Where To Host A Baby Shower: 6 Perfect Venues

Those unsure of where to host a baby shower can consider these six best locations that will fit with any guest list, budget, and event theme. We’ll discuss the advantages of each venue to help you decide what place is best for your party. 

Furthermore, you’ll learn is a place for baby showers that is cheap or even free. But if you’re not only limited by the budget but also by the distance among guests to gather in one place, why not read how to host a virtual baby shower?

where to host a baby shower


6 Best Places: Where To Host A Baby Shower


  • Living room

If you’re throwing a baby shower but are limited to the budget, why not host the event at your place? This way, you’ll save on the expenses allocated for renting a venue. 

The only potential limitation with using your living room for the baby shower is the space, especially if there will be many guests at the party. Otherwise, it’s acceptable and possible to use a living room for baby showers. 

Make sure to decorate the place according to the baby shower’s theme. You can get inspired by tea rooms to dress up the venue. 


  • Hotel room

If the guests for the party will be coming from multiple locations, it might be convenient to book a hotel room for the baby shower. Find a venue close to each person’s place, but keep your budget and guests in mind to know what space to get. 

What’s fantastic about a hotel room as the baby shower venue is you can even propose a stay-over, especially if you only have a few guests of close friends and family. Hotels offer spas; it might also be a way for the parents-to-be to unwind after the event.

And finally, most hotels will provide you with everything you’ll need, like the food needed for the baby shower. You don’t need to find a separate caterer and hire staff to serve guests. 


  • Outdoor garden

Outdoor gardens make perfect venues to host a baby shower. Not only will the space create an ideal backdrop for event photos, but you’ll also manage the budget as you don’t need as many decors for the space. 

An outdoor garden is ideal for baby showers in the afternoon. A garden afternoon tea will surely delight the parents-to-be and guests compared to being confined in an indoor space. 

However, be mindful of food as you want items that would be stable outdoors. You also want the guests to be comfortable, and you might need to get tents for weather protection. 


  • Bed And Breakfast

An alternative venue for a hotel to host a baby shower is a bed and breakfast. Not only will the place look chic for a baby shower, but the place might also offer services for the party. 

This way, you don’t need a caterer or decorator for the event. Just remember to book the venue as soon as possible to ensure that everything will be ready once you send the invitations. 

You can even get a rustic-style bed and breakfast place for the baby shower. Think of the unique themes you can consider for the event. 


  • Restaurant 

Small and intimate baby showers won’t need ample space. For this, why not make a reservation at a restaurant? 

You can book a few tables for the guests, but know that the venue is not all-yours. Alternatively, you can always book the entire restaurant if the budget allows it or if you want to invite more guests. 


  • Rooftop

For a sophisticated baby shower, consider throwing the party on a rooftop. A trend nowadays is a rooftop terrace baby shower, which gives guests a gorgeous view. 

You can get special food and drinks to treat the parents-to-be with something indulgent. Just remember to check the venue early for the booking. 


Where Is The Most Convenient Place To Host A Baby Shower?

The most convenient venue for the baby shower is someone’s home. It can be their living room or garden that is dressed up for the party and prepared with everything needed for baby showers, such as decorations and good food. 

Alternatively, you can check your community space, which might be free for the baby shower date. And if you’re wondering if anyone else can help you host the event, here’s who throws the baby shower


What Are Some Cheap Baby Shower Venues?

Some cheap locations for baby showers include community centers or even churches. Community centers might only ask for a fee for cleaning services, while churches might provide a hall or room for members’ usage for social events. 


Are There Free Places To Host A Baby Shower?

There are baby shower venues for hosts on a budget. For example, your local park can be the place for the baby shower picnic or the beach for something more unique. 

The only consideration for these places is to check for the necessary permits and guidelines. As they are public places, understand that there are rules to follow with gatherings. 


What Are Some Things To Consider When Choosing A Location For A Baby Shower?

  • Number of guests
  • Mom-to-be’s expectations
  • Type of event
  • Budget
  • Amenities and inclusions at the venue



Was this list helpful? To recap where to host a baby shower, you can consider your home, hotel, outdoor garden, bed and breakfast, restaurant, or rooftop. 

The community center, beach, and park are affordable options for those on a budget. 

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