Should I Wear Pantyhose To A Wedding: Dos And Don’ts

There is no right or wrong answer if you’re unsure about should I wear pantyhose to a wedding. Instead, you’ll have considerations to determine if pantyhose would be appropriate to wear to a wedding or not. 

We’ll also share styling tips for wearing black pantyhose with a dress. And if you want to consider stockings for layering in a cold wedding, you can read our attire guide on what to wear to a cold outdoor wedding

should i wear pantyhose to a wedding


Should I Wear Pantyhose To A Wedding?

Women can wear pantyhose to a wedding if it fits with the style of their attire. For example, a black stocking can be worn with a simple A-line dress to elevate it a little. 


For style and formality 

Wearing stockings can also add formality to a simple dress, especially those that are a bit sheer, combined with a solid-colored dress or skirt and dress top. And, of course, pantyhoses add coverage for comfort and modesty. 


For warmth and modesty

You can wear stockings with your winter wedding attire to add warmth to your legs. Or, if it’s a conservative wedding where you can’t show bare legs, a pair of solid-colored pantyhose will make your look more modest. 


Is It Okay Not To Wear Pantyhose To A Wedding?

The choice is up to the wedding guest if she will wear pantyhose to the event. But of course, she must check the dress code or wedding attire explanation, usually at the wedding website, if wearing pantyhose is encouraged to avoid standing out. 

For example, you could not wear pantyhose if it’s a daytime, summer, or outdoor wedding since dark colors and tights will be out of place and uncomfortable. It’s okay to have bare legs with the skirt or dress on these weddings, and stockings are usually for layering underneath on cold weddings.  

Another instance where it’s okay not to wear pantyhose to a wedding is if it doesn’t fit the wedding theme. For example, when imagining a boho theme, stockings and tights do not come to mind. 


Flesh vs black pantyhose

You can always wear flesh and black pantyhose at home to check in the mirror which of these tights fits your wedding attire best. If you intend your stockings not to be obvious, then you’ll pick the one that is the same color as your skin tone. 

Sheer stockings are also an option for some female guests who don’t want to be bare-legged but black tights won’t be comfortable or stylish for the wedding. On the other hand, black pantyhose is typical for the evening and formal affairs.

They can look fantastic for chilly weddings, especially if you don’t want to wear boots. And, of course, most black tights have warm materials compared to light-colored stockings. 


Can You Have Bare Legs At A Wedding?

Guests typically wore stockings at weddings to add formality for an evening affair or warmth for a cold venue. Otherwise, you’re not obliged to pair your dress with pantyhose if you think bare legs will be more comfortable and suitable for the wedding. 

For example, you’ll likely stand out at a hot wedding if you should wear tights. You might’ve also picked an eye-catching or sensual pantyhose that can be interpreted as disrespectful since you’re getting attention away from the bride. 

But of course, some conservative weddings require women not to show their legs. If this is the case, and you’ll be wearing a skirt or dress, you should wear solid pantyhose. 

Would you rather wear a long skirt to maintain modesty at the wedding? Read how to wear a maxi skirt to a wedding


Do You Have To Wear Pantyhose To A Winter Wedding?

You are not required to wear pantyhose or stockings to a winter wedding, especially if your attire is already warm or you’re wearing pants. But if it’s a shorter skirt or dress, you could wear tights to add comfort to your legs. 

Furthermore, it will look out of place to be the only one bare-legged at a cold wedding. If you’re part of the bridesmaids and the bride has all her bridal party wearing pantyhose with their dress, you must follow her requested attire or stand out at the front.  


Should You Wear Pantyhose To A Formal Event?

Wearing pantyhose is not obligatory for a formal wedding. Some outfits will look formal even with bare legs, and you might even look tacky if your stocking and dress combination seems out of place. 

Can you wear hosiery to a formal wedding? It’s acceptable to wear hosiery, but to avoid being eye-catching, opt for something sheer or the same color as your skin tone. 


When To Wear Black Hose With A Dress

Here are some ideas for combining black pantyhose and dresses for various weddings:

  • Mini dress with black pantyhose and ankle boots for a fall or winter wedding
  • Midi dress with a black hose to elongate the dark look for a formal evening wedding
  • Mini dress with a blazer and semi-sheer black hose for a cocktail wedding
  • A-line dress with black pantyhose and heels for added modesty



And that’s it! To recap should I wear pantyhose to a wedding, it depends on the wedding. 

Formal, evening, or winter weddings are perfect for wearing tights and stockings because they add warmth and modesty. On the other hand, you’re not required to wear pantyhose if bare legs look suitable for your attire. 

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