What Is A Ceramic Heater? 6 Best Reasons To Use It!

The question is: what is a ceramic heater? We will try our best to describe everything related to a heater with the ceramic heating element. The incredible thing about these heaters is that it is portable and you can move them from one place to another. So, what’s so special about ceramic?

Ceramics are inorganic solids with crystalline or semi-crystalline structures. That’s the reason why ceramic is a reliable and durable solid that lasts longer than its other counterparts. 

You will get to know about the ceramic heaters and their types. Moreover, we will also try to make you understand the working mechanism of each type of heater. So let’s explore the key features of a ceramic heater, and we are sure you will immediately get your hands on it.


Ceramic Heaters; Its Heating Element

The heating element of ceramic heaters comprises a coil, ribbon (straight or grooved), and a wire strip that heats up like a filament of a  lamp. An electric current flows to turn the coil red hot when turning the heater on. The electricity then changes into heat energy, thus making your room a warm and cozy place to relax. The soul of a ceramic heater, aka heating element, also contains the metals like iron or nickel to assist the ceramic in enhancing its efficiency. Thus raising the melting point to 1400 degrees Celius equals 2550 degrees Fahrenheit. 


Types Of A Ceramic Heater

We have two types of ceramic heaters in the market. One is convection, and the other is radiant. Readout to find out what is a ceramic heater.


#1. Convection ceramic heaters

A convection heater is a type of heater that sucks cold air from the surroundings. The electric energy heats the aluminum fins inside the heater’s body. These fins play their role in raising the temperature of sucked cold air and sending it back to your room. Some convection heaters also have a fan to distribute the hot air evenly in the space. 


#2. Radiant ceramic heaters

These types of heaters don’t take the support of a fan to transfer heat in the room. Instead,d they give you a feeling of warmth in your place by sending heat to every object, including furniture and floor. The objects catch the heat and save them inside their body. Thus the room stays warm for a long time. 


Why Use A Ceramic Heater?

We have listed a long list of features that a ceramic heater offers to fill the comfort in you and your lives.  


#1. Safe 

Safety comes first, whether it’s about buying a heater or any other home appliance. A ceramic heater solves this issue with a body that is not hot on touch because it has no grill. This feature will significantly assist you if you are a parent of little kids. In addition, safety buttons and automatic shut-off switches ensure that the ceramic heaters are safe.


#2. Tilt and open window detection program

A system at the heater base detects the movement and turns it off to ensure your and your home’s safety. However, sometimes we forget to close the window or door while the heater stays on. A good amount of energy is wasted as a result. This issue is solved by a unique sensor that stops the heater if any incident of such kind happens. 


#3. Small home

are you an owner of a small house with two or three rooms? If yes, this heater will solve the heating problem of your home. A small heater will reduce the electric bill, and you don’t have to worry about the installation and paying bills of a central heating system.


#4. Suitable for summer

yes, some ceramic heaters have no option of blowing cold air out. That helps you stay warm in the winters and feel the chill in the summer season. It isn’t a fantastic idea to gather the hotness and coldness in one place. You may also be interested to know about what is the most efficient space heater.


#5. Electricity it uses

A ceramic heater will be super energy efficient if you are worried about increasing utility bills as the energy usage of a heater is around 1.5 KW in an hour. The good-quality heaters turn 85-90% electric energy into heat energy. 


#6. Price 

The price of a ceramic heater ranges from $45 to $110. That’s a reasonable price compared to the heater’s convenience. So go and buy one immediately if you are looking for some cozy evenings.


Models Of Ceramic Heaters

You can find many ceramic heater models if you visit an online or offline store. The most common types are tower, compact, and wall models. A wall heater is mounted at a specific position in a room and is not portable like a compact model that you can carry from one place to another. A compact ceramic heater will become hand if you go on vacations or camping. The tower model distributes the heat from a small space to a whole room. 


It’s A Wrap!

Let wrap up this article on what is a ceramic heater. We hope you have gained enough information on how ceramic heaters work. Share it with your friends if they want to solve the heating issues of their small space. You may want to read related articles; know why won’t my heater turn on and how to warm up a room without a heater.

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