What Color Shapewear Under Wedding Dress

The answer to what color shapewear under wedding dress is it should be something that would disappear underneath the wedding dress. It shouldn’t stand out as shapewear is seamless and invisible with wedding dresses to achieve a flattering look. 

And when it comes to the specific type of shapewear to wear, please read our separate guide on what shapewear to wear under a wedding dress. We also recommend finishing this blog post if you want tips on wearing shapewear effectively without sacrificing comfort. 

what color shapewear under wedding dress


The Bridal Secret: What Color Shapewear Under Wedding Dress


Nude and tan shades

The color shapewear brides must wear under their wedding dress should be the same color as the dress, so it disappears underneath. For example, the specific palettes you must consider are light nude and tan tones because they won’t show through the traditional white wedding dresses.

Contrary to what you might assume, wearing white shapewear can be visible underneath the wedding dress because of the contrast between the two shades of white. And, of course, aim for quality seamless shapewear made from microfibers so you’ll get a smooth silhouette. 

You should bring the shapewear you intend to wear on your wedding day when fitting your wedding dress. Then, try going underneath different lights to see if the colors contradict each other. 


Can you wear black shapewear under a wedding dress?

It’s possible to wear black shapewear underneath a wedding dress if the wedding dress is in black or another dark solid color. Otherwise, it will show through because black is darker than the traditional white and other soft-colored bridal attire. 

Another consideration is the skin tone of the bride itself. Brides with lighter skin tones should wear similar nude shades, while those with darker skin tones can consider cocoa, brown, or even black shapewear with their wedding dresses. 

The style of the wedding dress and the shapewear nowadays might even complement each other. If you’re wearing a sexy undergarment with lace and other features, it might be intentional to show through the wedding dress. 


Can You Wear Shapewear Under A Wedding Dress?

It’s common for women to wear shapewear with their bridal attire because it can make the silhouette more flattering, highlight their best features, and conceal the areas they don’t want to show. Shapewear not only cinches and tightens specific problem areas, but you’ll also lose the bumps and lumps for a more flattering smooth silhouette, especially with tight and body-hugging wedding dresses. 

However, selecting the correct color for your skin tone and wedding dress is essential when shopping for bridal shapewear. Shapewear should help you feel more confident on your wedding day, and it shouldn’t be something you’re always conscious about throughout the day. 


Is Shapewear Supposed To Be Uncomfortable?

Shapewear is not supposed to be uncomfortable that you feel suffocated to the verge of passing out or overheating because of its tightness and material. However, it shouldn’t be loose that it won’t do its job of smoothening and cinching the typical problem areas. 

Consider the material of your gown to know what shapewear would be comfortably partnered with it. Furthermore, the colors should not show underneath, so you can comfortably move at the wedding without constantly thinking that you’ll flash someone your bridal underwear. 

Underwear and shapewear brands have sizing guides that you can use to find the perfect but practical fit. Some even mention how tight or supportive the shapewear will be, so you can gauge how tight you would feel. 

If you need more tips to get the most out of wedding dresses, here’s what to wear under a wedding dress


Should You Size Up Or Down In Shapewear?

Besides knowing what color shapewear to wear under your wedding dress, it’s crucial to get the correct size, or you risk feeling uncomfortable or having shapewear that won’t do its purpose. 


Do not size up

If you size up on your shapewear, it’s likely to shift throughout the day, which might cause it to show or have you feeling uncomfortable. The last thing you want is constantly to adjust it because the excess material rolls up. 


Do not size down

On the contrary, shapewear that’s a size down from your actual size might be too constricting that bumps and lumps might also show since it’s pinching against your skin too much. And, of course, it wouldn’t feel comfortable, and the seams might even get damaged over time. 

Therefore, get your actual size on shapewear. Check the size guide of the shapewear brand and if your size is in a gray area, find the size closest to it or consult the shop’s expert. 


What Does A Bride Wear Under Her Dress?



The most common bridal shapewear is the body suit because it offers support on the cleavage, stomach, and some can even continue to the thighs and not just the bum. However, opt for shaping undergarments with a similar style to your wedding dress, like being backless so it won’t show. 


Strapless bras

Another wedding dress shapewear to have a more flattering chest with your strapless wedding dress’ neckline is the strapless bra. Opt for those that lift you from under or add bust for volume. 



And that’s it! You just learned what color shapewear under wedding dress, which depends on the dress color and skin tone. 

Therefore, it can be nude, tan, or even black. Just be mindful of how it will contrast the wedding dress so it wouldn’t show. 

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