What To Do For 35th Wedding Anniversary: Gifts And More

You can consider three things if you don’t know what to do for 35th wedding anniversary. We will also discuss the modern symbol for the coral anniversary below and give you gift ideas for couples celebrating 35 years of being married. 

And if you also know someone who’s been with their spouse for 50 years, read how to celebrate the 50th wedding anniversary with family. It’s always helpful to know what to do for various types of wedding anniversaries. 

what to do for 35th wedding anniversary


3 Fun Ideas If You Don’t Know What To Do For 35th Wedding Anniversary



You don’t need an extravagant celebration with your spouse or family to enjoy and commemorate your 35 years of being married. Instead, a simple dinner at home or your favorite restaurant is perfectly acceptable, especially for those with restricted or conflicting schedules. 

Some couples opt to have an intimate dinner by themselves, but some prefer the company of friends and family. If your parents are the ones celebrating a 35th wedding anniversary, you can even make them a short presentation of pictures and have everyone reminisce their memorable moments. 

Another fun way to make the dinner more sentimental is to have the wedding cake you had at your wedding. Try finding a bakeshop that can recreate the flavor and relive the moment you had on your wedding day. 



If you want a livelier and longer way to celebrate your wedding anniversary, then have a coral party on your coral wedding anniversary. You can use this symbol as the theme at the party. 

Another option is to decorate the party with photos of you and your spouse. If your parents are celebrating, consider having their wedding day menu served as well. 

Games can be included if there are many married couples in your guests. It’s always fun to compete on who knows their spouse more



Sometimes, a wedding anniversary is celebrated best by spending time with your significant other. So why not book a trip to your favorite destination or even consider going back to your honeymoon place?

Alternatively, you don’t need to go out of the state or country. Even a spa or a trip to a local park can also be a vacation. It’s always healthy to have some carefree breaks with your spouse. 

Consider doing an activity that both of you want to try, but you’ve been putting off due to other commitments. Your 35th anniversary day can be the break you’re looking for out of the monotonous life. 


What Is The 35th Wedding Anniversary Symbol?

The symbol for the 35th wedding anniversary is coral. The coral is an appropriate symbol for 35 years of marriage because of its strength, longevity, and fertility. 

Remember that corals serve as the home for ocean life, and they also tend to live as long as 5,000 years. So, like other symbols of wedding anniversaries, a significant element that lasts long can be seen as good luck as you claim to be together for longer as well. 


35th wedding anniversary gemstone

Emerald is the 35th wedding anniversary gemstone. So besides coral colors, emerald green can also be apparent at your 35th wedding anniversary celebration. 

Emerald is appropriate for 35 years of marriage as it is the gemstone of the goddess of love, Venus. It is even thought to be the source of eternal life. 


35th wedding anniversary flower

The flower associated with the 35th wedding anniversary can be anything. However, the symbol colors pink, orange, and green from corals and emerald gems can be your flower inspiration. 

Choose flowers in these colors for your 35th wedding anniversary. They can be pink or orange roses, carnations, lilies, orchids, or even green plants like succulents and small trees. 


What is the gift for the 35th wedding anniversary?

You don’t have to give the couple a coral for their 35th wedding anniversary even if it’s the symbol, as we should remain environmentally conscious. However, you can provide them with an item that’s inspired by coral colors. 

Emerald jewelry or items in emerald green also fit as gifts for the coral wedding anniversary. Regardless, don’t feel like you need to stick to symbol-related things as gifts. 

The couple will surely appreciate a dinner or spa for two as well. You can even give them home items or other wedding gift ideas for couples who already live together


Is 35th Wedding Anniversary A Big Deal?

Any wedding anniversary can be considered a big deal. After all, they mean that you’ve been married to your spouse for years. 

It doesn’t matter if it’s your 5th, 35th, or 50th wedding anniversary as they are all worth celebrating. And if you need ideas someday, here is what should you do for your parent’s 40th wedding anniversary



And that’s it! To recap what to do for 35th wedding anniversary, you can have a dinner, party, or vacation. 

The point is to spend time with your loved ones and spouse or have an intimate celebration with just you two. We hope this was helpful; let us know below how you celebrated yours!

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