How Much To Give For Wedding Gift: Proper Etiquette

The answer to how much to give for wedding gift depends on three factors. You must consider your financial capability, the wedding expenses you shouldered to attend, and your closeness to the couple. 

We will also discuss how much is given for a wedding gift as a parent, sibling, or close friend of the bride or groom. Remember that there’s proper etiquette on wedding gifts to maintain tact and class. 

how much to give for wedding gift

If you don’t like giving cash, you can also learn how to write a check for a wedding. Some guests prefer this approach for monetary gifts because of the added security. 


How Much Money Should I Give For A Wedding Gift?

The average costs given by guests as a wedding gift range from $50 to $150. However, you can always go higher or lower, whichever you’re comfortable with. 

The type of wedding you’re attending also affects the amount to give for a wedding gift. For example, fancy weddings can receive $100 to $150 for their gifts, while small and lowkey weddings typically expect anywhere from $50 to $75 for the wedding gift of each guest. 

To calculate the amount to offer as a wedding guest, consider three factors:


  • Personal budget

When deciding the amount to give for your wedding gift, the most significant factor is your financial capacity. While $50 to $75 is typically given by guests at weddings as their gift, you may have constraints that limit the amount you can offer. 

You may even be attending multiple weddings in one month, and giving $50 for each won’t be practical with your budget. So please don’t feel the need to bend too much to afford a typical wedding gift amount. 

The couple requested your presence more than the gift you can provide. At some weddings, the couple does not even ask for any gifts. 

If you’re getting married and you feel like gifts are unnecessary, learn how to say no gifts please on the wedding invitation


  • Wedding expenses

There is a rule that the gift you must give when attending a wedding should amount to the costs that the couple spent for each guest. However, some weddings also require the guests to shoulder some expenses to attend. 

An example is a destination wedding where you might spend travel and accommodation. As a result, you may not need to give $100 for the wedding gift, but $50 or under should be acceptable. 

If you’re also bringing a plus-one who the couple doesn’t know, it would be tasteful to give a higher amount as a wedding gift. A good rule is to provide 30% more, especially if you only requested to bring an extra person. 


  • Closeness to the bride and groom

The final consideration that affects how much you must give for your wedding gift is your closeness to the couple. If they’re a distant relative, acquaintance, or colleague, $20 to $30 are acceptable amounts for a wedding gift. 

But of course, if the bride or groom is someone very close to you, then you can give as much as 50% more than what you usually offer in wedding gifts. And if you have already spent a lot on parties and gifts before the actual wedding, it’s acceptable to give a lower sum to maintain your budget. 


Is $200 A Good Wedding Gift?

Anything higher than $100 is considered generous for a wedding gift, so giving $200 will surely be appreciated by the couple. Some newlyweds even collect their monetary gifts to fund their honeymoon, and if you can comfortably give a high amount, they’ll likely remember your generosity. 


Is $25 Too Cheap For A Wedding Gift?

There is no such thing as being too cheap for wedding gifts because everyone differs in their financial situation. Also, it’s unlikely that the couple will remember you based on the amount you give as they’re already busy with other things. 

You also don’t want to go over your budget to match the amount that other people give to the wedding. And in some instances, it’s even possible not to provide a wedding gift if you’re truly limited financially.


How Much Do You Give For A Wedding If Not Attending?

It doesn’t matter if you’re attending or not attending the wedding when deciding how much to give for your gift. Offer the amount you feel is suitable and what you’re capable of giving. 

You can give anywhere from $25 to $200, but make sure to notify the couple that you can’t attend.


How Much Money Should The Parents Give As A Wedding Gift?

Since the parents often pay for all the wedding expenses, they’re not expected to give a separate wedding gift. However, they might also provide the money before the wedding so that the couple can plan the wedding themselves.


How Much Money As A Wedding Gift For Sibling?

Siblings typically give $500 or higher as a wedding gift, but there’s no rule regarding the amount. 


How Much Do You Give A Close Friend At A Wedding?

You can give your friend $75 to $100 as a wedding gift, but your financial capability ultimately dictates what you can offer. 



And that’s it! To answer how much to give for wedding gift, consider your budget, expenses to attend, and closeness to the couple. 

You can give anywhere from $25 to over $200, whichever you’re comfortable with. We hope this helps; let us know how much should you give as a wedding gift. 

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