outfit. Just remember to select a comfortable pair since you’ll be attending a wedding where you’ll need to stand and walk around often. 

  • T-strap heels
  • Brouge Mary Jane
  • Oxford shoes
  • Tennis shoes


What Colors Were Popular In The 1920s?

The fashion in the 1920s is famous for the details, and you will notice that these works, such as beading and embroidery, are in solid colors. Think of violet, pink, blue, green, and red, and they are also used in patterns like plaid and stripes that are apparent in the 1920s. 

When deciding on what to wear to a 1920s themed wedding, you can create a palette of solid colors for your outfit. It should even be acceptable to combine contrasting blue and yellow or green and violet when thinking of the 1920s. 


What Fabrics Were Popular In The 1920s?

Another helpful tip to create an attire for the 1920s wedding is to know the standard fabrics during this era. You have many versatile options to choose from, including cotton, silk, wool, linen, rayon, and even knitted materials. 

When choosing different clothes, keep these fabrics in mind to make your look more suitable for the 1920s wedding theme. And because of the various selection, it should also be easy to dress comfortably regardless of the wedding location. 



And that’s it! In this article, we’ve talked about what to wear to a 1920s themed wedding where it’s best to imagine the fashion style during this era. 

Think of glamor both for male and female guests. Men can consider the outfits in Great Gatsby, while women can opt for sleeveless dresses with sequins, layers, and accessories like hats and gloves. 

We hope this guide gave you a quick idea if you don’t know what to wear; leave us a question if you have any. 

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