What Colors Go With Burlap Wedding Decoration

The answer to what colors go with burlap wedding decoration reveals six considerations for your palette. You can use all these colors or select two to three to pair with your burlap-themed wedding. 

And since you’re using burlap as the main wedding decoration, chances are you are going for a rustic or perhaps a boho wedding. For the latter, consider reading what to wear to a boho wedding if your guests ask you.

what colors go with burlap wedding decoration


Best Colors To Go With Burlap Wedding Decoration



The most classic color to use for a burlap-themed wedding is white. Burlap usually has a brown to goldish tone, making white perfect for a chic wedding. 

Consider using white tables with a burlap and lace table runner or white chairs with burlap bows. You can also reverse this decorating technique where burlap is the background for white details. 

White lace makes a gorgeous decor to add to burlap items at the wedding. Another option is to use white containers for your burlap wedding cards or guest favors in the reception. 



You can also use soft shades of pink when decorating with burlap. If you’ve already used white, then the blush pink and white palette will also look fantastic with burlap wedding decoration. 

Use pink flowers to balance the rustic look of your flower arrangements and bouquet around the wedding. Another example is if your wedding cake uses burlap and white, then pink details and accents would make it look yummy and sweet. 

You can also add pink in your wedding draping, columns, and arches in the form of flowy fabrics. Place cards and banners can be pink to add variety to your primarily white and burlap wedding theme in the venue.  



The light brown with yellow undertone color of burlap makes yellow a beautiful color to consider when building a wedding decor palette. For one, why not use yellow sunflowers in the flower decorations around the venue?

Yellow can also be the accent color in your burlap and white base. Like white, yellow lace can improve the look of flat designs such as table arrangements.

Another way to use yellow is on containers and other small items in the venue. But, again, it works best as an accent more than a combination color like white. 



A stunning color that will look great with burlap wedding decoration is green. Shades of light green such as mint green soften burlap’s rustic feel, similar to how pink works. 

You can also increase the greenery as your wedding decors in the reception. Then, add dark green details in the ribbons and cards around the area.

Try a palette of green, white, and pink for a burlap-themed wedding. Again, the result is softer than rustic, ideal for indoor weddings. 



An elegant color to go with burlap wedding decoration is blue. In particular, you can have your guests in awe when they see a navy blue and burlap reception. 

Use blue in the flowers, napkins, table covers, and even wrapped around columns. Blue lace is another classy option for the details as long as you don’t combine it with other bold colors like yellow. 

You can use navy blue if the burlap is a light color. Otherwise, combine white with navy blue and dark-colored burlap to soften the colors in the venue. 



Being made from natural materials, burlap would be perfect when decorating a pagan wedding. And if this is the type of wedding you have, chances are you’re doing it outdoors. 

And what better color to go with an outdoor burlap wedding than orange? The results will remind you of fall, and you can even build a palette of white, green, and yellow. 

Just make sure not to go overboard and distribute these colors around the venue. And for guests attending a pagan wedding, here is what to wear to a pagan wedding


How Do You Color Burlap?

The burlap’s brown, tan, or sometimes even yellowish and goldish tone makes it popular when decorating a wedding venue. However, you might want other colors for the burlap for other decors. 

It should be easy to transform its color by submerging the burlap in dye. It is surprisingly easy, and all you need are household items. 

  1. Wash the burlap with a bit of laundry detergent
  2. Rinse the burlap well and squeeze out the excess water
  3. Fill a bucket with hot water up to two-thirds of its content and add a cup of salt
  4. Add the liquid dye such as Rit dye and stir the mixture well
  5. Dampen the burlap with hot water before soaking it into the bucket
  6. Stir the burlap to distribute the color 
  7. Drain the dye solution out of the bucket and rinse the burlap in hot water until it runs clear
  8. Add some detergent and mix it well before rinsing the burlap
  9. Air dry the burlap


Is There White Burlap?

There is white burlap fabric, and you might even find burlap blended with lace. These options can be helpful when decorating a wedding venue.



And that’s it! We found out what colors go with burlap wedding decoration: white, pink, yellow, green, blue, and orange. 

You can use them to build a palette or combine burlap with only two colors. We hope this helps; leave us a question if you have any. 

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