How To Become A Wedding Singer: Learn These 4 Things

You can learn how to become a wedding singer by considering these four processes. But, of course, no one can become any professional overnight, so these are only guides if you’re interested in the industry. 

You might also be interested to know how to become a wedding videographer. But, again, these guides are only to familiarize you with becoming these wedding professionals. 

how to become a wedding singer

If you think these steps are doable and still enjoyable, take it as a sign that this profession might be for you. 


Guide On How To Become A Wedding Singer For The Inexperienced


Know the equipment

Before anything else, familiarize yourself with the equipment you may encounter when singing at a wedding. You don’t need to be technical, but you should have a simple understanding of the instruments and gadgets related to you as a singer or as part of a wedding band. 

For example, do you know how a PA system works? You should also know how to improve your mic for singing. 

And while this isn’t necessary, it can help if you know how to play an instrument. For example, some weddings might be hiring a singer who can also do the piano or guitar. 


Create a setlist

The next factor to tackle is your setlist as a wedding singer. For example, the couple might request you to sing some songs for specific parts of the wedding in addition to having a DJ that plays a predetermined set of songs and music. 

As a wedding singer, you should be versatile if you’re requested for different genres. You must also be prepared to study other songs, even those you’re unfamiliar with, as you get bookings from different types of couples. 

To make the experience more engaging, you can also twist some popular songs. This tip would be helpful if you want to be remembered by the crowd and get potentially recommended for other weddings. 


What to wear as a wedding singer

As a wedding singer, you should know the etiquette of what to wear. Consider yourself as a wedding guest and dress for the formality of the occasion. 

Male wedding singers perform in suits, but semi-casual buttoned shirts and pants can also work for some weddings. Female singers can opt for dresses as long as you don’t look like you’re upstaging the bride.

A tip is to know the band’s theme and wear an outfit that represents it. You can also consider the wedding location, where wedding singers in beach weddings can opt for floral shirts and maxi dresses, for example. 


How to get bookings as a wedding singer

Now that you know the basics, you might be wondering how to get bookings as a wedding singer. You start by promoting yourself online since it’s the fastest way to reach a wide audience. 

Build a website or a social media page that will show your portfolio. You also want the page to be easy to navigate and understand so the clients will know how to contact you. 

Word of mouth is another tried and tested way to get many bookings as a wedding singer. You can be more known if friends and family vouch for you in case they know couples looking for a wedding singer. 


How Many Songs Do Wedding Singers Sing?

The singer won’t sing all the songs for the wedding. Instead, the singer is usually hired to sing for the key moments of the ceremony and provide a set or two at the reception. 

For the wedding ceremony, the singer usually performs three songs. They are sung when the bride arrives, as the couple is signing the register, and when the newlyweds exit the ceremony. 

Then, at the reception, the wedding band will discuss the sets they offer with the couple. Some bands will perform two 45-minute sets, while others may perform more sets at a shorter time. 

Are you also overwhelmed with trying to make a playlist for the reception? Start with this guide on how many songs for a wedding reception


How Much Does A Wedding Singer Get Paid?

A newbie wedding singer can get paid $400 or higher as you gain experience. You can also consider if you’re providing the sound system, where some wedding bands can ask for $1,000. 

Another factor that can increase the payment for the wedding singer is travel. An extra travel fee can be $200, but it can be higher or lower, depending on the distance.


How much do you tip the singer at a wedding?

You can consider a gratuity of $20 to $25 for the wedding singer. If you are extra pleased with their performance, you can even provide a bigger tip. 


Do You Need Qualifications To Be A Wedding Singer?

You don’t need a specific degree to become a wedding singer. However, having a performance-based degree or a degree in music theory can benefit any singer.



Was this guide helpful? We gave you a quick look at how to become a wedding singer where you must know your equipment, be versatile in your setlist, know what to wear, and get bookings. 

You might also feel more confident to charge a reasonable amount if you had lessons to prove that you are a professional in the singing field. However, having a master’s degree in vocal performance is unnecessary.


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