How To Make A Baby Shower Cake

If you’re curious about how to make a baby shower cake, simplify it into two easy steps. We’ll start with baking the cake layers, then move on to the frosting and decorations of a classic yummy white cake recipe. 

You’ll also know below the budget for the baby shower cake and who is responsible for baking the dessert. And after this read, don’t forget to check what to write on baby shower cakes

how to make a baby shower cake


How To Make A Baby Shower Cake At Home

For this recipe, you’ll need a box of white cake mix, water, egg whites, vegetable oil, food colors of your choice for the cake, and vanilla frosting. We’ll use red and blue food colors to create the classic pink and blue vanilla baby shower cake. 

You’ll also need three 8-inch round cake pans for this layered baby shower cake. And depending on the party theme, prepare cake toppers of your choice. 


Step 1. Bake the baby shower cake

  • Read the cake mix instructions beforehand
  • Heat the oven to 350°F or what the cake box mentions 
  • Grease the cake pans
  • Make the cake batter according to the box recipe and pour half of it into a small bowl
  • Pour the remaining cake batter into one of the greased cake pans
  • Add and mix six drops of the red food color into the batter in the bowl to make the pink cake layer
  • Do the same for the blue cake layer
  • Leave one cake pan without any food coloring to keep the white cake layer 
  • Bake the baby shower cake layers according to the box instructions, usually around 24 minutes
  • Insert a toothpick in the center of the cake
  • If it comes out clean, cool it down for 10 minutes by transferring it to the cooling rack
  • Wait one more hour before decorating the baby shower cake with frosting 


Step 2. Frost and decorate the baby shower cake 

  • You can use any frosting you like, but vanilla is the classic flavor for baby shower cakes
  • Each cake layer can also have chocolate or fruits with the frosting; store-bought vanilla frosting is also easy to modify
  • Construct the cake layers starting with the blue piece top side down 
  • Spread frosting on the center to the edge of the blue layer equally
  • Stack the white cake layer top side down onto the frosting of the blue layer
  • Frost the top of the white cake layer to the edge
  • Finish with the pink cake layer and frost the entire cake 
  • From here, you can decorate the cake however you want, depending on the party theme
  • You can consider a customized cake topper, opt for flowers, fruits, or edible candies


How Long Does It Take To Make A Baby Shower Cake?

It can take about two hours to make a baby shower cake, depending on the dessert’s recipe, size, and decorations. For a three-layered 8-inch round cake, it can bake for under 30 minutes. 

Then, you’ll need to cool the cake layers completely to ensure that the frosting won’t melt. It would help if you also took your time frosting each layer, so they are equally covered, and the layers look equal with filling when sliced. 

And as for the decorations, less is more, and you need one concept for the theme. For example, you can put one cake topper and then write the greeting on top of the cake. 


What Is The Cost Of Making A Baby Shower Cake?

Making a baby shower cake can cost anywhere from under $20 to $50 and up. Box cake mixes and store-bought frosting are relatively cheap, but the size and flavor of the cake will affect the total expenses of making it. 

But of course, you still want to serve the guests of honor and guests at the party something yummy. Consider enhancing store-bought cakes by adding fruits, candies, and chocolates and experimenting with different flavor combinations. 


How Many People Does A Baby Shower Cake Serve?

A typical baby shower cake should serve everyone at the party. If you have around 30 guests, you need a 5-layered round cake 8 inches in diameter. 

However, consider the other things you’ll serve at the shower. If you also have other desserts, then the baby shower cake can be smaller or have fewer layers. 

Some guests might also not take a cake. Keep these things in mind when making or ordering baby shower cakes. 


Who Is Responsible For Making The Baby Shower Cake?

The host is also responsible for making or ordering the baby shower cake, as with the other foods served at the party. At some baby showers, someone might give a cake to the expecting parents as a gift. 


Do You Serve The Cake At A Baby Shower?

It’s a classic to have a cake at the baby shower and even the focal point at the venue. However, you can always ask the guests of honor if they want a cake. 

There is also a so-called diaper cake, a tiered baby shower decoration made from stacking diapers. If you’re interested in these decorations, here’s how to make baby shower diaper cakes



And that’s it! To recap how to make a baby shower cake, start with the colored cake layers, then frost and stack carefully. 

You can always enhance the store-bought frosting or add yummy decorations like fruits and candies when frosting the baby shower cake. And finally, always moderate with decorating the top. 

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