How To Say No Gifts Please On Wedding Invitation

It’s easy to learn how to say no gifts please on wedding invitation if you know the proper wording, where to place it, and ensure that all your guests will see it. We will also share tips on how you’ll talk with guests who insist on giving gifts. 

On the contrary, couples who want to receive gifts can check this guide on when to register for wedding gifts. After all, there is an etiquette both on refusing and accepting wedding gifts that you should be familiar with. 

how to say no gifts please on wedding invitation


How To Tell Guests No Gifts On Wedding Invitation


The right wording and placement

A short and direct phrase saying “No gifts, please” should suffice if you don’t know how to refuse gifts on your wedding invitation. You don’t need to write your explanations here, and some guests will likely clarify this request with you to be sure. 

However, you will also find some sources suggesting against this approach, but it’s better to communicate your intentions with guests beforehand. This will also prevent the hassle on both parties, so the guests don’t need to bring a bulky gift, and you won’t feel bad not accepting something that they bought. 

Another approach is to mention that the guests’ presence is enough to make them feel more accepting of your request. Just remember to write the no-gift policy on the backside of the wedding invitation or with the information card included with the invites. 


Don’t forget to mention it on the wedding website

More than including the no-gift policy in your wedding invitations, please mention this request on your wedding website as well. Remember that wedding invitations are sent quite early, so your guest might forget about the information on them. 

If they forgot and ended up looking for a gift idea, they will visit your wedding website for your registry. Therefore, there’s a high chance of them noticing the no-gift policy as well. 

Because you can write longer on your website, you can make the request sound sweeter and more personal. For example, write another sentence that celebrating with you is enough as a wedding present or take advantage of puns and mention that their presence is the best wedding present.

You can also check these tips on how early is too early for wedding invitations to know when to send the invites with your no-gift request.  


How Do You Politely Ask For No Gifts?


Mention it on the wedding invitation and website

To avoid assumptions early on, write a “no gifts, please” both on your wedding invitations and wedding website. This way, your guests won’t accidentally get you a gift, and nothing will be wasted. 

You can use your wedding website to explain that your guests coming to your wedding is enough as a gift. And when you write the request on your wedding invites, make sure that it can easily be noticed and read. 


Post it on social media

Most couples use social media to communicate with their guests. For example, you can have a private group or chat room where you’ll post information about the wedding. 

What’s advantageous with saying the no-gift policy online is that guests can also readily access you and talk if needed. Just be ready to explain without sounding rude but remain transparent with your preference. 


Ask friends and family to spread the word

For non-tech savvy wedding guests, you can have your close friends and family spread the word about your desire for a gift-free wedding. If they go to the same place or live in the same neighborhood, it should be convenient for them to mention your no-gift policy. 

A helpful tip is to discuss how to communicate with your friends and family with other guests. For example, there are traditional people whose love language is gift-giving, so your reasoning should be explained well. 


Redirect your guests to charity

If some of your guests insist on gift-giving, which is highly likely, then direct them to a charity instead. Their desire to show their love and support to your wedding will be put to good use. 

You can also mention the charity on your wedding website as a note for guests who may want to give you a gift. This practice is quite common because some couples have a charity wedding registry


Is It Appropriate To Say No Gifts On An Invitation?

Some would argue that mentioning anything about gifts on the wedding invitation is rude. However, it would be more impolite to reject a gift that a guest might’ve taken the time for. 

It’s best to communicate all your expectations for the wedding early on to avoid harsh feelings. Your guests will also have enough time to clarify your no-gift policy rather than being surprised after they have already bought it. 



Was this article helpful? We just talked about how to say no gifts please on wedding invitation by being concise.

It would be best also to write it on your wedding website, then have the information spread by your friends and family. Is it rude not to want a wedding gift?

 It’s not rude as some couples might think they already have everything they need. Additionally, it’s much better to decline gifts rather than have them returned or given to others. 

The receiver might find out about it, which can hurt their feelings. 


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