How To Wear A Maxi Skirt To A Wedding: 3 Classy Ways

You can try three ways to learn how to wear a maxi skirt to a wedding. This style guide provides three examples of the best long skirts to wear for different kinds of weddings. 

You will also know how to make the maxi skirt more suitable for the wedding as a guest. And if you’re curious about styling skirts for a wedding, feel free to browse our blog for specific guides. 

how to wear a maxi skirt to a wedding

For example, here is how to wear a tulle skirt to a wedding


How To Wear A Maxi Skirt To A Wedding: How To Style A Long Skirt For Weddings


Tips for wearing a modest maxi skirt

One of the safest styles to wear a maxi skirt is to have an overall modest style. Maxi skirts already fall into the ground, so you don’t need to worry about the leg coverage. 

But since some weddings are conservative with the chest, neck, or arms, you can partner a maxi skirt with a long-sleeved dressy blouse or top with a high neckline.

Don’t also forget to avoid maxi skirts with slits as some may be too high. Instead, opt for solid-colored maxi skirts in a single color where your legs won’t be shown. 


How to style a floral maxi skirt for a wedding 

Long skirts are perfect for different wedding seasons. So if you’re invited to a spring or fall wedding or even a destination wedding where colors are appreciated on guest outfits, wear a maxi skirt with a floral design. 

Florals are suitable for weddings because you don’t risk wearing potentially disrespectful colors like black, white, or red. And for a floral maxi skirt, you can partner it with a plain-colored blouse or top. 

If the top is too revealing for your taste, find a jacket or coat that complements it best. Neutrals like dark blue or brown pair nicely when you’re wearing a maxi skirt for a wedding. 


How to wear a flowy maxi skirt

If the wedding is comfortable wearing flowy skirts, opt for maxi skirts with extra material. These skirts are perfect for beach weddings and boho-themed weddings. 

You can also look more formal with your maxi skirt if it has some volume and flares out like an A-line dress. A helpful tip is to create a dress-like look with your flowy maxi skirt.

Select a similarly-toned colored top with the skirt and tuck it in. You will also create a flattering hourglass shape by wearing a fitted top and flaring skirt. 


Can I Wear A Maxi Skirt To A Wedding?

You can definitely wear a maxi skirt to a wedding because wearing a long skirt fits most formal weddings. Conservative weddings are also ideal for maxi skirts because your legs are covered. 

However, remember these tips when you wear a maxi skirt to a wedding to maintain etiquette:

  • Avoid the bridal style and skip maxi skirts with tulle layers, have wedding details like pearl or gemstones, or even a plain white maxi skirt, especially if it’s as voluminous as a ball gown
  • Be mindful of how high the slit of the maxi skirt is
  • Consider the venue of the wedding, especially with light maxi skirts that might drag uncomfortably or risk getting blown by the wind
  • Avoid the dress colors of the bridesmaids
  • When unsure of the dress code, opt for a semi-formal maxi skirt than casual ones
  • Do not wear sneakers or casual tops with the maxi skirt for a wedding to maintain formality to the occasion 


How Do You Style A Maxi Skirt For A Wedding?

A maxi skirt refers to a long skirt where the hem is at the ground level. There are also shorter maxi skirts similar to tea-length skirts or stop right at or above the ankle. 

Consider how long your maxi skirt is and the theme and dress code of the wedding to style it appropriately. Here are some guides for different body types and weddings. 

  • If you’re wearing a maxi skirt in patterns like florals or geometric shapes, it’s best to pair it with a plain top for a wedding to avoid looking too eye-catching
  • The length of the maxi skirt decides the best shoe to wear with it for a wedding; if you want to wear flats, then opt for a maxi skirt that doesn’t drag to the ground
  • Light-colored maxi skirts can be see-through, so wear the right-colored undergarments
  • You can pair a maxi skirt with coverups like blazers and cardigans for added formality
  • The texture and fabric of the maxi skirt are influential to its look, so choose accordingly

You can read how to dress up a maxi dress for a wedding if you’ll be wearing such length for your dress. 


What Kind Of Tops To Wear With Long Skirts As A Wedding Guest?

  • Long-sleeved blouse
  • Cami and coverup
  • Cropped jacket or cardigan
  • Conservative bodysuit



Was this guide helpful? You just learned how to wear a maxi skirt to a wedding, depending on its style. 

For example, you can feel confident and respectful at conservative weddings with a long skirt and long-sleeved blouse. Plain tops and florals are also suitable for some weddings, while a flowy skirt suits some destination and themed weddings. 

Let us know below how you wear a maxi skirt to a wedding. 

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