What Do You Wear Under A Wedding Dress: Best Secrets

Brides must know what do you wear under a wedding dress based on the silhouette of their wedding gown or dress. This article will go through the secrets and techniques to get the most out of your dress style and ensure that you accentuate the best parts of your body. 

For volume at the base of the dress, you can also check our article on what goes under the wedding dress to make it poofy. It’s always helpful to be aware of fashion hacks and tips to have you at your most confident self on your wedding day. 

what do you wear under a wedding dress


Here Is What You Must Wear Under A Wedding Dress To Get The Best Shape


A-line wedding gowns and ball gowns

Some of the most famous bridal wedding dresses are A-line and ball-type wedding gowns. The shape from the waist down can make any bride feel royalty, and they also suit plus-size women to get a flattering shape because of the wedding dress’s waist. 

That being said, you need to wear a structure underneath the wedding gown’s skirt to give justice to its voluminous shape from the waist down. Consider a petticoat for ballgowns to provide it with poof while a corset to shrink your waist more on an A-line wedding dress and achieve a flattering hourglass figure. 

You also want underwear that will lift your bust, especially if the dress is strapless or tube-like at the top. Finally, select a bra that matches the neckline of the wedding dress, but those with structure underneath to lift your cleavage. 


Mermaid or trumpet wedding dress

What do you wear underneath if your wedding dress has a mermaid or trumpet silhouette? Since these dresses are mostly fitted throughout, you must wear something that will smoothen your bulges and curves. 

Avoid very tight underwear as they can cause bulging and folds. You can also consider a Spanx bodysuit rather than wearing separate undies. This will create a smooth silhouette that can also lessen the body’s volume and accentuate your waist and hips to look better in a mermaid wedding dress. 

You also want to wear shapewear that extends from the flare of the mermaid or trumpet wedding dress to avoid having a noticeable space between it and the dress. During the second or third wedding dress fitting, wear the shapewear you intend to use on your wedding day to see how they look together. 

Please read what to bring to wedding dress fitting to know more.


Sheath and slip wedding dresses

Brides who want an effortless look typically choose a sheath wedding gown because of the minimal volume and layering. And a similar silhouette selected for the same reason is the slip wedding dress, which is also fantastic if you want to showcase your figure. 

For these wedding gowns, you should wear something hugging your body smoothly. You don’t need to consider shapewear, especially if you find it too compressing.

A comfortable alternative is a slip with a built-in bra or support on your chest area. Don’t forget to consider the strap style of your dress, so it’s also possible to wear a separate bra with something that smoothens the underbust area, stomach, and thighs.


Backless, open sides, and slits on wedding dresses

Besides considering the silhouette or shape of your wedding dress, its details will affect what you must wear under. For example, wedding dresses with see-through portions or cutouts at the back or sides will only look good if you don’t wear something that’ll peak through them. 

For example, select a low-back bra for a backless wedding dress or consider using body tape with nipple pads instead. The same trick is also helpful if your dress has open or mesh sides so the bra won’t show. 

Depending on how much is shown, you may also get away with nude-colored underwear. In addition, you can add support for slits on the legs and avoid wardrobe malfunction with tape to keep the slit from rising too much and showing your underwear. 


What Do Most Brides Wear Under Their Wedding Dress?

A wedding dress would only look best if you wear the right things underneath. And for most brides, their desired silhouette is achieved with shapewear.

There are many types of shapewear to provide the effect you want. Some are only for smoothening and shrinking the tummy and waist, others lift the cleavage, and there is also full-body shapewear that reaches the thigh. 

Some brides also choose body tape because it’s easier to hide and adjust the placement, especially with challenging cuts on the wedding dress. There are many positionings and ways to use body tape or boob tape to strategically lift your cleavage without showing at the back, sides, or neckline. 


Do You Wear A Bra In A Wedding Dress?

When deciding on what bra to wear for your wedding dress, you must consider the neckline, if the dress is strapless, backless, or if the bust is flattering to your body shape. If the dress already has built-in foam and support, then you can even omit the bra altogether. 



And that’s it! To recap what do you wear under a wedding dress, it will depend on your gown’s silhouette and style. 

This means petticoats and corsets for ballgowns and A-lines, shapewear for mermaid dresses, slips for sheath gowns, and body tape for backless, slits, and open-sided dresses. The secret is wearing underwear when dress fitting to ensure it matches. 

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