What To Write On Wedding Gift Envelope: Tips And Ideas

If you’re unsure of what to write on wedding gift envelope, just keep sentimentality in mind. But for easier understanding, continue reading for the sample wordings you can have not just on the envelope but also for the wedding gift. 

But what if you don’t want to hand your wedding monetary gift in an envelope? You can refer to our separate guide for how to give cash as a wedding gift creatively

what to write on wedding gift envelope


What To Write On Wedding Gift Envelope: Wedding Gift Envelope Etiquette


Writing a sentimental message

Remember to keep it genuine and sentimental before you get overwhelmed with what to write on the wedding gift envelope to give to your friend or relative. You don’t need to write an essay, but be genuine with your wording according to your closeness to the bride and groom. 

In general, you will be wishing them well on their special day. You can use the simple phrase “Congratulations on this next chapter of your lives” and maybe even include a short inside joke. 

If you’re not that close to the couple, a simple “Best wishes” or “Much love” should suffice. You can also use the messages below for the wedding gift envelope. 


Sample messages for wedding gifts

  • [Couple’s first names], I am so happy that you two are finally getting married! May the next chapter of your lives be all you’ve dreamt it to be. Congratulations. Best regards, [your name]
  • Dear [bride or groom], I am grateful to share your special day with you. I am so happy that you’ve met the best person for you. Best wishes, [your name]
  • I can’t believe that you two are getting married! Know that I’ll always be here to support you, future Mr. and Mrs!

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How To Address A Wedding Gift Envelope?

Besides familiarizing yourself with wording examples, be aware of the proper way to address the married couple. For example, here is how to address a wedding gift envelope to the newlyweds:


Married couple with the same last name

If you’re sure that the couple will have the same last name, you can address them as Mr. and Mrs. John Smith or Mr. John and Mrs. Ana Smith. Another alternative is Mrs. Lisa Smith and Mr. Michael Smith.

Feel free to choose whoever goes first, especially with same-sex marriages. You can also consider going in alphabetical order by the last name. 


Married couple with different last names

Some married couples still go with their own last names. This means you can write on the envelope, Mr. John Smith and Mrs. Ana Doe or put a dash to the bride’s name with the groom’s last name. 

You can also address them so their last names go in alphabetical order. For example, write Mrs. Ana Doe and Mr. John Smith. 



Please familiarize yourself with professional title etiquette. They include occupation-related titles like those for doctors, judges, high-ranking officials, and military ranks. 

However, other etiquette guides do not require you to address the titles when writing on the couple’s wedding gift envelope. Ask another guest to know if you must include the honorifics when in doubt. 


If unsure 

You might not be that close to the couple, so you’re unsure how to address them with last names. Therefore, just write “To the Mr. and Mrs.” or “To the newlyweds” instead. 

It’s even acceptable just to mention their first names if you’re close to the couple. The envelope might just be handed after the wedding anyway and won’t require being mailed. 


What To Write On Wedding Money Envelope?

  • Mention both names of the newlyweds even if you’re only friends or close to one of them
  • Consider including a short sentence wishing the couple well so it won’t sound too generic 
  • Write a sweet sentiment even if you’re not close to the couple
  • Ask someone close to them regarding addressing the couple’s last names
  • Be mindful of jokes as they might read differently
  • Keep your wedding gift envelope message short and sweet
  • Remember that other people might also see whatever you’ll write on the money envelope
  • Sign off with something sentimental instead of just saying “Love, [your name]


What To Write In A Wedding Gift Envelope You Can’t Attend?


Do you give a wedding gift envelope if you’re not attending?

Gifts should be voluntary, but most would suggest still giving a wedding gift even if you can’t attend. This is especially true if you’re a close relative to either the bride or groom or friends with them. 

You can mention briefly that you can’t join them in their celebration, but wish them the best. You can even include how you’re with them in spirit even if you can’t physically attend. 

Note that you don’t need to be very detailed with your reasoning. You can message the couple privately as the envelope might be seen by whoever is assigned to collect it. 



Was this guide helpful? To recap what to write on wedding gift envelope, just be sentimental. 

Address the couple accordingly and wish them well. You can also include a short and sweet message, so the envelope wording is not generic. 

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