How To Win A Free Wedding: Contests And More

If you’re interested to know how to win a free wedding, we found three ways that offer a wedding giveaway win. However, you should still be realistic regarding your chance to win a free wedding.

We will discuss the expectations for these contests because a wedding giveaway might not be as practical, depending on the wedding you want to have. More than checking contests that offer a free wedding or wedding prize package, browse our blog for weddings on a tight budget. 

how to win a free wedding

For example, do you want to learn how to plan a destination wedding on a small budget?


3 Best Ways On How To Win A Free Wedding


Search for contests you can enter

Many websites online or even magazines offer contests for a wedding giveaway, a free wedding, or a prize related to a wedding. Compile and list the ones that seem legitimate by doing a background check on the company. 

Since it can be sketchy to trust wedding websites and travel websites, you can also check your area for specialty wedding stores and bridal shops. In addition, bridal clothing boutiques, wedding vendors such as florists and jewelers, or even travel agencies that offer destination weddings might have contests for giveaways from time to time. 

You can also ask your friends and relatives about the stores and brands. Read the contests’ rules and the details for the giveaways to know what to expect. 


Dedicate an email for your entries

When entering contests, especially online, you want to dedicate a separate email address for your entries. The last thing you want is to get spammed, especially if you’re not interested in the offers of some websites, magazines, or shops. 

Furthermore, having one email for entering contests means it’ll be easier for you to monitor which of your entries have a better chance of winning. And since it will be dedicated to the wedding, the newsletters you’ll receive will all be related to the wedding.

Even if you can’t get a free wedding ceremony, you can collect the coupons and discounts that you can use for your other wedding needs. For example, you may get a lower rate for your hotel booking, wedding attire, or even catering. 


Attend shows for wedding contests

Besides websites, stores, and magazines, you can enter the contests and potentially win a wedding giveaway from local wedding shows. In addition, some vendors offer honeymoon trips or even destination weddings as prizes. 

Of course, you must read their information thoroughly because the trips might not be entirely free. But still, you will get more from your wedding budget if some wedding essentials are paid for. 

The bigger the show, the bigger the prices such as a wedding package or dream wedding can be offered. Just remember to fill all the entries correctly, especially your contact information or address. 

If you can’t spend $10,000 for your wedding, here is a guide on how to have an elegant wedding for $5,000 or less


Tips To Win A Free Wedding

  • Check how many entries are allowed for the contest each day; enter as often as you can
  • Make sure to read the rules to avoid getting disqualified
  • Fill out the forms diligently; if you make a typo or error, you might lose a potential win
  • Utilize your social media for extra entries; you and your partner can plan how to enter as many contests as possible
  • Contests that are harder to win, such as those that require surveys or essays, are more likely to be easier to win because of fewer entries; if the contest is effortless, you’ll have a lower chance of winning because many people will join
  • Do not overlook contests that offer smaller prices; even if they don’t offer a free wedding, wedding prizes such as gift cards or wedding vendor discounts will still help you save on wedding expenses


Are Wedding Sweepstakes Real?

Some wedding sweepstakes are real, but you have to be extra cautious of the ones you enter. Some might offer prices that aren’t that worth it, while others will only lead to you getting spam emails

Because it’s hard to judge websites, it’s better to attend shows and join their contests instead. Regardless, be realistic with your expectations because if it feels too good to be true, then it probably is. 


What Is A Wedding Giveaway?

Some contests offer a wedding giveaway where the couple can get their dream wedding, a free vendor, or a wedding element. Some hotels provide a customary ceremony for free if the couple and their guests will stay at the resort for a certain period. 

A wedding giveaway can also pertain to the favors the wedding hosts or the couples themselves provide for their guests. They are wedding mementos for the guests to thank them for coming and a reminder of the event. 

If you’re having a destination wedding, you may even provide your guests a gift basket with things they can use for pampering and freshening up. You can also use your wedding theme to decide what wedding favors to give. 

If you’re interested, here is how to make wedding favors.



Was this guide helpful? You just learned how to win a free wedding by entering contests, attending shows, and dedicating an email address for your entries.

Overall, it’s not about how big the price is as long as you won’t get scammed. But if you’ll get coupons for the weddings, it’ll still be a win-win for extra discounts. 

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