How Much Does A Baby Shower Cost: Sample Budget

If you’re curious about how much does a baby shower cost, prepare a budget of at least $1,000. We’ve included a budget breakdown below to help you only spend under $1,000 for your event. 

You’ll also know how much each person costs at the party and tips to save money when having baby showers. For one, we recommend you pick a cost-effective location for the baby shower, as the venue significantly affects the event’s costs. 

how much does a baby shower cost

Here’s where to host a baby shower for a more detailed comparison. 


Exactly How Much Does A Baby Shower Cost

The average baby shower costs anywhere from $100 to $1,000, but it’s possible never to spend up to $1,000 with a reasonable budget. You can always modify the event elements like the food, party games, and number of guests to save money, 

Instead, you can pick an accessible venue for the event, such as a home. With these things being considered, you’ll find below a cost breakdown of everything needed for a baby shower, which will only cost you under $700. 

Assuming that the party will only have a few people or no more than 30 guests, the host won’t need to spend thousands of dollars for the baby shower. 


How much should a baby shower cost per person? 

Each guest at the baby shower can cost between $20 to $30, depending on the food, stationery, and other things like the games and prices at the event. Therefore, the more people you have at the party, the higher the number each guest will cost.


What Is A Reasonable Budget For A Baby Shower?

Around $600 to $700 would be a reasonable budget for a baby shower. This is possible by knowing the things that affect the total cost of throwing baby showers. 


Venue: Free to $300

The baby shower venue should be picked according to the budget, the number of guests, and the type of event. That being said, the budget for the baby shower location can be free to $300 and up. 

For example, you can host the baby shower at home for free versus renting a room between $50 to $300. State parks can also be rented, which might cost less than a restaurant or club for the baby shower. 

Some other affordable baby shower venues that wouldn’t cost much money include the local community club and the church. And if renting a location, check the guidelines to avoid extra costs.


Baby shower food: $50 and up

Baby showers are traditionally celebrated in the afternoon, so you’ll serve guests’ lunch. Alternatively, you can cut the costs if you opt for hors d’oeuvres and drinks like cocktails or mocktails. 

If you want a dry baby shower to support the mom who can’t drink alcohol, you can also have a tea party baby shower. The food items for these parties are less expensive than a multi-course meal. 

The host can also ask other baby shower guests for potluck, especially those who are a close group of friends or tightly knitted families. A potluck is an excellent way to showcase your cooking skills and contribute to the event. 


Baby shower games and activities: $150

Besides the baby shower venue and food, the games at the party will also affect your budget. You’ll need items for the props, and even activities like crafts mean you’ll provide guests with items that might cost significantly. 

Depending on the duration of the baby shower, you need to budget for two to three games. And, of course, people would enjoy prizes and raffles that cost up to $150. 

A tip to save money but maintain an enjoyable baby shower is to limit the games and offer entertainment that wouldn’t cost too much to prepare. Perhaps it’s a slideshow or video that guests can watch, for example. 


Baby shower decors : Starts at $50

The decors for the venue might already be included in the budget when you book the location. But if the party is DIY at home, you must allocate the cost for decorations like balloons, flowers, and banners. 

You’ll also set tables and chairs, so pick a cost-effective rental company if needed. Outdoor venues for baby showers might be a better choice since they’re already picturesque as is. 


Baby shower favors for guests: $2 to $4 per guest

Baby showers often give guests favors to show appreciation. So if you have few people, you’ll save on favor costs since you can DIY the things. 

A reasonable budget is $2 to $4 per baby shower guest. You can also give them affordable favors you can buy in bulk. 


Baby shower stationery: $2 per guest

Finally, the invitations will affect your baby shower costs. Therefore, more and more hosts are considering online invitations to cut mailing expenses. 

RSVP is also more convenient with online invitations. And besides the invitations, remember that you’ll also budget for the thank you cards, which are around $2 per guest. 


Should Guests Pay For A Baby Shower?

Guests should not pay for an event they’re invited to. It would be tacky to charge the people who attend your event.

For the etiquette, here’s who pays for the baby shower



Was this a helpful breakdown? To recap how much does a baby shower cost, expect it’s around $100 to $1,000.

However, it’s possible to budget $700 for under 30 guests. You can also be practical with picking different baby shower elements. 

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