What Should Grandparents Buy For Baby Shower

If you’re unsure what should grandparents buy for baby shower, here are four gift ideas that your grandchild or even the expecting parents will love. We’ll also discuss if it’s expected for grandparents to bring baby shower gifts or if they should throw the baby shower itself. 

Knowing the etiquette of family members attending the shower is always helpful. And for the grandmother’s attire, refer to what should grandma wear to the baby shower

what should grandparents buy for baby shower


What Should Grandparents Buy For Baby Shower


Something handmade

Handmade things are one of the best gifts that family members like grandparents can give to their grandchild. Grandma might love knitting, or she and grandpa have a quilting project they specially made for their grandchild. 

Handmade baby shower gifts are always sentimental, especially from grandparents. They might also incorporate personal things and heirlooms with the gift to give to the baby. 

For example, it might be a onesie with a button on one of grandma’s favorite blouses or a wooden toy that grandpa used when he was young. Grandchildren will surely appreciate these things from their grandparents as they get older. 


Baby books

One of the most common gift ideas from guests attending baby showers is baby books. They also make ideal gifts from grandma and grandpa because they can give books that were special to them as a child. 

If the baby’s parent was fond of a specific children’s book, the grandparents might bring it as a gift to their grandchild. Someday, they can read to the baby the same way they read to their child. 


Baby must-haves for first-time parents

No one should oblige friends and family members regarding what baby shower gifts they’d bring. However, grandparents usually are very generous that they get large and even expensive items. 

Think of must-haves for first-time parents, like a stroller, crib, or baby carrier. As parents, grandma and grandpa will surely know the best and tested quality items that would help first-time parents. 


Gift cards for the parents

Besides giving gifts to their grandchild, the grandparents might decide to give a gift to the expecting mom and dad instead. They might give them a monetary gift or a gift card they can use once the baby arrives. 

As the parents of the baby’s parents, grandma and grandpa will know what stores the couple typically frequent. They can also check if the parents registered at a particular place. 


Do Grandparents Bring Gifts To A Baby Shower?

It’s up to the grandparents if they’ll bring gifts to a baby shower, as no guests should be obligated. But typically, the baby’s grandmother and grandfather are very excited that they probably have things prepared regardless. 

The grandparents might also throw a baby shower for the couple. Some might even work with the host and sponsor something needed for the baby shower, like the baby shower cake. 

For guests’ general etiquette of baby shower gifts, here’s what to bring to a baby shower


What Should Grandparents Buy For Their First Grandchild?

There are no specific societal expectations for grandparents regarding their gifts for their first grandchild. But of course, they were parents at one point, so that they would know the essentials for first-time parents. 

The grandmother and grandfather might offer to help the couple with the things needed for the baby’s nursery. They might buy the crib and help set up the changing table and nursing needs. 

Grandparents can also consider handmade and sentimental gifts they can explain to their grandchildren once they’re older. Perhaps they collect photos and letters they can read and look at after some years. 


What Grandparents Write In A Baby Shower Card?

The grandparents can always express their excitement about meeting their grandchild. They can tell the baby that grandma and grandpa will always be there for them and how excited they are about making new memories together. 

The expecting parents will also appreciate support and reassurance from their own parents. Therefore, don’t forget to give them a short and genuine message that you know they’ll be alright and they are ready for parenthood. 


Should The Grandmother Throw A Baby Shower?

The grandmother may host the baby shower as close friends and family typically throw the shower for the expecting mom. As the mom-to-be’s mother, she will surely appreciate super from you, and you can even share insights about parenthood during the party. 


Is There Such Thing As A Grandma Shower?

Nowadays, there’s a thing called the grandma shower. From the name itself, it’s an event thrown by the grandma-to-be’s friends to help prepare her for the role of having her first grandchild. 

But of course, the attention should always be on the expecting parents if a child is on the way. Be supportive but never controlling with their decisions during parenthood. 



And that’s it! You just learned what should grandparents buy for baby shower, which can be a sentimental gift, baby book, baby must-haves, or gift cards for the expecting parents. 

They can also choose to throw the baby shower itself to show their support to the parents-to-be. But generally, there are no rules on what gifts grandma and grandpa should give.

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