What Should Grandma Wear To Baby Shower

Do not stress about what should grandma wear to baby shower as here are three ideas. These outfits and accessories would be flattering for any grandma at the baby shower. 

You’ll also know the etiquette and expectation for this specific baby shower guest. And as for the mom-to-be’s look, you can decide on an outfit with this list of where to buy a baby shower dress

what should grandma wear to baby shower


Outfit Ideas For What Should Grandma Wear To Baby Shower


A simple dress

Grandma can never go wrong with a simple dress for the baby shower. Be inspired by the event’s theme and color scheme to know what colors or prints to choose for the look. 

An outfit that would be flattering and classy for older women is a dusty blue or blush pink sleeved dress, as these colors are also related to most baby showers. Pick something with a midi length and opt for flowy sleeves and cinched waist for a flattering silhouette. 

Floral prints for the grandma’s top or skirt would also be fantastic for a baby shower. The top of the dress can be sheer, while the skirt has botanical embellishments for a more formal look if the place for the event would not be ideal for a casual outfit. 


Tunic and culottes

Grandma is not limited to wearing a dress or skirt at the baby shower. Pants might be more comfortable or suitable for her style, so she can always opt for trousers like culottes for the event. 

Pair these trousers with a dressy top or blouse like a tunic or a comfortable shirt with a cardigan. For a tunic top, you can wear something flowy and long if you want to conceal your stomach area. 

You are also not limited to wearing trousers, as a dressy blouse or shirt would pair well with jeans if grandma is more comfortable in these pants. A collared shirt or a buttoned blouse in colors or prints inspired by the place or event should look ideal for grandma. 


Accessorize for style

Any baby shower guest should look stylish for the event, including grandma. More than picking the main outfit, don’t forget to add accessories and details to your baby shower attire, as they can also help elevate it to match the dress code of the baby shower. 

For example, pair a simple top with a blazer for a formal baby shower, or make your maroon straight-cut dress playful with a hat, bag, or wrap. Jewelry like a pair of dainty gold hoop earrings or a simple pearl necklace would also help complete the look. 

You can consider the event’s season and place as you can add accessories not just for style but also for comfort. Perhaps it’s a chilly fall baby shower, so why not add a neck scarf to your blouse tucked in a skirt? 


Comfortable flats or manageable heels

The final consideration when deciding grandma’s outfit for the baby shower is her shoes. Someone’s footwear for the event should always be comfortable and practical. 

Therefore, grandma can never go wrong with moccasins or espadrilles, with styles that should suit the party’s dress code. Some grandmothers also prefer being in heels, so why not opt for wedges or kitten heels for some added height? 

However, be aware of safety, especially if the baby shower is outdoors. Sandals might even be appropriate, as some baby showers are more casual. 


Can Grandma Wear Black To A Baby Shower?

There are no rules on what colors guests can wear to the baby shower. This includes the color black, a flattering choice often picked by older women. 

Older women tend to wear a black dress, top, or even pants for their outfit to the event as it’s easy to pair with other colors and prints. Furthermore, you can always add accessories to a black outfit to match the baby shower’s theme better. 

For example, an all-black top and trousers can be layered with a yellow jacket and a fun pendant necklace. A black skirt or pants should also easily pair with any top, shirt, or blouse.  


Can Grandma Wear White To A Baby Shower?

Back then, guests avoided wearing the color white to the baby shower as it’s believed to be worn by the baby’s mom. But nowadays, guests, including the grandma, can pick this color for her shower outfit. 

White is also flattering for older women and can pair easily with most prints and colors. For example, a dark navy tunic with white trousers or a white dress with blush accessories. 

White can also be your color choice for your pants, skirt, or cover-up at the baby shower. But of course, include other colors on your look to make it more festive for the event. 


Should Grandmothers Be Invited To All Baby Showers?

Inviting the grandmothers to the baby shower is etiquette, and it’s up to them if they want to attend. In some baby showers, grandmothers are even honored along with other guests like the baby’s siblings or aunt-to-be. 

You can give them a slightly similar corsage to the one given to the mom-to-be. Here’s how to make a baby shower corsage out of baby socks for a unique accessory to honor these guests. 



Do you have an outfit ready after this read? You just learned what should grandma wear to baby shower, which can be a dress or a top and pants, whichever she finds comfortable and flattering. 

She should also opt for practical footwear like dressy flats and wear accessories to complete her look for the event. 

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