What Do You Give For The First Wedding Anniversary

Those curious about what do you give for the first wedding anniversary can consider paper since it is the first wedding anniversary symbol. We’ll also discuss the modern and alternative gifts you can give your partner or get for a couple celebrating their first year of marriage. 

And, of course, we’ll provide specific paper anniversary gift ideas for him and her. Alternatively, here’s where to go for your wedding anniversary if you prefer traveling over exchanging gifts to commemorate your first anniversary together. 

what do you give for the first wedding anniversary


What Do You Give For The First Wedding Anniversary


What is the traditional gift for the first wedding anniversary?

The traditional gift for the first anniversary is paper since it symbolizes this marriage milestone. Paper is the perfect gift for the first year of marriage since it represents the delicateness of a relatively new marriage and a blank slate. 

This can symbolize how you’re looking forward to making more memories together and celebrating more anniversaries as a married couple. And while paper can be described as fragile, it can be folded and withstand challenges, much like a relationship during the early years of marriage. 

If you take care of paper, it will last well, but if not, it will tear easily. These traits make paper the best gift for the first anniversary. 


What is the modern gift for the first wedding anniversary?

If you prefer giving a modern gift for the first year of marriage, you can commemorate this milestone with clocks. Like paper, clocks symbolize why they’re also chosen as gifts for the first wedding anniversary.

Clocks remind us always to consider the time and appreciate it since it passes by quickly. After all, you might be shocked that you’re now celebrating your wedding anniversary. 

Another meaningful reason you can give clocks as the first wedding anniversary gift is to show your partner that you’ll always give time to them and you’re looking forward to spending more time together. And finally, clocks are pretty practical, so they’d be something worth the purchase.


Alternative to paper anniversary gifts

There are also other symbols associated with the paper wedding anniversary. For example, consider the flower, stone, and color related to the first year of marriage as inspirations when deciding what to give for the first wedding anniversary. 

For example, the flower for the first anniversary is carnations. Your spouse’s bouquet of red carnations can represent your love and passion. 

And while there is no stone for the paper anniversary, did you know that gold is also its symbol? Gold jewelry is not only valuable, but it also symbolizes your devotion to your partner. 

What about the color for the first anniversary? You can also get your spouse yellow items, as yellow is the color for the first anniversary. 

And finally, instead of items, you can also celebrate the anniversary with experiences like a party, travel, or a date with your partner.  


First Wedding Anniversary Gift For Husband

Here are some specific gift ideas you can get your husband for the paper anniversary:

  • Personalized comic book
  • Customized artwork
  • A handwritten letter or card
  • Gold watch
  • Personalized clock
  • Origami
  • Wedding vow art
  • Sheet music of your wedding first dance
  • Paper mache


First Wedding Anniversary Gift For Wife

Here are some specific gift ideas you can get your wife for the paper anniversary:

  • A handwritten letter or card
  • Gold necklace
  • Personalized clock
  • Bouquet of carnations
  • Wedding photo portrait
  • Personalized photo album or scrapbook
  • Yellow dress
  • Map for future travels
  • Paper flowers

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Unusual First Wedding Anniversary Gifts

You can get unique and sentimental gifts for your spouse to celebrate your paper anniversary. It can even be handmade or personalized according to their passion and personality. 

  • Recipe book of their favorite gifts
  • Collection of paper items you’ve collected throughout your marriage or relationship (e.g., travel tickets, date receipts, cards, letters, etc.)
  • Customized clock with funny alternatives to numbers
  • Engraved watch 
  • A jar with “certificates” your partner can use to spend quality time together
  • Printed polaroids
  • A movie or slideshow with your favorite pictures and moments
  • Yellow-themed surprise first-anniversary party
  • Paper crafts inspired by your wedding photos
  • Origami
  • Personalized sand clock


What Is Traditional For 1st Wedding Anniversary?

It’s traditional to exchange paper gifts to celebrate the first wedding anniversary since paper symbolizes the first year of marriage. The couple might also spend their first wedding anniversary with friends and family.

Another tradition on the first wedding anniversary is eating the top tier of the wedding cake. Remember that it is saved back in the day because it is meant to be eaten to celebrate your first marriage anniversary or for the child’s christening of the newlyweds, typically expected to have a baby within the first year of marriage. 

Regardless, you don’t need to be traditional to commemorate your first wedding anniversary. Just make sure to celebrate it as well, even though it’s been only a year of being married together. 



Was this discussion helpful? You just learned what do you give for the first wedding anniversary, which is paper.

It is the traditional first wedding anniversary gift, while the modern alternative is a clock. Carnations, gold, and yellow can also inspire your anniversary gift as they relate to the paper anniversary.

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