What Flavor Is Wedding Cake: 4 Best Flavor Options

If you’re curious about what flavor is wedding cake, it’s better to know the four top flavor options commonly requested in weddings. We will also help you choose the wedding cake flavor for your special day. 

And speaking of cakes, perhaps you’d also like to learn how to decorate a wedding cake? The garnishes are not just for aesthetics, but cake decors should also enhance the flavor of this classic wedding dessert.  

what flavor is wedding cake


What Is Traditional Wedding Cake Flavor: 4 Most Popular Flavors


  • Vanilla wedding cake

One of the most popular wedding cake flavors is vanilla. Most people would also assume that a classic white wedding cake is vanilla upon glance. 

You can never go wrong with a vanilla wedding cake as there’s a reason why it’s the top and most popular choice for weddings. Vanilla is a delicate and flavorful taste that most people will enjoy, even those not proclaimed as a sweet tooth.

The classic white color of a vanilla wedding cake also fits the wedding aesthetics. After all, wouldn’t it be surprising to take a bite of a white wedding cake slice, and the flavor is not vanilla?


  • Almond wedding cake

Another flavor option for a wedding cake is almond. If you ask around bakeshops, you’ll find out that almond is among the frequently requested flavor for the iconic wedding dessert.

An almond cake is incredibly versatile, which means the couple can modify their wedding cake easily. For example, maybe your partner loves salted caramel, or you think your guests would enjoy a fruity filling for your wedding cake. 

Furthermore, do you know that almond and vanilla are also often combined? So if you see a white-tiered wedding cake, there’s a high chance that it’s vanilla almond. 


  • Lemon wedding cake

Some people don’t like the creamy and sweet sugary taste of cakes. So if you want a tangy crowd-pleaser for your wedding cake, the answer is lemon. 

Lemon wedding cakes are incredibly satisfying for summer weddings. They are refreshing with the right sweetness for the warm weather. 

Then, you can talk to your baker about what filling you’d want for your lemon wedding cake. Wouldn’t it be gorgeous to peek at a golden yellow sponge after slicing a white wedding cake?


  • Chocolate wedding cake

The wedding is a significant occasion, which means everyone deserves something decadent, even just for the day. If you’re on a diet, the wedding day should be an excuse to satisfy your chocolate cravings. 

While vanilla is the classic wedding cake flavor, you’ll see that more couples nowadays opt for the indulgent chocolate wedding cake. It doesn’t even have to be pure brown as bakeshops are getting more creative in designing tiered cakes fit for a wedding. 

If you’re a fan of white chocolate and want to maintain the white aesthetic, white chocolate wedding cakes are also as satisfying. You can have flowers and fruits as decorations to suit your wedding theme better. 


What Is The Most Common Wedding Cake Flavor?

The most common wedding cake flavor is vanilla because of its classic white color and crowd-pleasing sweet taste. Most people would enjoy a slice compared to other flavors that some deem “too sweet.”

Furthermore, white is still the top choice for wedding themes, including classic wedding elements like the bridal dress and wedding cake. But as years pass, other flavors like red velvet and chocolate are also becoming popular for wedding cakes. 

You’ll find slices of white cream cheese cakes with red velvet cakes or even decadent chocolate cakes served in receptions. And if you don’t want these top flavors to run out, especially during peak season, please know when to order a wedding cake.


Which Flavor Of Cake Is Best For Weddings?

To help you decide on what flavor wedding cake to get for your wedding, consider the following:

  1. Talk with your spouse to find a wedding cake flavor that you both love
  2. Consider the time, season, and location of the wedding; some cake flavors are more delicate than others, especially if it’s hot or exposed outdoors for extended periods
  3. Go with classic wedding cake flavors to please most guests if you do not have other desserts
  4. Check with the bakeshop to ensure that you’ll have the time and budget for the cake you want
  5. Decide on a cake flavor with the texture you’d want; it’s your wedding, so you should enjoy the cake genuinely
  6. Choose a wedding cake that fits the aesthetics of your wedding theme


What Makes A Wedding Cake Taste Like A Wedding Cake?

Do you ever wonder what makes a specific cake remind you of a wedding cake? Of course, when you think of wedding cake, you will imagine something dense with vanilla or almond taste.

The bite feels fine to the mouth with minimal crumbling. There is also smooth frosting that may have a hint of lemon. 



Does this list get you drooling? We just found out what flavor is wedding cake, which can be vanilla, almond, lemon, or chocolate. 

The most popular flavor is vanilla, but chocolate and red velvet also gain popularity for wedding cakes. And if you imagine a wedding cake taste, your mind will usually take you through a vanilla lemon taste with a dense cake and fine crumb. 

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