Where To Buy Undergarments For Wedding Dress

Consider five places if you’re unsure where to buy undergarments for wedding dress. This guide will help you find the best shapewear, lingerie, and underwear pieces to wear under the wedding dress.

We’ll also share tips on finding what undergarments suit brides with prominent stomachs and underwear that wouldn’t show through the white wedding dress. But for additional reference, please check what shapewear to wear under a wedding dress

where to buy undergarments for wedding dress


Exactly Where To Buy Undergarments For Wedding Dress


David’s Bridal

David’s Bridal is one of the best places to shop for wedding dress undergarments. You can conveniently browse their selection of underwear and lingerie to suit the specific type of wedding dress you have. 

For example, you might need a bodysuit to smoothen your silhouette, or perhaps your wedding dress is sleeveless, and backless adhesive underwear is suitable. There are also bustiers, bralettes, convertible underwear, panties, and even lingerie sets for brides and different kinds of wedding dresses. 

And if you need better shape and support to get the most of your wedding dress silhouette, you can check the slips on David’s Bridal. For example, they have a trumpet silhouette slip that can make this dress even more flattering to your natural curves.



Whether you need bras, panties, or shapewear, you can check the undergarments offered by Spanx. Their bridal shapewear and undergarments collection comes in black, brown, or nude, so you can select the type that won’t be obvious when you wear it under the wedding dress.

A specific piece of underwear you can wear if your wedding dress has a low back and neckline is their Suit Your Fancy bodysuit because of the plunging neckline and low back. Furthermore, you can check each product to know if it will have visible lines, if the straps are convertible, and the shaping support it will give. 

You can also check if the brand’s bras and panties are your preferred choice for the wedding gown. And for pregnant brides, browse the maternity shapers from Spanx to give you support when you wear your dress on your wedding day. 



If you already own an Amazon account, getting your wedding underwear from them will be more convenient. It’s also the perfect place to find fun underwear that might make you feel more confident on your wedding day.

Consider a lace thong, bridal boyshorts, or a floral bodysuit underneath your wedding dress. In addition, various designs of bedazzled bridal lingerie make you feel extra special on your big day.

What about shapewear to enhance the wedding gown’s silhouette? Consider searching for bridal shapewear on Amazon to find thigh slimmers, butt enhancers, tummy control, and slips. 



Do you know that Nordstrom has bridal lingerie? On their website, you can browse bodysuits, slips, tights, bras, underpants, and even waist supports. 

If you wear a conservative wedding dress that you don’t need cheeky underwear for, try a comfortable underbust shaper in Nordstrom. The stretchy material will sculpt your tummy, waist, thighs, and rear. 

There are even accessories like breast tapes and garters if they suit your bridal attire better. Some are available for plus-size brides if you need a bigger size. 



Skims has a wedding shop where you can get undergarments for your wedding day. In addition, you can check different collections to find the type and style you think works best for your wedding dress.

You can check if the product offers light or strong support to know how tight or shaping the undergarment will be. They also come in different colors, so pick the one that suits your skin tone. 

Some interesting underwears you can get are their sculpting leggings and arm shapers. These body regions are often neglected, but those wearing long wedding dresses with sleeves can also wear them to smoothen their shape further. 


How Can I Flatten My Stomach Under My Wedding Dress?

The stomach portion is often a problem for brides when wearing their wedding gowns. But, of course, you can always opt for A-line or ball gowns because their voluminous skirt can hide the stomach without losing the natural waist shape. 

However, this doesn’t mean you can’t wear your dream body-fitted dress. Here are some tips to flatten or hide your prominent stomach with your wedding dress:

  • Wear belly bands
  • Opt for full body shapewear that will redistribute the stomach fat and cinch the waist
  • Have the seamstress add details on the bodice of the dress to make the stomach less obvious
  • Practice having an upright posture
  • Avoid foods that can cause bloating

You can read what do you wear under a wedding dress for more tips regarding specific types of wedding gowns. 


What Color Shapewear Is Best Under Wedding Dress?

The color closest to your skin tone should be your wedding shapewear for it to be invisible underneath the wedding dress. It should be seamless, solid-colored, and have similar cuts to the dress, whether plunging or strapless. 

This way, your shapewear won’t be noticeable, and you can showcase your wedding dress design better. You can also use fabric tapes to stick some dress portions onto the skin. 



Was this guide helpful? To recap where to buy undergarments for wedding dress, check David’s Bridal, Spanx, Amazon, Nordstrom, and Skims. 

We hope you also use our other bridal underwear guides to determine what shapewear or underwear to have under the wedding dress. Let us know below if you have any questions. 

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