What Is The 30th Wedding Anniversary: Symbols And More

The answer to what is the 30th wedding anniversary is that it’s also called the pearl wedding anniversary. But why is pearl related to this length of marriage? 

We will talk about the symbols, gift ideas, and expectations for celebrating 35 years of marriage. And for couples who went on for longer, here is what to do for the 35th wedding anniversary

what is the 30th wedding anniversary


What Is The 30th Wedding Anniversary And Gift Ideas

The 30th wedding anniversary means that you’ve been together with your spouse for three decades! That duration is undoubtedly worthy of celebrating as it signifies a solid relationship amidst the various challenges during those 30 years. 

That being said, the 30th wedding anniversary is symbolized by the pearl. But why the pearl? 

Pearls are made over time, which can correlate to how 30 years of marriage is molded and solidified as the years’ pass. The spiritual meaning of pearls is even thought to be wisdom gained through experience, which is similarly what you can expect from a couple who’s been married for three decades. 


What Are 30 Years Of Marriage Called?

Being married for 30 years is celebrated and called the pearl wedding anniversary because the pearl symbolizes the duration of the marriage. Couples who reach this milestone are usually given pearls as gifts, fitting for a relationship that also took time to grow and develop into something pure and beautiful. 

While the 30th wedding anniversary is not as grand as the 50th wedding anniversary, it is still worth commending. You are together for more than 25 years, and that is not something to overlook. 

For example, do you know that the average duration of a marriage is only around seven years in the US? So if you know someone celebrating their 30th anniversary, give them the recognition and love they deserve because it’s not common to witness such marriage length nowadays. 


What Do 30 Years Of Marriage Represent?

The symbol for the 30th wedding anniversary is the pearl, but the diamond is also accepted as the modern symbol for 30 years of marriage. Whichever you choose should be acceptable as long as it represents your marriage best. 

The pearl is perfect to symbolize 30 years of marriage because it gets more substantial and beautiful as years pass, just like a well-sustained marriage. But, truthfully, you won’t last with a spouse for several decades without putting in the work and withstanding the challenges that will come your way. 

The pearl is also associated with integrity and loyalty, which are essential characteristics of a lasting marriage. But if you think that the strength and purity of the diamond represent your 30 years of marriage best, then you can choose it to be your wedding anniversary symbol. 


What Stone Is For 30 Years Of Marriage?

For 30 years of marriage, the gemstone is a diamond, and it’s also the modern symbol of the 30th wedding anniversary. After all, the traditional symbol of the 30th wedding anniversary is pearl, which is not a stone. 

Pearls are not the same as underground minerals, but instead, they are gems formed within mollusks. Regardless, if you’re thinking of wedding anniversary gifts for a couple married for 30 years, consider giving them either pearls or diamonds to maintain the symbolism for this marriage length. 


What Is The Color For A 30th Wedding Anniversary?

If you’re thinking of surprising your partner with a 30th wedding anniversary party, you can use the traditional color for 30 years of marriage, which is green. Green is very easy to pair with other colors, so decorating should be easy. 

From a symbolic perspective, green is also suitable for the 30th wedding anniversary as it represents life and renewal. So it would be good luck to give the couple something green as if you’re welcoming the renewal of their love for each other. 


What Is The Flower For A 30th Wedding Anniversary?

The traditional flower of the 30th wedding anniversary is the lily, so it would also be sweet to give your partner a bouquet of lilies on your wedding anniversary. In some cultures, lilies are even used in weddings because they mean “happy union for a century.” 

As for what lilies represent, they are correlated to purity and even devotion. These are also similar to what pearls symbolize if you remembered earlier. 


What Is The Gift For A 30th Wedding Anniversary?

Pearl anniversary gifts are commonly given for 30 years of marriage. You can also consider giving diamond rings as an upgrade to your wedding rings since diamonds are also known to be the modern symbol of this marriage duration. 

Read what anniversary to upgrade wedding ring for further information if you’re interested. However, note that you can always give any long-term couples other items or experiences besides their anniversary symbols. 

Or you’re celebrating with your spouse; why not book a vacation for two?



Was this article helpful? To recap what is the 30th wedding anniversary, is also known as the pearl anniversary because pearl is its traditional symbol. 

Much like the pearl, 30 years of marriage is enduring, pure, and beautiful as the years’ pass. Diamond, the green color, and lilies are also correlated to the 30th wedding anniversary. 

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