What Is Proper Etiquette For A Wedding Gift

If you’re unsure about what is proper etiquette for a wedding gift, consider five rules. We will guide you about what gift to give, how much it is, if you must bring it, when to give the wedding present, and if you’re required to provide the couple with a gift.

We have also answered some common FAQs regarding wedding gifts. And for those who need a budget, you can check how much to give for a wedding gift

what is proper etiquette for a wedding gift


5 Things To Know For What Is Proper Etiquette For A Wedding Gift


Check the wedding registry

One of the trickiest things with wedding gifts is knowing what to give. Luckily, most couples nowadays share a wedding registry on their wedding website.

It should link you to the items they want and need to save you the hassle of deciding. But if you’re close to the couple, giving them a wedding gift outside of the wedding registry is not incorrect. 

Use the registry as an inspiration or give them a unique gift. It can be something handmade or even an experience like a dinner reservation. 


How much should your wedding gift be?

The next common wedding gift etiquette question is the cost of your wedding gift. The only rule you must remember for this is to base the gift amount on your closeness to the couple.

Never give a gift you cannot afford as it wouldn’t also feel genuine giving the present. You can also ask a fellow wedding guest about the amount they’ll give to the couple. 


Should you bring the wedding gift to the wedding?

Back in the day, there was a gift table at the wedding reception where the guests could place their presents. But nowadays, sending your wedding gift before the wedding day is more common. 

This is expected, especially with destination weddings, as traveling with sizeable gifts will be a hassle. The only potential exception is if your gift is monetary, then find the wedding box where cash presents and certificates are collected. 

You are also doing the couple a favor since they can begin with your thank you card early on. And of course, you risk misplacing your wedding present if you carry it with you from the venue to the reception.


When to give your wedding gift?

Since you’re not expected to bring the wedding gift to the venue, when should you give it to the couple? Consider having the wedding gift delivered a month or a few weeks before the wedding. 

Of course, giving the gift months after the wedding would be weird, but it’s still acceptable if you have your reasons. But for your convenience, browse the couple’s wedding registry early on, so you can pick the item that suits your budget.


Are you required to give a wedding gift?

There are no rules that dictate wedding guests to give a wedding gift. However, if you’re a close relative or friend, it’s only fitting to provide the couple with something to show their support for their marriage. 

If you’re not attending, you’re still not obligated to give the couple a wedding gift. There are even weddings where the couple mentioned that their guests’ presence is what only matters and gifts are unnecessary.


Is $50 Okay For A Wedding Gift?

According to some sources, the minimum amount you can give for a wedding gift is $50. Even if you’re only an acquaintance or coworker, it’s said to be tacky if you give less than this amount. 

However, people vary in financial situations; you might struggle with finances during the wedding. Therefore, giving something lower is perfectly okay if it’s what you can afford. 

You can also make the couple a customized gift for something more sentimental. Then, add this knowledge on what to write on a wedding gift envelope to send your best wishes to the couple. 


Do Couples Get Each Other Wedding Gifts?

It’s customary for the bride and groom to exchange wedding gifts. They can be given the night or morning before the wedding, typically with a heartfelt letter.

This is also a nice gesture to your partner, especially when wedding planning causes stress. Reassuring your partner with a gift and message should help alleviate wedding jitters as well. 


How Much Do Parents Give For Wedding Gifts?

The bride and groom’s parents can give whatever they can for their children’s wedding. However, it’s common for families to pay for their children’s weddings that gifts are unnecessary. 


Do The Bride And Groom Give Gifts To Parents?

While you’re not required, your parents will surely appreciate it if you give them wedding gifts. The gifts can symbolize your gratitude for their help with the wedding. 


Is It Rude To Ask For Wedding Gifts?

It’s not rude to ask for wedding gifts. It’s even commonly practiced nowadays to link the registry on the wedding invitation. 


What Should You Not Give As A Wedding Gift?

  • Something the couple does not need
  • Something super cheap or expensive
  • Something that only one of them will enjoy



And that’s it! To recap what is proper etiquette for a wedding gift, consider five things. 

Check the registry, give what you can afford, send the gift early and never bring it to the wedding, and know you’re not obligated to provide a gift. We hope our wedding gift FAQs also helped you!

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