How To RSVP To A Baby Shower Via Text

Guests who are unsure how to RSVP to a baby shower via text can consider these two steps. Depending on what the host arranges, there’s usually a step-by-step process once you receive the text message for the baby shower invite. 

We’ll also discuss below the etiquette for responding to an event invitation and examples of wordings for casual invitations. These text message RSVPs are common for online parties as they’re more convenient than mailing the invitation with an RSVP card per guest. 

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How To RSVP To A Baby Shower Via Text


Check the invitation for instructions

Before anything else, check the baby shower invitation for instructions. There might be an RSVP card with an example of how to respond via text. 

The invitation will have the host’s dedicated phone number for the RSVP replies, so remember to save it on your phone. Follow the information indicated on the invite on how to text the reply. 

For example, the RSVP card might mention that you’ll message the number with “Hello” to initiate the intelligent text message RSVP that the host uses to gather information from the shower guests. 

After sending the word to the number, you only need to follow the instructions and reply accordingly. The reply might mention the baby shower host and other information about the party. 


Reply accordingly

You will reply and send your information via text message as you go. For example, you might be prompted to text your first and last name, so the host will have your name logged into the RSVP system. 

Some co-ed baby showers will invite multiple people in a household, so the text message service might ask how many people will attend with you the party. Remember to follow the instructions when writing the number; for example, you might need to write the digit “2” instead of “two.”

The baby shower host might also prompt questions like meal preference in the text message RSVP. The app will likely confirm all the information you’ve given, so remember to read everything before the final confirmation. 

If you made a mistake, you could choose “no” when asked if you’ve given everything correctly to edit the information you’ve provided. 


How Should You Word A Text To RSVP To A Baby Shower?

The baby shower might be a more casual party, so the host might just send a text that each guest can personally RSVP to. For this, it’s not enough to type out “yes” to your text message. 

You want the information to be concise, correct, and easy to understand. If the tone of the baby shower invitation is fun, you can even reply similarly. 

But of course, you need to write the proper wording and answer all the questions given with formal baby shower invitations. Here’s an example of a text message you can give to a baby shower text invitation for your RSVP: 


If you can attend

Hello [host name],

Thank you so much for me inviting me to [mom-to-be]’s baby shower! I will be attending the party, and I’m looking forward to celebrating with everyone.

See you on [baby shower date]


[your name]


If you can’t attend

Hello [host name],

Thank you so much for me inviting me to [mom-to-be]’s baby shower! Unfortunately, I cannot attend the party as I have prior commitments on that day.  

Hopefully, we’ll have another time to catch up and meet her and her little one some other time.


[your name] 


If you and your partner can attend (some baby showers invite couples as a unit)

Hello [host name],

Thank you so much for me inviting us to [mom-to-be]’s baby shower! Zach and I will attend the party, and we’re excited to meet everybody. 

See you on [baby shower date]


[your name]

But more than knowing the proper RSVP wording, don’t forget to bring a baby shower gift at the event. Here’s how to wrap baby shower gifts to prepare them nicely. 


When Should You RSVP For A Baby Shower?

The baby shower invitation will indicate when guests should send their responses in the RSVP card. But in general, people should send their reply to the invite two weeks before the party. 

This is why the host should also send the baby shower invitations three to four weeks before the shower, so everyone invited have enough time to manage their schedules. Furthermore, be sure with your answer before responding, as it will be extra work for the host if a guest changes their reaction to the baby shower. 


What To Do If You Forgot To RSVP By The Deadline For A Baby Shower?

It’s best to message the party host personally and mention that you forgot about the RSVP. It’s usually an honest mistake, but understand that there is a specific number for the food, favors, and even baby shower prizes based on the number of people who responded to the invitation. 



And that’s it! You just learned the etiquette on how to RSVP to a baby shower via text, which includes answering the prompt questions that’d be initiated as you reply. 

And if it’s an informal text, you can write the RSVP message clearly but shortly to mention if you can attend or not. Let us know below if you have any questions. 

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