What To Wear To A Pagan Wedding: The Best Outfits

If you’re unsure about what to wear to a Pagan wedding, consider two factors. We will also talk about what to expect when attending a Pagan wedding and what this type of wedding also means. 

You might also enjoy reading about what is a spiritual wedding as it’s another non-traditional approach to weddings. Feel free to browse our blog to familiarize yourself with different weddings and what to wear on them. 

what to wear to a pagan wedding


What To Wear To A Pagan Wedding As A Guest


Incorporate natural elements

Like with attending any other wedding, please check the wedding invitation if the couple has a specific dress code in mind. You can also them yourself if they want something more formal or casual for their wedding guests. 

Pagan weddings are generally not as stringent in dress codes as traditional weddings, so you can consider the location as the inspiration for what you’ll wear. Like what to wear to a Boho wedding, try incorporating natural elements into your outfit. 

Add flowers and jewelry made of natural stones to your overall look. Male and female guests can also opt for clothes made from natural fabrics. 


Use the season as the inspiration

Besides the location of the Pagan wedding, you can also select the colors of the season when creating an outfit. For example, you can use warm colors when it’s fall, pastel and light colors for winter, bright colors for summer, and greens for spring. 

However, you still want to check with the couple if the colors are not offensive to them. You also don’t want to wear the same color as the bride or groom. 

Furthermore, don’t forget to dress comfortably according to the weather. Wear layers if it is cold and choose breathable materials when hot.


What Color To Wear At A Pagan Wedding

Unlike traditional weddings, where they’re often avoided, you will see that some Pagan weddings have guests wearing black or white. Of course, you still want to check with the couple if they think these colors are appropriate for their wedding, but you shouldn’t be surprised if you can wear a white dress or an all-black suit and pants. 

Other interesting color choices at a Pagan wedding are red, orange, yellow, green, or brown. These colors often remind you of nature, and they will primarily look suitable on Pagan weddings that are usually held outdoors. 


What Is A Pagan Wedding?

According to BBC, a Pagan wedding marks the coming together of two people in equal and loving sexual partnership. Pagans value vows they swear to each other, which is why they are often more sincere and unique than standard oaths in other weddings. 

It is also expected that they consult the officiant of the ceremony, who is a Priest or Priestess regarding the vows. The couple will swear to each other before their Gods and Goddesses on the “handfasting.”


What is a Pagan handfasting ceremony?

A Pagan handfasting ceremony refers to the wedding ceremony practiced by Pagans, and it is so-called because their hands will be bound together. The couple can handfast during the traditional period of a year and day, then renew their vows after each year and a day. 

It’s worth noting that some Pagans also handfast for life, while others handfast for all their future lives as stated according to the belief of reincarnation. The Pagan wedding or handfasting is usually held outdoors and begins with marking the sacred space, honoring the Four Elements, then welcoming the present guests. 

Like other religious wedding ceremonies, Gods and Goddesses will be called upon to bless the couple. There will also be a ring exchange, and the ceremony will be finished as the couple leap over a broom hand in hand, symbolizing that they are crossing the boundary between their old and new lives as newlyweds. 


What Happens In A Pagan Wedding?

These are the elements of a Pagan wedding according to the American Weddings Blog by the American Marriage Ministries

  1. The guests gather around the officiant and the couple in a circle; this is called the sacred circle
  2. The officiant will bless the space and create a spiritual circle by calling upon the gods, goddesses, and spirits embraced by Pagans
  3. There is also an altar with offerings near the officiant, and the items might be used in the couple’s unity ritual
  4. Traditional handfasting and vow exchange; sometimes ring exchange is included
  5. The officiant and guests can do readings, poems, songs, and other joyful readings


Is Handfasting A Legal Marriage?

Handfasting can be a legal marriage as long as your officiant is certified. And while handfasting is traditionally done in Pagan weddings, you don’t need to be religious or identify as part of other religions to consider handfasting in your wedding. 

Couples with different faiths can also opt for a neutral ceremony like handfasting as it does not focus on a single or specific religion. 



And that’s it! We just learned what to wear to a Pagan wedding, which can be formal or casual depending on the couple. 

Pagan weddings are normally held outdoors, so you can consider natural elements and the season when deciding on your outfit. Some might even say that the outfits for guests are pretty similar to what you’d wear at a Boho wedding. 


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