Where To Buy MaryKate Mildew Stain Remover? 4 Best Options

Check any online shop like Amazon; that’s how you will find where to buy MaryKate mildew stain remover. 

This cleaning agent helps remove mildew stains on boat seats. It’s a popular choice for people who love sailing and boating.

where to buy marykate mildew stain remover

MaryKate mildew stain remover is a robust and affordable product that customers love!


MaryKate Mildew Stain Remover Uses

This cleaning agent is one of the top products for removing mildew stains from boat seats. It uses a fine mist spray, so you won’t have to worry about it running down your chair.

You don’t have to rub the seat when you spray this chemical. Just leave it on and let MaryKate do all the work!

Every bottle holds 16 ounces, so you have enough spray for a reasonable price.

MaryKate mildew stain remover is also versatile; it works on hard surfaces and vinyl for proper cleaning. 

Several sailors and boat enthusiasts love this product! It’s the perfect addition to your trunk when you sail the sea.

This spray also works excellent on canvas, Sunbrella, and marine fabrics.


What Causes Mildew Stains On Boat Seats?

Boat seats are constantly exposed to water and humidity, so, typically, the seats will be susceptible to mildew. 

Boats in hot areas have a higher chance of developing mildew. If there isn’t proper ventilation and protection, then expect to see white spots soon.

This infestation is a constant struggle that comes back, even after you clean the seats.

So, the best thing for you to do is keep your boat protected and have a mildew stain remover handy. MaryKate does the job perfectly!


How To Remove Mildew Stains

Once you have your mildew stain remover you can start cleaning the boat seat. There are three primary steps you must follow for the best clean.


Step #1. Remove the infestation

You can spray the MaryKate mildew stain remover directly on the soiled spot. Leave it on for a few minutes, then wipe it with a clean cloth. 

Remember to use protective equipment like masks, gloves, and goggles when you’re cleaning. The fumes may be intense sometimes.


Step #2. Fumigate to remove any extra parasites

This step focuses on the odor and the deep parts of your boat seat. Use chlorine dioxide-based products for this job. 

Keep your protective equipment for this step. The fumes will penetrate fabric and hard-to-reach areas.


Step #3. Put a protective mildew blocker

The open water is full of moisture, so mildew may grow back even after you clean it up. 

You can apply a mildew blocker to give your boat extra protection. This chemical isn’t a permanent solution, but it will lessen future mildew stain damage.

If your contaminated boats are unattended, the infestation will get worse, and you won’t be able to use your boat seats. 

Some boat seats are made of leather, so you can clean them the way you typically do.Here’s a guide on how to remove mildew from leather.


Where Can You Buy MaryKate Mildew Stain Remover?

You need a mildew stain remover when you have a boat, and MaryKate is one of the best. It’s useful, affordable, and you can buy it anywhere! 

Check out your nearest boat shop, or visit these websites:


1. Amazon

This online store giant has extensive stock. You can visit their website and order for quick delivery!


2. Walmart

This store has everything you need, and that includes MaryKate! Walmart offers free and quick shipping. 


3. eBay

You can find several MaryKate varieties on eBay. You only need to visit their website and order!


4. Specialty boating stores

You don’t always have to visit a physical store to purchase this cleaning agent. Several businesses have websites where you can order for delivery.

Visit Jamestown distributors, west marine, jmsonline, or anchor express to get your mildew stain remover!


Preventing Mildew On Boat Seats

After you remove the mildew you must ensure it doesn’t come back. You need extra care for boat seats since they are constantly exposed to moisture and humidity.

Here is a guide on how to prevent mildew on boat seats.

These are the essential tips you must remember:


Repair all the leaks

Boats can develop leaks after constant use, so you must be alert for leaks. Inspect the deck-penetrating hardware and ensure it doesn’t reach the deck core.


Have proper ventilation

If the air in your boat is stagnant, it will condense with the changing temperatures. Allow air to flow freely through your boat.

You can also install vents for a constant air source.


Keep your boat clean

Filthy areas can be a breeding ground for mildew. Apply your MaryKate mildew stain remover regularly to avoid any spores from settling.


Control the humidity

Leave some calcium chloride dehumidifiers around your boat to absorb excess humidity. 


Buy a boat cover

Sometimes, a simple cover can save your boat from damage. Use a cover with vents, so there’s constant airflow, and ensure there’s no water pooling on your cover. 



Seat care is essential for a functional boat. Owners must make an effort to remove and avoid any mold or mildew that grows on it.

It can be stressful having to worry about these infestations. Luckily, there are robust products like MaryKate that do an excellent job.

With a good internet connection, you can easily find where to buy MaryKate mildew stain remover. It’s on every online store!

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